Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 39

“Such an ugly guy really can’t get tired of killing a hundred people.”

Looking at the wailing Tianlong people lying on the ground, Carl sneered at the corner of his mouth.

Sweeping across the deck of the cruise ship and seeing the two figures lying in a pool of blood, who were alive and dead, Carl instantly understood everything.

“It’s too cheap to kill you like this. Try being tortured like a dog.”

Noticing the murderous aura in Carl’s eyes, the Vice Admiral immediately stepped forward to stop the Tianlong people, and the surrounding naval soldiers and CP agents also pointed their guns at Carl.

The lieutenant general roared: “Karl, stop it, this is a Tianlong person.”

“Kill him, and you won’t end well either!”

“Oh? What will happen to me?”

Carl smiled playfully.


The lieutenant was choked and speechless.

He wanted to say that if the Tianlong people were hurt, the navy would send a general to attack them, and the end would be extremely tragic.

Will Carr care?

He doesn’t care.

Because he has already killed a Tianlong person.

Admiral Akainu led the crusade against him by the Demon Slayer Order and failed.

The God of Death, Karl, only shocked the world by stepping on the corpse of the Dragon Man and the face of the Admiral of the Navy.

He can say that he can’t hurt the Dragons to anyone, but only Carl.

Carl glanced at the surrounding navy and sneered, “A scum like this, your navy still has to protect him, the justice of the navy really amazes me.”


The Vice Admiral was speechless.

Indeed, as Carl said, protecting the Draco has tarnished his justice.

However, this was an order from the Navy Headquarters, and he could not disobey it.

“In any case, if you want to hurt the Tianlong people, you must first step on my body!”

The Vice Admiral pointed his knives at Carl, and the fighting spirit erupted.

He knew that he was no match for Carl, but as a lieutenant general of the naval branch, he had to protect the safety of the Draco.

However, just as the lieutenant general was about to shoot Carl, a gunshot suddenly sounded from behind.

The lieutenant general spat out a mouthful of blood and looked down at the blood hole in his chest with a dull expression.


He looked back at Ruiker, the dragon man, and wanted to ask why.

But before the words were finished, the lieutenant general collapsed on the deck weakly, blood flowing all over the floor.

His heart had been pierced, and he had died before he fell.

Whoa! ! ! !

The sudden scene shocked all the navy soldiers, and no one could figure out why the Tianlong people shot and killed the vice admiral at this time.

You know, this is the most powerful combat force on their ship.

Seeing such a brutal Tianlong people, all the navy soldiers trembled with fright.

Only the few remaining expressionless CP agents were able to keep their composure.

They are all tools that the world has cultivated and trained since childhood, without their own feelings, they are like puppets.

No matter what kind of enemy you encounter or what happens, you will never be afraid.

“Damn pariah, bastard, go to hell, go to hell!”

The dragon man Rui Kyle fired at Karl like a madman, and in the blink of an eye, all the bullets in the pistol were emptied.

He had been swept away by his anger, and he had to kill the untouchable in front of him who had hurt him in order to vent.

As for the Vice Admiral standing in front of him, he was just an unlucky ghost who was killed by mistake.

“Sure enough, an idiot.”

Carl couldn’t think of any words to describe the stupidity of the Draco.

With a thought, the field of magnetic field is opened, and all the bullets that are shot will be controlled.

Bang bang bang!

Bunch of blood splattered, and the CP agents fell into the pool of blood one by one.

In the blink of an eye, all the CP agents on the cruise were killed by Carl.

“you you…”

The Tianlong looked at Karl dully, and kept pulling the trigger to kill Karl.

But the bullets had been depleted, and the gun in his hand had turned into a scrap of iron.

He didn’t understand why he shot Carl, and the CP agent beside him would be killed.

Carl looked at the Tianlong people and smiled grimly, “Next, it’s your turn.”

“What do you want to do?”

“Don’t come here, don’t come here!”

“Come on someone, come on someone to protect me!”

“Kill this pariah!”

The Tianlong man roared, but no one responded to him.

The CP agents who were extremely loyal to him have all died, and the strongest vice admiral was also killed by him.

Under Carl’s aura, the other navy soldiers all knelt down on the deck, unable to even move their fingers.

Carl slapped his hand, and the whip on the luxury sofa flew over automatically and fell into Carl’s hands.

“Don’t you like hitting people very much? You can also taste that taste today.”


Carl slapped the Tianlongren’s face with a whip, and immediately left a bloodstain, the skin cracked and the blood splashed.

“Ah!!! You bastard, damn pariah, how dare you do this to me?”

“Your mouth stinks!”

Before the Tianlong people finished scolding, Carl had already shot again.

A whip slapped the Tianlong man in the mouth, beating him with blood and his teeth flying all over the place.

Carl’s shot is very measured, and the force is not too small to ensure that the Tianlong person will not be killed with a whip, and at the same time let him feel incomparable pain.

As Carl’s whip fell, the Tianlong people let out a heart-piercing wailing, screaming again and again.

At first, the Draconians were still stubborn and kept cursing Karl.

But soon, he began to beg for mercy.

Carl’s method is very funny, awakening the fear lurking in the depths of the Draco genes.

“Don’t… stop fighting, please… please stop fighting!”

“I…I don’t kill you anymore, I can forgive you.”

“Yes, yes, I can still give you money.”

“You can have as much as you want.”

“Power, women, I can give you all these!”


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