Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 61

“I didn’t expect that kid to be able to do this, it’s really a wave that pushes the wave forward!”

On the Moby Dick, Whitebeard drank a bowl of wine and said with emotion.

“Yeah, who would have thought that Kaido would be defeated by the god of death Karl.”

“Don’t say we can’t think of it, and no one in the world can think of it.”

“If the news has not been confirmed, it will only be ridiculed by others.”

The Phoenix Marco was also inexplicable.

“My brain is still buzzing, I feel like I’m dreaming!”

“Are all young people today so brave?”

On the Mobudic, all the captains were also amazed, and they all admired Carl’s strength.

They have no conflict with Carl, and they will naturally admire when they know that a strong man is born out of nowhere.

In addition to admiration, they are also very wary of Carl.

“Kaido was defeated, and the Death God Karl is the fifth emperor, right?”

“What if he’s coming to grab the turf?”

“After all, the Kingdom of Romanov is very close to the territory of our Whitebeard Pirates.”

One by one the pirates were worried.

“Yeah, Dad’s body can’t hold it anymore!”

The Phoenix Marco looked at Whitebeard worriedly, with a very heavy heart.

As a ship doctor and the second character of the Whitebeard Pirates, he knows the body of Whitebeard best.

It is known that Whitebeard’s strength has been severely weakened due to aging and frailty attacks.

Although it is still a monster level, it is absolutely incomparable with the young and powerful Karl.

If there is a war, their Whitebeard Pirates will lose more and win less.

As if noticing the worry in Marko’s eyes, Whitebeard laughed, “Don’t worry, idiot sons, I’m not dead yet.”

“As long as I live, the Whitebeard Pirates will always be the strongest.”

“That’s right, Dad is the strongest in the world.”

“Even Kaido can’t compare!”

“Although Death God Karl is strong, he can’t compare to Dad!”

The power of Whitebeard is like a needle for calming the sea, instantly stabilizing everyone’s heart.

All members of the Whitebeard Pirates are extremely convinced of Whitebeard.

As long as the man is alive, they have nothing to fear.

However, the following news suddenly made Whitebeard into a state of rage.

Fire Fist Ace has been arrested and will be publicly executed! ! !

Whitebeard would never allow anyone to hurt his companion, let alone Ace.

The navy’s public execution of Ace is equivalent to declaring war on the Whitebeard Pirates.

And Whitebeard naturally won’t avoid fighting.

Fearless, he has the courage to face any approaching threat head-on!

With Whitebeard’s order, the entire Whitebeard Pirates and the 43 affiliated Pirates under their command all entered a state of preparation.


Two days later, Carl’s latest bounty came out, and the newspapers spread all over the world.

Only ordinary people and pirates in the world know that Kaido, one of the four emperors, was defeated by the god of death Karl.

“Big news, this is really big news!”

“Kaido was defeated!”

“Karl, God of Death, is so terrifying, what a monster!”

“The general Akainu was defeated not long ago, and now even Kaido has been defeated. How strong is the Death God Karl?”

“There is another emperor in the world!”

“The balance is broken!”

“The world is about to change!”

“Little ones, go to the new world!”

“How can such times be without our participation?”

Countless pirates were inspired by Carl’s record and rushed to the new world.

Everyone dreams of becoming the second god of death Karl, and fantasizes about defeating one of the four emperors and shaking the world!

While every corner of the world is talking about Karl, Karl himself is enjoying a banquet at the Romanov Palace at the moment.

The banquet started from the end of the battle, and it has lasted for two days and two nights.

The whole king was very lively, and the noise was never heard.

All residents were celebrating the unprecedented victory.

In the palace, Carl was sitting on the throne, and Alice, the personal secretary, was lying in Carl’s arms, pouring wine and handing fruits for Carl.

Anilu sat on the left, Badgers sat on the right, and both of them were filled with food and wine.

The devil Dikui also attended the banquet. Although he is a devil, his wisdom is undoubtedly similar to that of ordinary people.

If the Dikui wanted to, he could even transform into a human.

It’s just that he doesn’t like turning into a human, so he has always maintained the body of a demon.

(Devils can become human beings, and in the original work, the demon Xiaofeng once changed.)

In front of the Dikui was piled up big meat as high as a hill, and there were more than a dozen chefs delivering meals to the Dikui.

People in the world of One Piece are very terrifying, but they are far from the devil.

Di Kui ate for two days and two nights without getting full!

At this time, a guard ran in from outside the main hall, his face full of excitement.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty Carl, your reward order has come out!”

“Oh? Bring it here!”

Karl gave an order, and a ghost soldier of the samurai regiment suddenly appeared in the shadows.

The soldier respectfully handed the reward to Carl.

The guards were taken aback when they saw the ghost soldiers, but Badgers and Anilu were already taken aback.

In the past two days, they had seen the soldiers of the Ghost Corps.

Carl took the reward order, and there were two in total.

One is his own.

The god of death, Karl Huest, has a bounty of 5.032.6 billion Bailey.

Kaido’s bounty is 4.6111 billion bery, and Karl defeated Kaido, and the bounty is naturally above him.

The bounty of more than 5 billion Baileys is rare in the world.

In Carl’s impression, only the pirate king Roger, Whitebeard, and the original taboo pirate Lox had a bounty of more than 5 billion.


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