Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 25

Whether it is the Earth Demon Dikui or the ghost general Ika, they are very powerful.

Most importantly, they are all immortal.

Demons cannot be killed, only sealed.

Even if the body is destroyed, the soul can be reborn.

“I just don’t know if BIGMOM’s Soul Soul Fruit can restrain their souls.”

This is the only thing Karl needs to be aware of.

After finishing everything, Carl Yujian flew to the capital.

With Badgers leading the Red Dragon Army to guard the capital, and King Flender personally coming out to stabilize people’s hearts, the residents of the capital were relatively calm, and there were no riots.

Seeing Carl’s triumphant return, many residents gave out earth-shattering cheers.

“Win, His Royal Highness Karl has won!”

“It’s unbelievable, even the Admiral is not a match for His Royal Highness.”

“Even if the general can be defeated, who else can threaten His Royal Highness?”

“From now on, no one in our Romanov Kingdom will dare to provoke them.”

These residents who stayed in the capital were not unable to leave, but they were unwilling to leave.

They all trusted Karl and the country, believing that Karl could protect them under the threat of the navy, and voluntarily stayed to live and die with the Romanov Kingdom.

Karl did not let them down, and successfully eliminated the threat of the naval slaughter to the Romanov Kingdom.

Carl’s record of repelling the admiral made the residents of the capital extremely reassured, and they were grateful for their wise choice.

Without abandoning the Romanov Kingdom at the most critical moment, they will be able to obtain the protection of the Romanov Kingdom from now on.

There is Karl guarding the Kingdom of Romanov. Here, no pirates or criminals can threaten the safety of their lives and property.

The Kingdom of Romanov will be the safest country in the New World.


“Father, I’m back!”

Carl Yujian flew back to the palace hall and came to Flender.

“Okay, just come back, just come back!”

With tears in his eyes, Flender stepped forward and patted Carl on the shoulder excitedly.

When he saw the scars and blood on Carl’s body, he hurriedly asked about Carl’s injury, and at the same time asked the soldiers to find a doctor, “Doctor, where’s the doctor? Go and call the doctor!”

“It doesn’t matter, Father, my injury doesn’t matter, I won’t die.”

Carl shook his head slightly, indicating that his father, King Flender, was at ease.

His physique is also monster level, as long as he does not die immediately, there will be no danger in the follow-up.

Just eat a big meal to refuel and get a good night’s sleep.

By the time I wake up, I’m basically fine.

“Okay, it’s fine!”

After confirming that Karl was not in danger, Flender was finally relieved.

Only then did he start asking about the battle between Carl and Akainu.

Flender’s expression was more shocked and shocked when he learned that Karl had repelled Admiral Akainu and the Great Fleet of the Demon Slayer.

Although he knew that his son Carl was very strong, he did not expect to be so strong.

“Okay, with you, the Romanov Kingdom is destined to be brilliant.”

“In this way, I can safely hand over the throne to you!”


“Cough, cough, needless to say.”

Flender coughed a few times and said, “As you know my body, I can no longer worry about the affairs of the state.”

“You are my best and only son, and the throne will naturally be inherited by you.”

“Before I was afraid that you were too young and too impulsive, so I wanted to give you a little more advice.”

“But now that you have such a powerful strength, the flaws are irrelevant.”

One Piece World is absolute power supremacy.

As long as the strength is strong enough, no matter how many shortcomings, how many bad habits, it doesn’t matter.

Because absolute strength can suppress everything.

Carl has such strength now, so Flanders can trust the throne with peace of mind.

King Flanders continued: “The succession ceremony is set in seven days, and I will order this news to be announced to the whole country.”

“After that, let me retire with peace of mind.”

“The Romanov Kingdom, after all, it depends on your young people.”

Carl nodded slightly, “Yes, Father!”


Flender looked at Carl in front of him with relief, and he began to believe in the glorious appearance of the Romanov Kingdom in the future.

Without the constraints of gold in the sky, coupled with Karl’s strength and the strength of the Romanov Kingdom’s army, the Romanov Kingdom is destined to be brilliant in the future.


At the same time, overseas, Akainu sprayed magma from the lower body and flew towards a naval warship.

“Look, it’s General Sakaski!”

“General Sakaski is back!”

“It must have won, it can’t be wrong.”

“The sinner Carl Seust must have been wiped out by General Sakaski!”

“Evil can never overcome justice.”


Thousands of navy soldiers saw Akainu’s return, and they all showed joy and praised them.

However, in the next second, Akainu’s actions almost shocked them.

I saw Akainu, who flew out of the air, suddenly staggered and fell straight to the deck of the warship.

The hot magma was scattered all over the place, and several navy soldiers who were close to it rolled around.

Vice Admiral Dauberman and thousands of sailors were instantly stunned.

When they saw the scars all over their bodies and the blood on Akainu’s face, they all gasped.

“Hey!!! What a terrifying injury.”

“It’s amazing that General Sakaski’s strength has been injured like this!”

“How is this possible? Does Karl Huest have such terrifying strength?”

Lieutenant General Dauberman was the first to react, and hurriedly stepped forward to help Akainu, while roaring loudly, “Ship doctor, where is the ship doctor? Come here!”

“General Sakaski, how are you?”

“Are you all right?”

“Come on people!”


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