Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 6

“System, what is my current mission?”

Carl opened the system and asked.

“Ding, please host immediately start the great cause of rebellion.”

“Mission 1: To fight against the outside world, we must first be safe inside.

It has been detected that the six major families of the Romanov Kingdom have disdain for the host, and the host is requested to send troops to destroy them immediately, and completely control the entire kingdom in their hands.

Mission reward: Armed and domineering.

Task 2: The Declaration of Rebellion.

It was detected that there are Tianlong people in the Romanov Kingdom. The Tianlong people are the nobles of the world and the ultimate target of the host’s rebellion.

Ask the host to kill at least one Heavenly Dragon and take the first step in rebellion.

Quest reward: Primary Overlord is domineering. ”

“This reward is really generous.”

After years of practice, Carl has already mastered the domineering look of armed and seen, and his realm is not low.

Armament color domineering is able to cover and harden the whole body, and the density is far beyond ordinary people.

However, the domineering outbursts and internal destruction of the armed color cannot be achieved.

This is not because Carl’s domineering cannot meet the requirements, but because he cannot find a good teacher to teach him.

These two are higher-level ways of using the domineering of the armed color, which can completely release the power of the domineering of the armed color.

There are not many people in the world who can master these two skills.

The three major naval admirals and the four emperors all possess this kind of power, so they can be called the highest combat power in the world.

Learning to be domineering and armed, Carl has the capital to rival these monsters.

As for the tyrannical arrogance, it is the only arrogance that Carl has not awakened.

Domineering and domineering is a person’s innate strength. Only one person in a million will awaken. It is also called the aptitude of a king, and it cannot be learned through the day after tomorrow.

Carl was born without it, so he won’t learn it the day after tomorrow.

Now through the system, Carl has the opportunity to obtain the domineering domineering.

It’s just that this mission is very dangerous. If you are not careful, the entire Romanov Kingdom may be destroyed.

Killing a Spandain is completely different from killing a Draco.

Carl kills Spandaine, and at most he will be wanted by the Navy, and he can bear such consequences.

But killing the dragon people is different.

If you kill the Tianlong people, the world will definitely be furious.

At that time, the Admiral of the Navy will personally lead the Demon Slayer Order to destroy the entire Romanov Kingdom.

A little careless, the entire kingdom will be wiped out, completely disappeared in this world.

“As expected of a rebellion system, it’s really a system as its name suggests.”

Carl sneered, and then his eyes converged, and his eyes flashed a bit fierce.

“If people are not ruthless, they will not stand firm, and if they rebel, they will rebel.”

After thinking for a moment, Carl has made up his mind.

Now that the system has been turned on, of course Carl can’t let it go

A more powerful force is in front of you, how can you be timid?

“Tianlong people, it’s not impossible to kill!”

“But before killing the Tianlong people, the scum must be dealt with first.”

Carl raised his head and looked outside the palace hall, his eyes flickering with cold light, murderous aura.


In the port of the Romanov Kingdom, a super large warship is docked.

This is the Navy’s highest-spec warship, larger than many tall buildings, and can accommodate up to 1,000 naval soldiers.

This warship is the car of the dragon man Charles Ross, and the deck is full of CP agents and naval soldiers as escorts.

CP agents and navy soldiers looked around, listened in all directions, and paid attention to every move around them.

If there is any trouble, they will be noticed in advance.

The Tianlong man Charles Ross was sitting on the luxurious sofa, hugging several stunning beauties from left to right, and on the expensive carpet under his feet, there was also a dog lying on his back.

The dog, like him, also wears a bubble helmet.

Suddenly, the dog ran to the feet of a soldier next to him and urinated, urinating all over the soldier.

But the soldier did not dare to move, and let the dog urinate on him.

The power of the Tianlong people is too great, and in their eyes, the status of a pet dog is much higher than that of humans.

In the eyes of the Tianlong people, naval soldiers are not even as good as dogs.

Once this navy soldier dares to escape, he will anger the dragon man Charles Ross, and he will be killed in the next second.

Seeing his pet dog urinating on a navy soldier, Charles Ross thought it was funny, clapping his hands and laughing.

Many navy soldiers were of course blushing with anger, but they also dared not speak out.

As for the CP agents, they were all expressionless, like a group of emotionless robots.

“Hey, where’s Spandain? Where’s Spandain, I’m a little bored, find me some new fun.”

Charles Ross shouted while holding the beauty in his arms.

“Go back to St. Charles Rose, Lord Spandain has gone to find a new beauty for St. Charles Rose. If you are really bored, why not watch the duel?”

A CP agent bowed and said.

“Oh? Duel? What duel?”

Charles Rose Saint raised a trace of interest.

The CP agent said, “Didn’t St. Charles Ross buy a murloc slave last time? We can lock him up with the sharks and watch them duel in the water.”

“Oh? It sounds interesting, so hurry up and prepare.”

“Also, leave these women behind. I want to see them duel with murlocs and sharks, it will definitely be more interesting.”

With that said, Charles Ross pushed out the two blonde beauties in his arms.

When they heard that they were going to be thrown into the water to fight a shark, the two women were so frightened that they quickly knelt down and begged for mercy.

“Saint Charles Rose, please be merciful and let us go once.”

“Yes, we can still serve St. Charles Rose.”

“We’re sure to make you happy.”


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