Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 31

New World, Cake Island.

“Well, did that kid named Carl really beat Akainu?”

In the Cake Island Palace, the Four Emperors BIGMOM are dancing to the music.

Fire cloud Prometheus and thunder cloud Zeus hovered around her, and many small cakes danced around her.

While dancing, BIGMOM grabbed the cake next to her and swallowed it. As she chewed, the cake cried out in pain.

But BIGMOM didn’t care at all. Instead, he ate it with relish, with a happy smile on his face.

Her dancing posture, her smile, coupled with her bloated body, and the ugly and vicious face of a witch, how to look at her eyes.

However, no one around dared to show disgust, because she was the master of the BIGMOM pirates.

A terrifying woman who can swallow her own child when she is angry.

In the waters of the world, no one dared to provoke her majesty.

Hearing BIGMOM’s question, Katakuri stepped forward and said respectfully, “Yes, Mom, the news has spread.”

“Prince Karl Huest of the Romanov Kingdom was attacked by the slaughtering order led by the general Akainu for killing the Tianlong people.”

“Karl and Akainu fought head-to-head, and in the end Carl won, Akainu fled in embarrassment, and the Demon Killing Order was destroyed!”

“Well, well, this kid did a really good job.”

“How old is he this year?”

BIGMOM asked while eating a small cake.

“20 years old.”

Katakuri responded.

“Twenty years old, so young.”

“Yes, yes, I am very satisfied.”

“Invite him to come to Cake Island?”

“Which of your sisters would you like to marry him? Katakuri?”

“Such a young combat power, and a prince, must be in his hands.”

A terrifying smile appeared on BIGMOM’s face, and there was endless greed in the depths of his pupils.

BIGMOM behaves like a child, and will not hide his greed when he encounters something he likes.

Even if you don’t have to guess, you can see it at a glance.

BIGMOM’s method of recruiting subordinates is also very special, that is, by marriage.

She lacks everything except children.

If you recruit a male subordinate, you will marry a daughter, and if you recruit a female subordinate, you will marry a son.

In this way, BIGMOM has gathered a large group of monsters from the new world.

The Charlotte family has also become the world’s strongest pirate family!

For BIGMOM’s order, Katakuri will not hesitate to implement it.

But this time is different. The target is Carl, a strong man who can defeat the general Akainu.

In the face of Carl, he is not an opponent, so he is not very sure about completing the task.

“Mom, Carl Huest will not necessarily agree to the marriage, I don’t think he’s the next generation!”

“Well, if he refuses, just kill him and bake the Romanov Kingdom into a cake by the way.”

BIGMOM said with a terrifying expression: “Even if he defeated the general Akainu, in my opinion, it’s nothing more than that!”

“Well, well, well!”

“Yes, mother!”

Katakuri couldn’t refuse BIGMOM’s order, nor did he have the qualifications to refuse.

Once he dares to refuse, even if he is the most beloved son of BIGMOM, the end will be extremely miserable.


New World, Dressrosa.

This is the country of the King Shichibukai, Don Quixote Doflamingo.

All of the King’s Qiwuhai have the power to destroy the country. Among them, Doflamingo is very special.

He is not an ordinary human being, he is born from a Heavenly Dragon.

Although he is a fallen dragon, Doflamingo has always regarded himself as a real dragon in his heart.

His bones are engraved with contempt and disdain for ordinary humans.

While Doflamingo was proud of his Draco blood, he also hated those Draconians who abandoned him in the Holy Land Mary Joa.

His psychology is very contradictory and distorted, and he has always longed for one day to take revenge on those Tianlong people.

“Hey, has anyone finally dared to challenge God?”

“Godslayer Karl Huest, what a great title!”

In the palace, Doflamingo stared at Carl’s reward order, and kept making hideous laughter.

His laughter was peculiar, and it was impossible to tell whether he was happy or angry.

“Finally someone dares to challenge the gods, idiots, your good days are coming to an end soon.”

“The wave of the times has begun, and it won’t be long before you will be pulled off the altar, trampled underfoot, and will lose all dignity and glory.”

“Wait, I will definitely go back to the Holy Land.”

“At that time, all of you will be prostrate at my feet.”

“Break! Sweep! Sweep!”

Doflamingo laughed wildly, the veins on his forehead burst out, and the blood kept surging.

A powerful aura erupted from him, forming a gust of wind that shattered all the windows in the room.

This is domineering and domineering, and the level is not low.

As a Tianlong person, Doflamingo awakened the overlord’s color when he was a child, and possessed the aptitude of a king.

There is no such thing as a Heavenly Dragon like him!


New World, Kingdom of Romanov.

On this day, the Kingdom of Romanov celebrates throughout the country.

Because today is the day when Carl becomes king.

The old king Karl Flanders officially abdicated, and the young Prince Karl ascended the throne and became the new king of the Romanov Kingdom.

For this young king, all the residents of the whole country have great trust and respect.

All residents believe that they can live happily ever after under Carl’s leadership.

“From today, I am the sixth king of the Romanov Kingdom!”

There are four huge virtual projections facing the four directions above the Romanov Kingdom, and Carl’s succession ceremony was projected into every corner of the Romanov Kingdom through the projection phone bug.


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