Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 54


A azure blue energy beam shot out, instantly hitting Kaido’s dragon body.

The firing speed of the super electromagnetic gun is comparable to the speed of light, and even if it is caught in advance, it is difficult to avoid it.

What’s more, Kaido’s body is too large after turning into a blue dragon, and in Carl’s view, it is a living target.

The energy beam hit Kaido, instantly breaking the dragon’s scales and flesh, penetrating the Qinglong’s abdomen, and finally hitting the sea tens of thousands of meters away.

A huge mushroom cloud rose into the sky, followed by a super-strong explosion shock wave.

The sea was torn apart, setting off huge waves hundreds of meters high, as if the end was coming.

Qinglong Kaido raised his head to the sky and let out a painful howl, and the sound spread all over the place.

Large swathes of blood splattered, and flesh and blood flew, but as soon as it appeared, it was evaporated into gas by the high temperature of the electromagnetic cannon ray.

In the end, Kaido’s dragon body fell down weakly and slammed onto the coastline with a bang.

At this moment, many strong people around the world watching the live broadcast of the battle were silent.

There was infinite fear and fear for Carl in my heart.

“What ability is this?”

“The laser cannon can’t compare!”

“To be able to beat Kaido like this!”

“Kaido’s defense is the best in the world, but he can’t stop the death god Karl’s tricks!”

Carl’s Railgun is too powerful!

It’s terrifyingly strong!

All the powerhouses watching the battle can see that this super-electromagnetic gun is almost nothing to Kaido’s invincible defense.

The domineering double defense of dragon scales and armed colors is also vulnerable!

Even Kaido, who is the first in defense, can’t stop this move, let alone others.

“Akainu, Carl used this trick to defeat you, right?”

In the naval conference room, Marshal Sengoku asked in a deep voice.

Kizaru, Aokiji, and many high-ranking navy officials turned their attention to Akainu, waiting for his answer.

Akainu said with an ugly face: “Yes, that’s the trick.”

“The power of this move is very strong, it’s not so much the ability to fruit, it’s more technology!”

“This trick is like a combination of lightning, laser and magnetism, far better than ordinary lightning or laser rays.”

“It is not only penetrating and destructive, but also extremely hot.”

“Even if there is no domineering fusion of armed colors, the high temperature of the rays alone is enough to hurt my body.”

“In front of this move, all the elementalization of nature is useless!”

“The ghost spider died under this move, and has no resistance!”

Hearing Akainu’s answer, the hearts of all the senior naval officers were heavy, and all the lieutenant generals were terrified.

In front of this move, even the generals Akainu and the Four Emperor Kaido were seriously injured, so it is no wonder that the ghost spider was killed before resisting.

No, it shouldn’t be said to be killed, it should be said to be vaporized.

It evaporated into gas in an instant, and all traces were erased!

The only good news is that there will be no pain in dying under this trick.

Because death is coming sooner than you think.

Before you even react, the person is gone.


Sengoku muttered to himself, repeating these two words, and couldn’t help feeling troubled.

As an Admiral, he certainly knew how terrifying the power of technology was.

The power of Devil Fruits is indeed powerful, but in the end it is up to humans to use them.

As long as you are human, there are limits.

But technology has no limits!

Powerful technological weapons, destroying a small island is easy, much stronger than any fruit.

One of the taboos in the world, the ancient weapon Pluto is a super battleship that integrates various high-tech weapons, with the power to destroy the world.

Carl now looks a lot like a humanoid Hades.

Although it is not as good as the real Pluto battleship, it is already quite terrifying.

If such a move is aimed at the naval headquarters, most of the naval headquarters will be destroyed.

Sengoku’s mood was chaotic. After this incident, his original plan to eliminate Carl was once again cancelled by him.

Karl is too dangerous, and his abilities are too terrifying.

If the navy wants to act, it must make an absolutely perfect plan to destroy Carl at one time.

Denial of letting Carl escape, the navy will surely attract Carl’s frantic revenge.

With his ability, he can destroy any naval base except the naval headquarters at any time.

If Carl fought a protracted war with them, the Navy’s losses would be beyond his imagination.

The number of dead navies will be in units of 10,000 or even 100,000!

Even the Naval Headquarters and the Holy Land Mariejoa, guarded by generals, may not be safe.

If the super-electromagnetic cannon goes down, the general will not have time to resist, and there will still be heavy casualties!

At this moment, Karl’s danger level is infinitely high in the heart of the Warring States period, even surpassing the Four Emperors Great Pirates!


The coastline of the Romanov Kingdom has been completely destroyed, and the sea water is constantly pouring back, eroding the inner wall of the country.

A gigantic blue dragon lay on the shoreline, surrounded by blazing fire.

Karl controlled the armed giant to stand in the sea of ​​fire, as if it was a giant who was grilling a dragon, waiting for the dragon meat to be cooked.

“The body hasn’t changed back to human, and it’s not dead yet!”

“As expected of Kaido, his vitality is really tenacious, and the railgun couldn’t kill him!”

The physique of the people in the world of One Piece is very strong, and the vitality is also very tenacious.

Especially the Four Emperors Great Pirates, all of them are monsters against the sky.

In the original work, during the war, Whitebeard’s chest was pierced and his internal organs were scorched, and he could still beat Akainu into a dead dog.

Kaido’s physical strength should still be higher than that of Whitebeard, burn a few of his bones, knock out a few pieces of his internal organs, and still can’t kill him.

“Did you miss the point?”

Carl looked at Kaido’s huge dragon body, a little helpless.

After Kaido became a blue dragon, his body was too big. Who knows where his vitals are?


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