Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 8

These Chilong marks are either tattooed on clothes, trousers, or directly on the arms, to name a few.

But as long as there is a red dragon mark, it is all Karl’s people.

When these spies launched the rebellion, they did not expect that there were so many spy companions within the Oliphant family.

They revolted at the same time, and the Oliphant family had little power to fight back.

“Kill, anyone who does not have the red dragon mark on their bodies will be killed without mercy, and none will be kept!”

Carl ordered in a low voice.

“As ordered!”

The soldiers behind him obeyed the order and rushed directly into the Oliphant family castle to start the massacre.

The people of the Oliphant family were originally on the verge of collapse, and now they have joined the army, and they collapsed directly.

In just half an hour, the people of the Oliphant family were slaughtered.

Subsequently, Carl took the army to other families.

These families are almost all the same.

In this way, it only took half a day for Carl to bloodbath the six major families.

Many residents of the capital of the Romanov Kingdom have not even realized what happened, and this massacre has ended.

When the time came to evening, Karl was standing on the ruins of the Redmayne family, surrounded by corpses.

Troops and spies are sweeping the battlefield, looting the treasures that the Redmayne family has amassed over the years.

“Ding, it is detected that the host has bloodbathed the six major families. After completing the task of fighting foreigners, you must first be safe inside, and you will get a reward: Armed and domineering!”

The electronic sound fell, and a powerful energy poured into Carl’s body, and instantly traveled throughout the body.

In just an instant, Carl learned to show off his arrogance.

There is no sense of incongruity to use, and it can exert its maximum power, as if it has been practiced for many years.

Armed color is domineering, that is, the armed color is gathered on the hand or on the weapon and released, which can directly evolve into substantial offensive or defensive power.

It can shoot a powerful shock wave and fly the enemy, and can also form a protective wall, and can even defend against invisible attacks.

(In the war on the top, the three admirals of the navy used their armed colors to condense an invisible wall, blocking the shock wave of Whitebeard’s shock fruit!)

With this power, Carl is more confident about what to do next.

Just then, Badgers hurried over with a group of soldiers, and before anyone arrived, Carl heard his signature laugh.

“Weihahaha, His Royal Highness Carl, everyone has solved it.”

“Well done, I ordered to go down and transport all the treasures of the six major families to the palace.”

“Understood, I have already given an order, no one dares to reach out and hide corruption in the middle.”

Badgers said with a laugh.

Carl nodded slightly, “I don’t worry about you doing things.”

“After the matter is over, you will lead someone to guard the palace. No matter what noise you hear tonight, don’t take a step out of the palace.”

After speaking, Carl looked towards the port, where a warship was clearly visible.

The six major families have been swept away, and there is no force in the Romanov Kingdom to hinder him. It is time to start the great cause of rebellion.

“His Royal Highness Carl, do you want me to help? I can help you.”

Badgers seemed to have guessed what Carl was about to do, and put away the smile on his face.

He clenched his fists tightly, his arm muscles were tense, his blue veins burst out, and his armed arrogance surged up to cover his fists, and then slowly dissipated.

Under Carl’s teaching, Badgers naturally learned to be domineering with knowledge and armed, and his realm is not low.

Although it is still not possible to harden the whole body armed color domineering, but the power of local hardening is not trivial.

The general rear admiral is not his opponent at all, only the vice-admiral of the navy headquarters can match him.

Carl shook his head and said: “No need, the goal is bigger when there are more people, I am enough alone!”

Carl, the guard beside the dragon man Charles Rose, has long understood it.

Perhaps Charles Ross thought that no one dared to attack the Tianlong people, so the guards around him were not very strong.

There are just over 30 CP agents and over 200 Marines.

Those more than 200 navy soldiers are trash fish, and their combat power is very low.

The combat power of more than 30 CP agents is not bad.

But in Carl’s eyes, it is no different from trash fish.

When the time comes to night, the capital is still brightly lit.

Looking down from the sky, the capital of the kingdom is like a starry sky, with countless stars shining brightly.

The warships docked at the port are also brightly lit, and the Tianlong man Charles Ross is still looking for fun.

During the day, he watched the bloody duels between murlocs and sharks and ordinary humans.

In that duel, the murlocs won the final victory.

But the victory brought him no reward, and the murloc soon died in the next duel.

Charles Ross has become addicted to this bloody duel game, and now he is watching the bloody fight between two pirates.

“Kill, kill him.”

“Right, that is it.”

“Hahaha, funny, so funny.”

“By the way, isn’t Spandain back yet? How does he do things?”

Charles Ross watched the pirates fighting in front of him with great interest, while asking the CP agent behind him.

Even if Spandain had done a good job in the past, he was satisfied.

But this dereliction of duty made Charles Ross feel a little angry.


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