Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Hunting the Great General Mission, The Domineering Realm Against the Sky! 【Second change, please subscribe】

The electronic tone ended, and Karl suddenly opened his eyes.

There was a cold light in his eyes, and it flashed away.

This new mission was very murderous, and from beginning to end Carl only saw a killing word. Of course, the rewards are also very generous, and the rewards are beyond Karl’s imagination.

The High Overlord Color Domineering, the Overlord Color Domineering Winding, the Eight Great Demons, the Spells, the Fruit Awakening, each of which is a good thing.

Carl’s current shortcomings are only the overlord color domineering.

In the case that the Overlord Color Domineering Spirit is only quasi-advanced and will not be entangled in the Overlord Color, Carl can defeat the Four Emperor Kaido If the Overlord Color is upgraded again, learn the Overlord Color Domineering Winding, how strong will Carl’s combat strength be?

It’s unimaginable.

And demons.

The demon’s combat power Carl had already seen.

Just being a Demon Of the Earth Lord was enough to compete with the Four Emperors Kaido. And neither the Mountain Demon Bogang nor the Water Demon Basha was weaker than the Earth King.

The Mountain Demon Wave is the embodiment of the Mountain, huge in size, indestructible in flesh, powerful enough to destroy everything, and the Water Demon Basha is even stronger in this world full of sea.

She can trigger a tsunami anytime, anywhere, easily flooding an island with a tsunami. In Carl’s view, the water demon Basha is the other kind of poseidon.

Although she can’t control the Neptune class, the mere control of water is enough to deter the world.

“By the way, what is the domineering realm?”

Karl looked at the Task Four and Mission Five inquiry systems.

Karl only knew that domineering was divided into low, middle, and high, but he had never heard of a domineering field.

“Back to the host, the domineering realm is the realm above the higher domineering.”

“When a person’s domineering spirit breaks through the limit, he can open the domineering field.”

Seeing and Smelling Domineering Realm: After opening, it can shield the enemy’s sighting and smelling domineering perception, and even make the enemy unable to use the sight and smell.

Armed Color Domineering Realm: After opening, the realm is completely filled with your armed color domineering, the armed color domineering is like substance, and the natural ability cannot be elementalized in the realm.

If the Armed Color Domineering Realm is strong enough, the enemy will be attacked all the time, and there is no way to avoid it. The mind is moving, and the attack is everywhere!

Overlord Color Domineering Realm: After opening, it can forcibly strike at the enemy’s heart and will, weakening the enemy’s strength and fading the will to fight.

In the Overlord Realm, the enemy’s strength will be greatly reduced.

“If the Overlord Color Domineering Realm is strong enough, it can also be the same as the Armed Color Domineering Realm, so that the enemy is always attacked.”

After listening to the explanation of the system, the shock in Carl’s heart could not be dissipated for a long time. It’s also too strong.

It’s so strong.

Open the field of seeing and hearing domineering, in the field can be called omniscient, omniscient.

All the enemy’s attacks will be seen by you in advance, but the enemy’s sight and smell will be blocked by you, and you cannot predict your attack.

This increase and decrease, the gap can be imagined.

In the battle between the strong, a slight flaw can be fatal, and a slight gap may determine victory or defeat. The Realm of Seeing and Hearing Can Directly Deprive the Enemy of a Skill.

How big a gap is that?

This alone was enough to crush the rest of the Armed Color and Overlord Color Domineering Realms, which was also quite terrifying, and Carl was thrilled to see it.

“Your Majesty, Alice begs to see you.”

Suddenly, Alice’s voice rang out behind Carl.

“Come in.”

The words fell, and Alice walked slowly behind Carl. Badgers and Aniru also came together.

“Your Majesty, the handover of the three kingdoms has been completed, and local rebellions have been suppressed.”

“Got it, did a good job.”

In a world where power reigns supreme, it’s really easier than you think to occupy a country. As long as the royal family is solved, coupled with the threat of force, everything will be logical.

However, in just two days, Karl’s army has completely occupied and ruled the three surrounding kingdoms.

“By the way, have all the nobles of the three kingdoms been dealt with?”

Karl asked.

