Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 30

Red-haired Shanks took a long breath after reading the contents of the newspaper and Carl’s reward order, barely suppressing the shock in his heart.

Rao is because he is well-informed, and after hearing the news, there are still storms in his heart.

“It’s amazing, it’s earth-shattering!”

The redhead said with emotion.

“Yeah, once you become famous all over the world, the world will shake now!”

Beckman also chimed in.

With the exposure of the newspaper content and Carl’s bounty, the members of the Red Hair Pirates finally know what happened.

They did not expect that when they were on vacation safely, such an earth-shattering battle broke out in the Kingdom of Romanov.

The Admiral Akainu was defeated, the Demon Slaughtering Order was defeated, and the Death God Karl rose strongly!

In just one night, Carl went from a prince with no bounty to the world’s most wanted criminal.

The bounty is as high as 3 billion Baileys, second only to the Four Emperors Great Pirates!

The flames are sizzling, and the Sea Kings have been scorched, but no one is paying attention to the barbecue at this moment.

Even the most gluttonous Raki Lu is no exception.

All the members of the Red-haired Pirates were shocked by this news and fell into deep shock and could not extricate themselves.

“Only 20 years old, he has the power to defeat the general Akainu, Karl Huest, his future is unpredictable!”

“This time, the balance of the world is about to be broken.”

The redhead stared at Carl’s reward, looking at Carl’s young face, feeling like he saw a mystery.

“This man is very dangerous. I feel that he is different from ordinary pirates.”

A wise light flashed in Beckman’s eyes, and he said calmly.

“Ah, indeed.”

The redhead nodded in agreement, “A person who will take the initiative to take action against Tianlong people, his ambition cannot be judged by common sense.”

“I have to meet Whitebeard as soon as possible!”

The redhead stood up and said solemnly.

“Is this okay? Shanks.”

Beckman looked at the red hair and said, “If we take action, do you think the government will sit back and ignore it?”

“Now is a critical moment.

If the Tianlong people are killed, the world will definitely not let it go.

Although Akainu was defeated, the navy’s actions would not stop, and there must be a follow-up to this matter. ”

“How can I manage so much now?”

The red-haired voice said firmly: “That bastard Titch has already started to act, and his ambition that has been hidden for many years has finally exploded, which will definitely cause upheaval in the world.”

“With the sudden rise of Carl Schuster this time, I have a hunch that the tide of the times is about to come.”

“If we are not mentally prepared, even we may be shattered by this wave!”

The redhead looked at the sea in the distance, the sky was sunny, the sea was calm and the waves were calm.

But in the eyes of the red hair, there are stormy waves ahead, lightning and thunder.

The great waves of the times are sweeping towards them.

This huge wave affects the whole world, and no one can stay out of it!

“No matter what, I have to do this.”

“No matter what the government will do, I don’t care.”

“If they dare to hinder me, I will defeat them!”

As soon as the red hair finished speaking, a storm suddenly appeared out of nowhere and ruffled his red medium-length hair.

“If that’s the case, then do it.”

Beckman breathed out a smoke ring and said calmly.

“Oh!!! Brothers, get ready to fight!”

The members of the Red-haired Pirates cheered and roared, full of fighting spirit.

No one took the threat of the world’s government to heart.

The redhead looked around the crowd and said, “Go and prepare the good wine first, set sail, and set off for the Whitebeard Pirates!”


New world, Wano country.

The sky over the ghost island was covered with clouds, and lightning flashed and thundered.

In the ghost island palace, the beast Kaido took a wine gourd and drank it happily, and then smashed it into pieces

“This kid did a good job. He was able to beat that red dog. The kid is still worthy of praise.”

“The craziest thing is that he actually killed the Tianlong people, which makes me a little admired.”

Beside Kaido, Fire Calamity said in a low voice.

The Fire Calamity came from the Lunalia clan, a race that had been exterminated by the Celestial Dragons.

As a survivor, Jhin has a deep hatred for the Draco.

So Carl killed the Tianlong people and gained a lot of goodwill from Jin.

“Hmph, isn’t it a Tianlong person? It’s not like I haven’t killed him before.”

“In the battle of the Valley of the Gods, how many Tianlong people were killed by Lao Tzu!”

Kaido snorted in disdain.

Afterwards, he picked up Carl’s reward order, his pupils were rounded, and his fierceness was revealed.

“This kid’s strength is good. I was just bored, so I went to play with him to see if he could kill me.”

“If he can’t kill me, then I’ll kill him!”

Roar! ! !

Kaido screamed in the sky, and the roar turned into invisible sound waves, sweeping the area.

Afterwards, Kaido began to transform.

His palms turned into dragon claws, his arms became thicker and larger, and dragon scales grew, his dark skin turned cyan, and the hard dragon scales covered the surface of his body.

The head turns into a dragon head, and fangs grow out of its mouth.

Kaido used to have two horns on his head, but now he has two dragon horns.

The upper body was extended, and together with the neck, it extended infinitely, and instantly turned into a tens of meters of Qinglong’s body.

As Kaido kicked his legs, his lower body turned into a dragon’s tail.

The Azure Dragon soared into the sky, flew out of the Ghost Island Palace, and entered the dark clouds in the sky.

The lightning struck Kaido, unable to shake the dragon scales in the slightest, as if massaging him and tickling.

In the blink of an eye, Kaido had disappeared into the sky.

Yan Zhanjin stared at the big hole above his head speechlessly, and sighed helplessly.

Kaido is too self-willed. If he disagrees, he will go out to fight, or go out to commit suicide.

Before he could stop it, Kaido flew away.

He, the second character of the Beast Pirates, was very tired.


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