Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 28

The new world, the Kingdom of Romanov, in the palace.

Karl sat on the balcony, a symphony playing on a classical gramophone next to him.

The sun shines on Carl, which makes Carl more extravagant.

At this moment, a graceful, beautiful-looking blond maid held a newspaper and hurriedly ran into Carl’s room.

“Your Highness, Your Highness Karl!”

“Reward order, your reward order is out!

The maid ran to Carl and handed the newspaper respectfully to Carl.

When she saw Carl’s handsome face, the blond maid blushed and her eyes were full of love.

“Got it, Alice, don’t make such a fuss.”

Carl smiled faintly and took the newspaper from Alice’s hand.

Newspaper headlines feature close-up photos of him fighting Akainu.

After opening it, it’s Carl’s bounty.

The god of death Karl Huest, with a bounty of 3 billion baileys, is extremely sinful, regardless of life or death.

“3 billion, the Navy headquarters is really exaggerated.”

Carl smiled slightly, expecting this number for a long time.

This time, he defeated Admiral Akainu and defeated the Navy Demon Slayer Order.

Coupled with his crime of killing the Tianlong people, 3 billion Bailey is only low.

If Carl’s forces were stronger and the territory bigger, there would be no difference between Carl and the Four Emperors Pirates.

“This is the first time I have seen such a high reward amount. There should be no higher reward than His Royal Highness, right?”

Maid Alice looked at Carl with hot eyes, her eyes full of admiration.

Carl touched Alice’s head and smiled slightly, “3 billion is not high, and the bounty of the Four Emperors is much higher than 3 billion.”

“You’ll find out in the future.”

Alice is just a maid. She has never left the Romanov Palace since she was a child. Her knowledge is limited, and she has no idea how terrible the Four Emperors Great Pirates are.

“No, in Alice’s heart, His Royal Highness Carl is the strongest!”

“Ha ha.”

Carl didn’t say much about Alice’s blind worship, just smiled.

He is very powerful now, but the distance is the strongest, there is still a distance.


The new world is very deep, an unnamed sea.

A huge killer whale pirate ship is drifting in the wind, and it sails aimlessly in the sea of ​​Wangyang.

On the mast, a pirate flag was blown by the sea wind, and on the flag was a skull mark with a crescent beard.

All pirates who see this flag will flee as soon as possible, and even warships patrolling the sea will turn around and leave.

In the new world, this flag is a well-deserved overlord and an inviolable existence.

In this world, no one dares to provoke the forces represented by this flag.

Because it is the strongest man in the world, the banner of the Four Emperors Whitebeard.

On the Moby Dick, a group of pirates are having a party.

Marco flapped his wings and flew off the mast, yelling, “Daddy, Daddy, something’s wrong.”

“Goo la la la la, don’t make a fuss, Marco.”

Whitebeard laughed boldly.

“That’s right, Captain Marko, no matter what happens, it won’t affect us.”

“Come and have a banquet, this sea king caught today is delicious.”

“The wine is also delicious.”

Thousands of pirates drank and chatted and had a banquet, but they didn’t pay attention to what Marco said.

who are they?

Are they the Whitebeard Pirates?

What big things can affect them?

Marko shook his head, flew to Whitebeard and said, “Really, something really happened this time.”

“General Akainu was defeated!”

As soon as these words came out, all the pirates who were having a banquet stopped, the noise stopped abruptly, and there was no sound.

More than a thousand pairs of eyes looked at Marku at the same time, with deep shock in their eyes.

Even Whitebeard, who was drinking, stopped holding the bowl for a while.

“You read it wrong? Captain Marko?”

“Yes, that bastard Akainu is an Admiral!”

“Who can beat him?”

“Could it be Kaido shot? Or BIGMOM? Or redhead?”

The pirates under his command do not believe that the general Akainu will be defeated, unless the other four emperors personally take action.

“No, it’s not them, it’s a newcomer, no, it’s not a newcomer anymore.”

“Karl Huest, you must have heard of it, right?”

Marko looked at the crowd and said.

While speaking, Marko distributed the newspaper in his hand to the captains, and handed a copy to Whitebeard.

Everyone took the newspaper and hurriedly opened it and looked at it, only one glance, and thousands of pairs of eyes suddenly became round.

Many pirates were so shocked that their jaws were almost dislocated.

“Carl Schuster? It’s him!”

“Is this guy actually that strong?”

“I haven’t seen it before!”

“Karl the God of Death, the God-slayer, beheaded the Tianlong people, defeated the general Akainu single-handedly, and destroyed the naval demon slaughter order!”

“Even the Tianlong people were killed.”

“How brave is this guy!”

Thousands of pirates sighed in amazement, and the shock in their eyes could not be subsided.

They have also heard of Karl’s name, and he is the prince of the Romanov Kingdom.

As a prince, he has an honorable status, and he has been clothed and eaten since childhood.

Not only has he not been corroded by the extravagant life, but instead has cultivated a super strength.

The strongest record was two years ago, when he killed a pirate with a bounty of more than 800 million and became famous in the new world.

If you are a pirate with such strength, you can be the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates.

You can also become a senior officer in other Four Emperor Pirates.

But at that time, the Four Emperors Pirates did not pay much attention to Carl.

First, Carl is not a pirate, and has no intersection with them.

Second, although Carl’s strength is good, in the eyes of the Four Emperors, it is nothing more than that.

But this time is different.


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