Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 48

Kaido prides himself on being strong in defense, neither dodging, nor evading, nor counterattacking, letting the mountain fall on him.

With a loud bang, Kaido’s huge dragon body was directly smashed by the mountain and fell from the sky.

However, just as Kaido was about to land in the sea, his dragon body stood up again.

Although Di Kui’s attack was powerful, it was still a little short of hurting Kaido.

However, through this move, Kaido’s fighting spirit was also aroused.

“Yes, you are very good, you are indeed a monster!”

“I can’t think of a second monster besides Carl here!”

“good, very good!”

Qinglong Kaido roared, and the huge dragon body hovered in the sky.

Lightning flashed and thundered in the clouds, and endless thunder and lightning fell on Qinglong, and then hit the ground.


The earth of the coastline was split into a large hole, and the dust was flying.

As the dust dissipated, a dragon man with dragon scales and fangs in his mouth, carrying a mace appeared in front of everyone.

Animal-type abilities can be transformed into three forms: human, beast, and human-beast.

The human-beast type has both the flexibility of the human-type and the strength and ability of the beast-type, and is undoubtedly the strongest of the three forms.

Kaido carried his mace, showed his fangs and grinned grimly, and disappeared with a bang.

The next second, Kaido’s mace had already smashed on Di Kui’s body.

A powerful shock wave erupted like a tsunami, ploughing a 100-meter-long ravine on the ground.

Di Kui was attacked from the front, but without taking a step back, he punched Kaido in the face with his backhand.

The demon’s physical defense is extremely terrifying, and Kaido’s attack can’t hurt him.

Immediately, Di Kui and Kaido fought fiercely.

Fist to maces, each collision unleashing a powerful shock wave.

The battle between the two was extremely violent, and it could be described as a fist-fight to the flesh.

“Hahaha, that’s it, that’s it, you’re very good!”

Kaido was very excited, and the more he fought, the stronger he became.

No one had ever dared to engage in such a hand-to-hand fight with him, which made Kaido extremely happy.

“Thundering gossip!”

Kaido covered the high-density armed domineering mace with a mace, and smashed it at Di Kui’s head.

Di Kui did not retreat but advanced, and controlled the surrounding earth and stones to condense on his right arm, and punched out.


The extreme strokes collided, and the powerful shock wave was visible to the naked eye and roared out.

The ground beneath the two of them was cracked inch by inch, and a tsunami from overseas hit all directions.

Di Kui took a step back and punched the ground.

The sharp soil thorns rose up in layers, and a soil thorn hit Kaido’s chest, pushing it to the sky.

Di Kui slammed his hand, and all the surrounding earth and rocks flew into the sky, hitting Kaido like a cannonball.

But in the blink of an eye, Kaido was attacked hundreds of times.

Under the control of Di Kui, each piece of soil and stone was over 20 meters in diameter, and the impact was terrifying.

Each blow can easily destroy a warship, killing over 100 million bounty pirates in one second.

Soon, a huge meteorite appeared in the sky.

Kaido has been sealed inside the meteorite.

“What a powerful monster, can actually compete with Kaido!”

In the distance, Badgers, who was watching the battle, was secretly shocked.

“However, Kaido is not so easy to defeat!”

The Four Emperors and the Great Pirates are all heaven-defying monsters.

Especially Kaido, known as the world’s number one duel, the undead monster.

If you want to defeat him, such tricks alone are far from enough.

Sure enough, within ten seconds of the meteorite sealing Kaido, a roar came from inside the meteorite.

With a loud bang, the meteorite exploded, and Kaido escaped.

“Jiang Sanshi · Yinnaluo!”

Kaido fell from the sky, spinning his mace rapidly.

The mace was pitch black, but the surface was scarlet as blood.

Kaido not only covered the domineering of the armed color, but also wrapped the domineering of the overlord.

The attack has not yet landed, and the powerful pressure has already distorted the space.


The mace hit the devil Di Kui, and the powerful attack wave shattered the ground under Di Kui’s feet, and the shock wave extended to thousands of meters away.

Di Kui’s feet sank into the ground, but his face did not change.

He crossed his hands, blocking Kaido’s ultimate move.

“go to hell!”

Di Kui roared, his fists covered with scarlet light, and punched Kaido’s chest.

With a bang, the shock wave penetrated Kaido’s body, the dragon scales flew, and Kaido spewed a mouthful of blood uncontrollably.

“This is… the power of the white-bearded old man!”

Kaido’s eyes widened, a flash of disbelief flashed.

Di Kui’s attack just now contained the same vibrational power as Whitebeard’s.

A punch hit him, and Kaido’s internal organs were almost displaced.

That feeling Kaido had felt many times before, when he was fighting Whitebeard.

Dikui are the demons of the earth. They can not only throw rocks into the ground, manipulate earth and rocks, but also cause earthquakes.

In a sense, the ability of Di Que is indeed similar to that of Whitebeard.


The powerful shock force erupted, the space was twisted and shattered, and Kaido was kicked flying by Di Kui.

Kaido plowed the ground with both feet and slid out for hundreds of meters before finally stopping.

Wherever he passed, he left two deep ravines.


Kaido spat out a mouthful of blood, grinned, and his fighting spirit increased.

“In addition to Whitebeard, there are other vibration abilities, which is really interesting!”

“Hot breath!”

Kaido opened his mouth and roared, spewing out a scorching flame, shooting at Di Kui.

Di Kui smashed the ground in front of him with a punch, and the earth shook and raised a hill, blocking the flame pillar and deviating from its orientation.

At the same time, Di Kui launched a counterattack.

He manipulated the ground to cause earthquakes, and the ground split into a bottomless ravine.

The moment Kaido fell into the ravine, Dikui immediately closed the earth.

Kaido was buried alive, leaving only one head exposed.


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