Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 59

Carl Yujian flew high in the sky, blocking the shock waves and heat waves coming towards him.

At the same time, the tsunami that hit the Romanov Kingdom was also blocked overseas.

He stared at the mushroom cloud in front of him with scorching eyes, full of arrogance and domineering, searching for the breath of life in the mushroom cloud.

This is Carl’s strongest move at the moment, and a single blow is enough to wipe a large island from the world.

But he was not sure whether he could kill Kaido, after all, the ultimate move did not directly hit Kaido’s vitals.

Without seeing Kaido’s body, no one can be 100% sure that they can kill Kaido.

The apocalyptic shock wave of terror raged for dozens of minutes before slowly dissipating, and waves of huge tsunamis attacked in all directions, and several neighboring countries around the Romanov Kingdom were destined to suffer.

The damage to the Romanov Kingdom was not small.

The last time Carl and Akainu fought, one-fifth of the Romanov Kingdom was smashed into ruins.

The ruins can be rebuilt, at least the crustal land is still there.

But in today’s battle, one-fifth of the land has been completely destroyed, the crust has sunk to the bottom of the sea, completely disappeared, and reconstruction is impossible.

That is to say, a fight with Kaido made Karl lose one-fifth of his territory!

Carl looked blankly at the sky as the aftermath dissipated, and Kaido had disappeared.

“Die? Or escape?”

At this moment, the electronic sound of the system sounded in Carl’s mind.

“Ding, it was detected that the host repelled the four emperors Kaido, completed the task of protecting the country, and obtained the reward: Kaido’s physique (pseudo-immortal body).”

“Isn’t it dead?”

Carl’s face was a little ugly.

It was really hard for him to imagine how the badly injured Kaido had survived the previous nuclear explosion.

But the system can’t go wrong, the system prompt has clearly told Carl that Kaido is not dead, he has survived successfully.

At the same time, a huge energy appeared out of nowhere in Karl’s body and began to repair Karl’s injury.

Carl’s injuries healed quickly under the transformation of this energy.

Broken bones healed automatically, and damaged internal organs were all repaired.

In the blink of an eye, Carl’s injury healed and he was back at his peak.

Not only that, after the energy repaired the body, it began to transform Carl’s body.

Carl felt that his vitality had been greatly improved, which was completely different from before.

Countless cells in the body are all cheering.

Cells continue to divide and regenerate, eliminating originally weak cells.

But in just a few seconds, all the cells in Carl’s body have completed a renewal and rebirth.

Originally, it would take an ordinary person seven years to renew the cells in the whole body, but Carl did it in just seven seconds.

“Is this Kaido’s physique? No wonder he survived the previous attack!”

After obtaining Kaido’s physique, Carl knew how strong this physique was and why Kaido could survive.

Kaido’s vitality is extremely strong, and his cells are extremely active.

The ability to split, repair, and heal is extraordinary.

Even if attacked by nuclear radiation, Kaido’s cells will not mutate.

Only when the nuclear radiation reaches a certain intensity will Kaido’s cells mutate and even collapse.

But in this case, the cells in Kaido can still regenerate and reorganize rapidly.

You must know that when ordinary people are exposed to nuclear radiation, the activity of cells will be suppressed, and they cannot divide and regenerate.

Even if it could, speed and power would be diminished.

However, Kaido’s cells can always maintain vitality and rapidly divide and regenerate.

“It’s no wonder that even the world is going to use Kaido as an experiment to study the secrets of his body!”

Carl suddenly remembered that Kaido was once arrested by the world government and used for biological experiments.

Obviously, even the world is very eager to know the secret of Kaido’s body.

The first artificial devil fruit made by Vegapunk was obtained by studying Kaido’s genes.

So it was a dragon-shaped fruit.

“Anyway, the nuclear radiation plus the broken arm is enough for Kaido to drink a pot!”

Although he didn’t kill Kaido, but Karl had confidence in his attack, Kaido’s end would definitely be extremely tragic.

Nuclear radiation is continuous. Kaido has suffered a nuclear explosion on the front, and his body has been subjected to an extremely large amount of nuclear radiation.

Even if his physique is strong and his cells can be regenerated and repaired, he has to pay a huge price.

Before the nuclear radiation disappears, Kaido must endure the great pain of cell death and gene collapse day and night.

At the same time, his body will get sick and cancer, bone marrow, internal organs, and every corner of the body will undergo mutations.

If he can’t handle it, he will still die under the follow-up effects of nuclear radiation.

Even if he can survive it, it will be a day that will make Kaido fearful.

Not only that, but Kaido was also cut off by Karl.

Even if he can put on a prosthesis, he is destined to be a disabled person in this life!

Not dead or disabled, worthy of the name.


Carl Yujian flew back to the Kingdom of Romanov.

At the same time, the golden ship that stayed in the distance also slowly fell.

Anilu came to Carl’s side, with awe in his eyes.

Having seen the battle between Karl and Kaido with his own eyes, and seeing the overwhelming power of Karl, Anilu was convinced.

I also know that the punch that Carl hit him back then didn’t even use 1% of his strength.

In the face of such a monster, he can only surrender, there is no other way!

Carl Yujian flew over the capital, and all the residents gave deafening cheers.

They knew that Karl had won again.

And this time, he defeated Kaido, the beast known as the strongest one-on-one.


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