Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Torture and Kill the Great General Red Dog, Nuclear Radiation Causes a Terrible Death! 【Second change, please subscribe】

“You’re really old, Whitebeard!”

The red dog roared in a deep voice, and the magma fist was still inserted into the flesh of the white beard’s chest.

The hot magma constantly burned Whitebeard’s flesh and guts, robbing Whitebeard of its vitality.

“Let me send you to hell!”

After saying that, the red dog is going to do it immediately and completely end the white beard.

However, at this moment, Ace’s cry suddenly sounded behind the red dog.


The crowd looked down at the sound and saw that Ace was being grabbed by Carl in his hand and was crying heart-rending.

“Ace, Ace is still alive!”

“Great, Ace isn’t dead!”

“It was Death who saved him!”

The white-bearded pirates all laughed and their faces showed joy.

It was just that their joy lasted only a second, because Whitebeard’s life was still in Red Dog’s hand. Karl looked at the half-dead whitebeard and said in a cold voice,

“Whitebeard, you don’t really have that much ability, do you?”

“Beaten like this by a red dog, you are the world’s first sea thief who has really fallen to no end.”

“Oh, it’s not your turn to teach me a lesson!”

The white beard let out a low sneer, and the lowered head suddenly lifted, and the cold light in his eyes overflowed. Two large holes were opened in the chest, and the internal organs had almost been burned.

But the man is still not dead, still strong to live.

A terrifying momentum erupted from him and swept across the battlefield. Countless naval pirates were all unconscious at this moment and fell unconscious. Whitebeard stood up violently, and even took the red dog into the air.

At this moment, the red dog’s pupils widened, and cold sweat was all over his forehead. Red Dog found that his body did not listen to the call.

He wanted to kill Whitebeard, but he couldn’t use any strength.

The cells all over his body trembled and groaned at this moment, and the cells in his body were afraid of the white beard in front of him.

“Overlord Domineering Realm!”

Carl recognized at a glance that this was the overlord realm.

The terrifying momentum directly shocked the heart of the red dog, making him lose his will to fight and unable to move.

Only those who have cultivated the Overlord Color Domineering Qi to the highest realm and opened the realm can use such a trick. At its peak, Whitebeard was able to use this power at will.

But now, he can use it once before returning to the light is already the limit! Bang!

Whitebeard grabbed the red dog and threw it overhead, while shaking his fist with his right hand, the earthquake wave aperture wrapped his fist around it. As soon as the Red Dog fell, Whitebeard slammed his fist into the Red Dog’s chest.

The atmospheric space was suddenly shattered, and the body of the Red Dog seemed to be torn apart at this moment.

An expression of indescribable pain appeared on Akatsuki’s face, and blood spurted from his mouth. Terrifying seismic waves spread in all directions, and the ground shattered inch by inch.

Huge cracks stretched out, covering every corner of Marinfodo. Rumble!

The earth shook and the earth turned upside down.

The whole of Marinfodo was shaking and trembling, and the huge crack divided Mary Joya into several areas. In the midst of the stormy sea of Wang Yang, Mary Joya seemed to collapse and sink at any moment.

“Get out of the way, the seismic waves are coming!”

“Stay away from the crack.”

“Whitebeard is angry!”

Countless pirate navies are frantically escaping.

This force does not distinguish between the enemy and the enemy, and anyone who is wrapped up in the aftermath will be killed in an instant! Burst!!!

The blood-spurting Red Dog fell powerlessly at The Feet of Whitebeard, the bones of his whole body were almost all broken, and the internal organs were almost beaten Up Red Dog stared at Whitebeard with extreme hatred in his eyes, and his face was full of reluctance and anger.

“Disgusting bastard!!!”

The ground tilted, and the red dog slid feebly down towards the bottomless abyss below. Now he couldn’t move, and the only thing he could control was his eyes and mouth. Boom!

Just a second before the Red Dog was about to fall into the abyss, a long sword suddenly fell from the sky, piercing the Red Dog’s chest and nailing it to the ground.

The Red Dog was attacked, let out a scream, and once again spewed out a mouthful of blood.

Karl retracted his finger and said lightly, “Whitebeard, you really have a brain convulsion.” ”

“Cut the grass without removing the roots, and the spring wind blows and grows again!”

