Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 68

Chapter 68: The Fruit of The Shock of Terror, the Power to Destroy the World! 【Fourth change, please subscribe】

“With the little information and the slightest possibility that CP found, we conducted a thorough investigation of the newborn babies, as well as the upcoming babies, and their mothers, but nothing was found, and in the end nothing was found.”

This is also a matter of course, after all, your birth was exchanged for your mother’s life, and it can also be said that she is currently carefully planned.

It deceives our eyes, no, it deceives the eyes of the whole world.

There is an island in the South China Sea called Batterilla, and your mother’s name is Potkas Lee. D. Lu Jiu.

This woman’s behavior is far beyond our common sense, out of a strong love for her son, she actually let the child stay in the womb for 20 months and then at the same time as giving birth to you, exhausted, died on the spot!

In this way, 1 year and 3 months after the death of the father, the baby who inherited the world’s most evil bloodline was born, that is you.

“You can’t possibly not know.”

Ace clenched his teeth and forced his anger not to utter a word.

Although he hated the man, he did inherit the man’s bloodline, and he could not deny it. Facing the 100,000 navy and facing the world, sengoku said in a deep voice, “Your father is One Piece. D. Roger!!! ”

As soon as these words came out, everything was quiet, and time and space seemed to be still. The world came to a standstill at this moment.

A navy’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat, and his pupils were constricted and muttering to himself,

“Fire Fist him, is one Piece Gole · Son of D. Roger. ”

“Is One Piece’s bloodline still alive?”

“The legend of One Piece continues!”

The hundred thousand navies present were all in shock, fear, and felt numbness in their scalps. Even the Seven Martial Seas under the king could no longer remain calm.

Doflamingo grinned strangely,

“It’s interesting, it’s interesting.”

Moriah laughed sharply,

“Giggling, did your own son actually survive?” Anyone associated with Roger should have been sentenced to capital punishment. ”

Sengoku looked at Ace and continued, “Two years ago, you used your mother’s name to form a pirate group of spades to go to sea. ”

With your strength and speed, you’ll soon start racing the seas and making a name for yourself. At that time, we finally found out that Roger’s blood had not been severed.

We wanted to make a move, but at the same time the whitebeard who found out about it took you to the ship and protected you under his flag.

“To train you to be the next One Piece.”


Ace retorted loudly, “I got on the ship in order to make Daddy one Piece, and only Whitebeard is eligible to become One Piece.”

“You’re the only one who thinks that way.”

Sengoku said coldly, “In fact, the reason why we have been unable to shoot is because you are protected by Whitebeard.” ”

“If you just leave it alone, you will definitely exert the qualifications of One Piece bloodline and stand at the apex of the next era.”

“So, it makes absolutely sense to take down your head here today!” Even if an all-out war breaks out with the Whitebeard Sea Untouchables because of this!!! ”


As soon as the Warring States voice fell, the 100,000 navies all let out a heart-rending roar, and the roar was enough to pierce the firmament. The Warring States deserve to be a wise general, and his words raised the morale of the navy to the peak.

Next, in order to eliminate the bloodline of One Piece, the 100,000 Navy will be fearless and brave.

Even if the enemy is the strongest whitebeard in the world, the 100,000 Navy will not flinch in the slightest.

Meanwhile, the Chambord Islands, the journalists gathered there, have begun to write news like crazy.

Although the war has not yet begun, the news that has been revealed so far is enough to shake the world.

“Shocked! One Piece Roger’s bloodline is not yet severed! ”

“An all-out war triggered by a man, the identity of Fire Fist Ace is revealed!”

“The secret that Whitebeard and One Piece Roger had to say was that he had done this to his son.”

“Marshal Sengoku summoned a hundred thousand navies in anger, and the reason was this!”

One by one sensational headlines were written by them, but this was not the headline party, the content of the news was absolutely true, but Marinfodo echoed the roar of a hundred thousand navies, and in the roar, a naval soldier came to the back of the Warring States and panicked: “Marshal of the Warring States, it is not good, the door of justice opened automatically without receiving any instructions, and the power room has lost contact!” ”

“What do you say?!!”