“Back to Your Majesty, everything has been dealt with.”

Badgers said with a fierce expression.

“That’s fine.”

The nobles of the three kingdoms, like the original nobles of the Romanov Kingdom, were all blood-sucking moths lying on the kingdom, and carl naturally would not leave them behind.

“Your Majesty, are we going to continue to expand our territory?”

Badgers stood behind Carl and continued to ask questions.

“With our strength, even if we attack more kingdoms, it will be easy!”

“That’s right, these countries are so weak that I don’t know how they survived in the New World.”

Aniru spoke of the destroyed kingdom with disdain in his tone.

Karl looked at the view outside the balcony and smiled calmly,

“If you have a goal, go on your own, and how much you can lay down depends on your skills.”

“It’s a good opportunity for the Navy to go to war at this time and not have time to take care of our actions.”

“No matter how big you make a fuss, there will be no navy to stop you.”

“Going to war? Is it the Whitebeard Pirate Regiment and the Naval Headquarters? ”

Badgers and Aniru had apparently heard about the public executions as well.

“That’s right.”

Karl nodded slightly.

“Will Whitebeard really storm the Naval Headquarters?”

Badgers asked in some disbelief.

Although whitebeard is known to be strong, the naval headquarters is not weak either. It is the Dragon Pond Tiger Cave, the most dangerous place in the world. When pirates go there, they are seeking their own death.

Even a white beard cannot retreat. Badgers didn’t believe Whitebeard would throw himself into the net.

In his opinion, only a fool would do that….

Carl said with a little deep meaning, “Whitebeard will go, he is that kind of person.” ”

“He will not allow anyone to harm his son, not even the Naval Headquarters.”

“So this battle is inevitable!”

“Can Whitebeard win?”

“He can’t win.”

Karl shook his head slightly.

“No matter how strong the white beard is, after all, he is already 72 years old, and he is already an old man with a broken candle.”

“Now he can’t withstand the siege of the total strength of the navy.”

“But that’s why we have a chance.”

“Chance? Will His Majesty also intervene in this war? ”

Badgers had a twinkle of surprise in his eyes.

“Of course, how can such a century war be missed?”

“Taking advantage of the decisive battle between the Whitebeard Pirates and the Naval Headquarters, it is just the opportunity to eliminate the living forces of the Navy.”

“At the same time, after Whitebeard dies, the throne of the New World will also be vacant.”

A cold light flashed through Carl’s eyes, it was a cold killing machine.

Whether for rebellion or for mission rewards, Carl had to intervene in this war.

At this time, alice, the maid and secretary, also spoke,

“Your Majesty, the Navy’s new reward order is out.”

“Oh? How much is the bounty, say it quickly! ”

Badgers and Aniru were both excited and looked at Alice at the same time. They all knew that they must have been among the people who were rewarded this time.

Thor Ani Road, bounty of 270 million Baileys, the most heinous crime, dead or alive. Shadow Assassin, bounty of 256 million Bailey, the most heinous crime, dead or alive.

Gizas Badgers, with a bounty of 230 million Baileys, is a heinous crime, dead or alive.

“There are only 270 million, what’s the joke?” Is the Navy blind? ”

Looking at the amount of 4.2 to the bounty order, Aniru said that it was unacceptable.

He destroyed a country, destroyed a naval base, and only had a bounty of 270 million Baileys.

That wasn’t even half of what he expected.

You know, in the new world bounty of more than 500 million to be considered a strong party. The main cadres of the Four Emperors Pirate Regiment each have a bounty of more than 500 million.

Carl was comparable to the Four Emperors, and he Wasiru was a high-ranking cadre under Carl, a natural thunder fruit ability.

The reward of 500 million is considered to be less.

“No, Lao Tzu can’t stand it!”

Aniru was about to go out and make trouble.

When he destroyed several naval bases, he did not believe that the navy would not raise the reward for him. As soon as the electric light flashed, Aniru flew directly out of the window and disappeared suddenly.

“Leave him alone? Your Majesty. ”

Badgers looked at Carl, waiting for his order.

Although he is also not very happy with his reward amount, he will not be as impulsive as Aniru.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about him, let him go out and practice.”

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