“Don’t you understand such a simple truth?”

“To deal with the enemy, it is necessary to completely beat him into a dead dog in order to never have any trouble!”

Endless killing intent erupted from Carl’s body, and his mind moved, and the red dog nailed to the ground suddenly flew into the palm of Carl’s hand. The Red Dog’s neck was pinched by Carl, and his body was constantly struggling and trembling.

A strange black light came from Carl’s hand, instantly enveloping the red dog’s whole body.

Black light seeped in from the wounds on the red dog’s body and invaded every corner and every cell of the red dog’s body.

Red Dog’s cells do not have the same strength and activity as Kaido, and the moment the nuclear radiation enters the body, his cells have begun to mutate, collapse, and even die.

The red dog convulsed, and the surface of his body was constantly rising and falling, as if something in his body was about to burst out of his body. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The red dog’s body continued to explode, and the pieces of flesh and blood seemed to turn into bombs at this moment, instantly turning Akanda into a bloody man. The extreme pain made the iron-blooded tough man of the Red Dog let out a heart-rending scream, and the scream spread throughout the battlefield.

Let everyone who hears the scream feel a chill in their body and mind.


Marshal Sengoku roared in anger and wanted to transform into a red dog to rescue him.

But he had just exhausted all his strength, and now the wound on his chest was cracked, and he was no longer able to fight. Lieutenant General Karp also rushed towards Karl at the first time.

It’s just that he’s too far away to stop Carl’s action. The general Pheasant also wanted to save people, but he himself was seriously injured.

Just after taking a step, he was hit by Diamond Joz into a pile of ice fragments with the power of the locomotive. The only person who could rescue people was the general Huang Ape.

Only his speed can come in time.

Unfortunately, the yellow ape did not dare to fight With Carl in close combat, and could only fire countless flash projectiles at Carl in an attempt to stop Carl from killing him. Shout! Shout! Shout! Shout! Shout!

Flash bombs rained down from the sky like a torrential rain, hitting Karl and exploding on him. Successive explosions unleashed monstrous flames that completely engulfed Carl.

“Great, it’s the Yellow Ape General who struck!”

The Navy had a look of joy on their faces.

The next second, however, their expressions were all stiffened on their faces. Because after the flames dissipated, Karl was unharmed.

The yellow ape’s flash bomb didn’t even hurt one of Carl’s hairs.

“This… How is this possible? ”

“Facing the attack of the Yellow Ape General, it is impossible for someone to be unscathed!”

“Is Karl’s defense so terrible?”

“His physique is also of the monster level!”

“Monsters, damn monsters!”


Countless navies gritted their teeth in anger and were unwilling to do so. Karl smiled coldly, anticipating this.

Not to mention Carl’s armed color domineering armor, the physical defense power of Kaido’s physique alone can catch the yellow ape’s laser head-on without being injured.

Even if he was injured, the Horse Charm could completely heal Carl’s injury in an instant.

“Looks like no one can save you, Red Dog!”

Carl’s eyes shot endless killing machines, and the black light in his hands soared again.

“Black nuclear fission!”

The black light invaded every corner of the Red Dog’s body, rampaged, and destroyed every inch of flesh and blood and every cell in the Red Dog’s body.


The incomparably sharp pain made the red dog cry out to the sky. Bang.

In the sluggish gaze of countless people, the red dog completely exploded. Countless flesh and blood scattered in the sky and fell to the earth like a rain of blood. Admiral Red Dog, killed in battle!

Fall and death in the hands of Carl!

Marinfodo fell into a dead silence in an instant, and countless navies and pirates all looked at Karl in the sky at this moment, and their brains went blank.

A naval admiral died in front of them, and the shock could not be described in words. What’s more, the death of this admiral was still so tragic.

They didn’t know the ability Carl used to kill the Red Dog, but they knew from the screams of the Red Dog before he died that the Red Dog must have died in great pain and despair.

First, he endured endless pain and despair, and then his body was blown into flesh and blood fragments, and there was no corpse. In the hundreds of years since the establishment of the Navy, I am afraid that there has been no greater general than the death of the Red Dog!

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