Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 36

As soon as she heard that it was Karl, Nami felt desperate and wept.

Since it is Carl’s handwriting, of course they can’t get gold.

“Ah, it can’t be wrong.”

Zoro also said: “No one can do this kind of thing except him.”

“Also, we’d better get out of here as soon as possible.”

Zoro glanced at the surrounding forest with a very alert expression, “This island is still in danger.”

Although Sauron has not awakened to the domineering, his perception ability is still very strong.

He had already sensed the existence of the Ghost Corps scavenging for gold all over the island.

Although the Ghost Shadow Corps did not attack them, the feeling of being on his back still made him very uncomfortable.

After some searching, the Ghost Shadow Corps continuously looted a lot of gold, which was concentrated on the deck of the golden ship.

Although it is not as good as the golden ship, the total amount is still very large.

According to Carl’s estimate, the gold that was collected in the follow-up search could be sold for at least 6 billion baileys, which was already comparable to two of himself.

“Ding, it is detected that the host has obtained enough gold, the task of enriching the country is completed, and the reward is obtained: internal destruction of armed color (Sakura domineering).”

The electronic sound of the system sounded in Karl’s mind, and a huge armed domineering poured into Karl’s body.

In an instant, Carl’s armed arrogance broke through again.

At the same time, Carl naturally mastered the use of Liu Ying’s domineering.

Armed Color Domineering Internal Destruction, also known as Liu Ying Domineering, is a way of using Armed Color Domineering to show off.

The user can put the armed color out and pass through the surface of the object to directly destroy the inside of the object. “Harden”, “Wrap”, and “External” can all be used at the same time.

You know, a person can defend the surface of the body with a domineering aura of armament, but the internal organs cannot.

Even BIGMOM, who is known as a steel balloon, and Kaido, the undead beast, are the same.

Even BIGMOM and Kaido will be injured if the armament-colored arrogance is directly injected into the opponent’s body.

In this way, the domineering power of the armed color can be fully exerted, which greatly increases Carl’s combat power.

“time to go.”

Carl took one last look at the sky island and flew the golden ship into the distance.

I came to the empty island just to get gold and recover Aini Road. Now that the goal has been achieved, it is natural to leave.

Sky Island is a good place, with beautiful scenery, like a paradise.

The food here is also very good.

If it’s normal, Carl really wants to stay here for a few more days and taste the delicious air shark unique to the air island.

But not now.

The Kingdom of Romanov is still on the cusp, and Karl cannot leave the kingdom for too long.

If the navy takes advantage of this time to attack the Romanov Kingdom, the kingdom will suffer heavy losses.

Although the kingdom is guarded by the devil Dikui, it is not safe after all.


On the endless Wangyang Sea, a cruise ship with a length of tens of meters and luxurious decoration is slowly moving forward.

This cruise ship is very luxurious.

How luxurious is it?

Two words to describe, local tyrant.

The cruise ship has nine floors, and each floor is covered with gold and inlaid with countless gems of various colors.

Under the sunlight, the luxury cruise ship is gleaming and shining.

In the countless great routes of pirates, such a luxury cruise ship is like a big piece of fat, but countless pirates are drooling.

However, no pirate dared to take action against the cruise ship.

When all the pirates saw this cruise ship, they all suppressed their greed and fled.

Just because this cruise ship is flying a dragon’s hoof flag.

There is only one kind of person in the world that can use the hoof of the flying dragon, and that is the dragon man.

Hanging this flag means that there are Tianlong people on the cruise.

In the first half of the great route, no pirate dared to attack the Tianlong people, even Supernova or Qiwuhai.

The deck was full of navy soldiers, all of them armed with guns, waiting in full force, watching and listening to all directions, paying attention to every move around.

They didn’t let go of any trouble.

I really don’t dare to be distracted.

Tianlong people travel, if there is an accident, they will be buried with them.

A group of naval soldiers did not dare to look back at the arrogant and arrogant Tianlong.

This is a race that is above the law, and if they annoyed them, they are likely to lose their lives on the spot.

The lightest will be deprived of their naval status and become slaves, and from then on life is better than death.

In the very middle of the deck, is a luxurious sofa studded with colorful gems.

A man wearing a round transparent bubble helmet, banana hair, sausage lips, big buck teeth, a runny nose, and freckles all over his face, just like a wavy face is sitting on the sofa.

He is the Tianlong person on this ship, how low or low in appearance, how ugly and ugly.

This kind of ugly guy, if you put it outside and give it to others as a slave, no one will want it.

However, just because he is a Heavenly Dragon, he can get everything in the world effortlessly, and is the most noble race in the world.

In the hands of the Tianlong people, there are still two chains.

The chain collar is not for animals such as cats and dogs, but two people, a man and a woman.

Men and women are a thousand times more beautiful than Tianlong people. It is not too much to say a handsome man and a beautiful woman.

But they are all slaves of the Tianlong people,

After suffering inhuman torture every day, the faces of the two have no expression, only numbness.

The two were like lifeless puppets, completely desperate.

Even if the Heavenly Dragons were to kill them now, they would not frown, because they no longer knew what fear was.

Death, on the contrary, is a relief.


The Tianlong man took the whip and slapped the woman on the back.


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