Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Seriously Injured General Green Pheasant, Red Dog Turns Dead Dog! 【Fourth change, please subscribe】

The strange black light was obviously Carl’s strongest killing move.

If you hit that move head-on, even if it is a navy admiral, it will not be good. Pheasant is a lesson for the past.

The yellow ape looked into the distance of the battlefield, where a cold breath condensed, and the pheasant regained its physical form and spat out blood. The blood was thick and blackened, emitting a foul odor.

“How are you?” The situation is very bad. ”

The yellow ape teleported to the side of the pheasant and said with a dignified look.

The pheasant’s current appearance was obviously seriously injured.

And this kind of injury is completely different from ordinary body damage, internal organ injury.

The strength of the pheasant is terrifying, even if it is seriously injured and all the bones in the body are shattered, it can still exert a powerful combat power. It will not be as weak as it is now, and even breathing will seem to exhaust all its strength.

Cough cough cough.

The pheasant spat out another mouthful of black blood and said in a low voice, “You have to be careful of the death god’s black light tricks, I feel very bad now.” ”

“That kind of black light attack, there must be a secret that we don’t know!”

The pheasant now felt that every cell in his body was trembling, and there was a sharp pain coming from every corner of his body. An unknown force was scurrying through his body, corroding and destroying his flesh and blood.

That force could not be expelled, and even with the armed color domineering spirit, it could only barely resist part of it. Most crucially, the pheasant felt tired like never before.

The exhaustion seemed to emanate from the cellular level, making the pheasant want to fall asleep like this. You know, with his physical strength, even if it is a great warrior day and ten nights, it is completely fine.

But now that he had only been fighting Karl for a while, he was actually tired. This is clearly problematic.

“In order to resist black light attacks, you can’t come into direct contact with death, but at the same time, you must guard against long-range attacks of black light.”

“It’s very difficult to beat him in this situation!”

The yellow ape had a heavy heart and felt more troubled than ever. Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The battlefield is full of gunfire.

As time passed, more and more dead navies were dying, and the number of troops began to stretch thin. In contrast, Carl’s Ghost Corps soldiers were inexhaustible.

As long as General Ika doesn’t die, the Ghost Corps will be able to fight until the day the world is destroyed. At the same time, Whitebeard is getting closer and closer to the execution table.

On the execution table, the Warring States roared in a low roar,

“Haven’t you found the Shen Talk Worm yet?”

“Sorry, I haven’t found it yet!”

The Navy soldier said with a look of decay on his face and panic.

“Alas!!! Forget it, it’s too late to find it now. ”

Sengoku saw that the image of Carl torturing and killing the Draco had all been played. Now cutting off the signal has lost its meaning.

“Damn the abominable Grim Reaper, damn it!”

Warring States gritted its teeth in anger.

Suddenly, his carry-on worm sounded.

After the connection, the indifferent voice of the five old stars came from the opposite side,

“Warring States, we already know about the image, and the responsibility of the Navy will be pursued after that.”

“Now that this kind of thing has happened, there is only one way to save the face of the government, and you know how to do it!”

“Don’t let us down again, or else….”

The five old stars spoke to the end, and immediately hung up the Shen Talking Worm.

The Warring States held the phone worm’s gloomy face and could drip water, and suddenly his eyes flickered, emitting a cold cold light.

“Come, execute Fire Fist Ace immediately!”

The Warring States knew that the only thing that could save the face of the world’s government was absolute victory. And the first level of fire fist Ace is half of the victory.

“Execution, now immediate execution!!”

The marshal on the execution table roared angrily, and the two guards on the left and right immediately swung their swords and fell. Ace closed his eyes, stopped resisting, and waited quietly until death came!

“!!! a short stay”

The undead marko roared.

Straw Hat Luffy roared.

Countless pirates roared.

Whitebeard also changed his face dramatically.

“Abominable Warring States, do you think Lao Tzu can’t stop it?”

The white beard rushed forward suddenly, and his sharp eyes emitted cold killing intent. But he only took one step, and was stopped by the general Red Dog.

“Whitebeard, with me here, you can’t save the Fire Fist!”

“He will die today!”

“Get out of the way for Lao Tzu!”