Sengoku’s face changed, and he suddenly found that the originally noisy and noisy MarinFodo had quieted down at some point. There was a dead silence all around, and even the needle could be clearly heard falling on the ground.

“It’s so quiet.”

The Seven Martial Sea Lady Emperor couldn’t help but say.

Doflamingo crossed his hands at his waist, licked his tongue and said, “It’s too unnatural to be quiet!” ”

As soon as the words stopped, an emergency siren sounded from the watchtower.

“Come, find the enemy trail!”

“All are ready for battle!”

The 100,000 navy looked up, only to see that the sea ahead was suddenly shrouded in a thick fog. In the thick fog, one pirate ship after another appeared continuously.

The great fleet of pirate ships was connected to each other, and there was no end in sight.

There are a total of 43 subordinate pirate regiments under the whitebeard pirate regiment, each of which is a well-known presence in the New World.

The Pirate Grand Fleet had more than a hundred ships.

TourIng Knight Doma, Ray Qing Maku Guy, De Calban Brothers, Great Vortex Spider Skuado.

Each pirate captain is a top master, and all of them are pirate captains who are famous in the new world.

However, with the search of the inspectors, they did not find any trace of the Whitebeard Pirate Regiment in the Pirate Grand Fleet.

Suddenly, the water surface inside the crescent-shaped harbor burst, and the shadow of a huge creature appeared in the eyes of everyone, and the marshal saw the warring states, and his face suddenly darkened.

“As it is, it is no wonder that no trace was found, but the coating invaded from the bottom of the sea!”

In the ugly face of the Warring States, a huge killer whale pirate ship broke out of the water.

Immediately after, three more killer whale pirate ships appeared one after another, facing each other in four directions.

On the main ship, the 14 captains such as the undead bird Marco, Diamond Joz, and The Flower Sword Bista all appeared, and a terrifying momentum spread out in an instant.

Even if it confronts the 100,000 navy head-on, it will not fall behind at all. Immediately after, a burst of footsteps sounded in the ears of the hundred thousand navy.

With the sound of footsteps, a tall man holding a knife and more than 5 meters tall stepped onto the bow of the boat.

The iconic crescent white beard, the heroic momentum, and the terrifying sense of oppression all tell the identity of the man.

Whitebeard, legendary sea thief, the strongest man in the world!

“Gollum, Warring States, we haven’t seen each other in decades.”

Whitebeard grinned at the Warring States on the execution table, and the hundred thousand naval soldiers in the middle had been ignored by him


Marshal Sengoku stared at the man deadly, his face solemn.

Only he knew what terrible power this man possessed. Being invaded by Whitebeard to such a close distance was something he hadn’t expected.

“Is my dear son all right?”

Whitebeard looked at the execution table in the distance and smiled, “Wait for me in a moment, Ace, I’ll save you right away!” ”

After saying this, Whitebeard inserted Cong Yun into the bow deck with his backhand, clenched his fists with both hands, and crossed it open from his abdomen.

“Oh? Here it comes! ”

Tall, Karl saw Whitebeard’s movements and his eyes lit up.

The Shock Fruit, known as the strongest Superman, was also seen by Carl for the first time. I saw white bearded men swing their fists and smash into the air on the left and right sides.

The atmosphere suddenly shattered, and the cobweb-like cracks spread rapidly.

Terrifying seismic waves swept across Mary Joyce, and hundreds of meters high waves soared into the sky.

The 50 naval warships surrounding Mary Joya’s periphery were all precarious under this terrible wave, like an ant in the sea of Wang Yang.

“This, what is this?”

A navy officer stared blankly at the tilted sea, his voice trembling.

“This is the strength of the world’s first sea thief, Whitebeard!”

A hundred thousand navies broke out in a cold sweat.

Finally, the tsunami caused by the air earthquake came.

Waves of tsunamis were higher than mountains, more than a thousand meters high, roaring toward Marinfodo from all directions. With just one impact, it can completely submerge the entire Marinfodo!

The war had only just begun, and it seemed as if it were coming to an end.

If you don’t stop this tsunami, 100,000 navies will be completely wiped out by this move!

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