Whitebeard shot out in anger and slashed at The Red Dog’s waist. Cong Yun cut deep into the bone, almost cutting off the red dog.

However, the red dog only spat out a slight mouthful of blood, and was not much injured.

He had already elementalized in advance to dodge Whitebeard’s slash.

“Just wait to collect the corpse for the Fire Fist, and then I will personally send you down to the Yellow Spring!”

The red dog slammed his fist into Whitebeard’s chest, and Whitebeard spewed out a mouthful of blood and took several steps back in a row. After such an interception by the Red Dog, Whitebeard has completely lost the opportunity to rescue Ace.




Countless pirates were stunned and roared, but they could only watch helplessly as the execution knife fell.!!!

At the moment of the thousand gunshots, two streams of light broke through the air and instantly penetrated the chests of the two guards. Large swaths of blood spilled into the sky, and the bodies of the two guards fell powerlessly.

In the distance, Carl’s sword hung in the air, slowly withdrawing his palm.

“Karl, it’s you!!! again”

The Warring States gritted their teeth.

“Yes, it’s me again.”

The corners of Carl’s mouth drew a sneer,

“Although this person’s life and death have nothing to do with me, at least for now, I don’t want your navy to be too proud.”

Although he played against two admirals at the same time, Carl was still at ease. Not only did it not lose, but it gained the upper hand.

The general Pheasant had been severely injured by Carl, and his combat strength was less than 50%.

The terrifying nuclear radiation has been destroying the cells in the pheasant’s body, devouring his life force. As time passes, pheasants become weaker and weaker.

The Great General Yellow Ape was unharmed.

No way, he was too fast.

He was bent on hiding and fighting long-range guerrilla warfare with Carl, and Carl really couldn’t do anything about him. But because of this, Carl was able to save fire fist Ace.

“Great, Ace isn’t dead!”

Luffy grinned and continued toward the execution table.

The undead bird Malco breathed a sigh of relief and flew to the execution table with his wings flapped.

Whitebeard also breathed a sigh of relief,

“The little ghost of death still has two sons.”

“Hmm, whether it’s you or Carl the Grim Reaper, you’re going to die here today!”

Red Dog doesn’t care if the execution is over or not, his target now is only Whitebeard. Even if you can’t kill Fire Fist Ace, it’s the same thing if you kill Whitebeard.

After a fierce battle, the Red Dog had already felt that Whitebeard’s physical strength had greatly weakened, and his attack power had also been greatly weakened. As long as it continues, he will definitely be able to kill the old and frail whitebeard in his prime.

The red dog roared angrily, and his right arm turned into lava, and countless magma fists were punched out in an instant.

Whitebeard did not dodge, but blocked the Red Dog’s killing move, but he was also constantly forced back by the Red Dog.

Just as the Red Dog thought, the battle lasted only a few moments, Whitebeard’s breathing began to be rapid, and his forehead was covered with cold sweat.

Either head-on defense, or physical resistance. The movements are so slow that it is hard to believe.

“Sure enough, I’m getting old, Whitebeard!”

Red Dog sensed the flaw in Whitebeard and attacked more and more fiercely.

The power of the magma fruit was fully exerted by him, and the move was aimed at Whitebeard’s key killing hole.

“Magma devil, it’s not your turn to teach Lao Tzu!”

Whitebeard spun the knife and slashed the magma from the red dog to the side. The lava rumbled, causing a series of explosions that blew up a group of navies on their backs. Even the building with Marinfodo was destroyed!

“Such a wanton destruction of Marinfodo!”

“Oh, if you can protect it, you can try it!”


Whitebeard and Red Dog fight fiercely again. With a loud bang, the space exploded.

Whitebeard clenched his fists and slammed a fist into Red Dog’s chest. The space shattered, and the red dog immediately spewed blood from its mouth.

This punch, I don’t know how many bones of the red dog were broken, and all the internal organs were seriously injured. But the Red Dog’s attack also hit Whitebeard’s chest at the same time.

This punch directly punched Whitebeard’s chest into a large hole, and blood gushed out like a spring, and then evaporated by magma.


The red dog flew out backwards and rolled on the ground like a broken sack for more than a dozen times.

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