Great Voyage: Start Radiation Fruits Across the Heavens Chapter 15

“Is there only one Akainu who came?”

Carl put down the phone bug with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

I thought that the navy would send the Demon Slayer Order directly, but only Akainu and a warship were not expected to arrive.

Unbeknownst to Carl, Akainu has been guarding the G1 branch of the New World Navy.

Last night, he received an order from the Warring States period and immediately set off for the Romanov Kingdom, which is why he was able to come so quickly.

As for the demon slaughtering fleet, the order from the Five Old Stars was one step later.

In addition, there are not so strong troops around the Romanov Kingdom, so it is still on the way.

“Ding, the host triggers the mission of protecting the country.

The attack of Admiral Akainu is detected, trying to destroy the Romanov Kingdom.

The Romanov Kingdom is the rear base of the host’s rebellion, and there is no room for loss.

Ask the host to repel or kill Admiral Akainu to protect the Romanov Kingdom from destruction.

Quest Reward: Intermediate Overlord, Domineering, Earth Demon Dikui. ”

“Mission out!”

Hearing the electronic sound of the system, Carl’s eyes flickered slightly, and a cold light passed by.

Whether it is for the country or for mission rewards, a decisive battle is imperative.

The general Akainu is the most iron-blooded and brutal of the three generals.

It is rumored that his strength ranks first among the three generals, and he is cold-blooded and ruthless. In order to eliminate pirates, he can kill civilians without hesitation.

As the head of the hawks within the Navy, Akainu’s name has made countless pirates terrified.

“But we have to see who is stronger or weaker between me and the general now.”

In the face of Akainu, Carl not only did not have fear in his heart, but had a high fighting spirit.

“Badgers, you take the Chilong Legion to guard the rear. If there is a navy landing, you are responsible for leading people to intercept it, and the red dog is handed over to me.”

“As ordered!”

The urgent alarm sounded, spreading to every corner of the Romanov Kingdom.

This is a first-level battle alert, and all the civilians of the Romanov Kingdom know that there is an enemy coming, and the battle will begin immediately.

All the civilians turned into birds and beasts and fled, and the port of Romanov Kingdom instantly turned into a no-man’s land.

Carl took the army to the port and saw a warship approaching fast.

Admiral Akainu stood on the bow of the boat, his arms crossed his chest, and his body was enveloped with a violent murderous aura that made him dare not look directly.

“Report to General Sakaski, the Romanov Kingdom army was found ahead, and the trace of the number one suspect Karl Huest has been confirmed!”

A soldier walked behind General Akainu and reported respectfully.

“Are you ready to fight? It seems that they are the murderers!”

Rather than let it go, Akainu had no intention of asking.

As long as you catch or kill everyone, the mission is automatically completed.

Carl’s preparation for the fight has saved Akainu’s strength, and he doesn’t have to waste time with time-consuming and laborious interrogation.

Immediately, Akainu took a step forward, and his arms instantly turned into hot, high-temperature magma, aiming at the sky.

“Meteor Volcano!”

Countless huge lava fists shot into the sky, flew thousands of meters away, and fell towards Karl and the others in the port.

These huge lava fists are like falling meteors, and each one contains the terrifying power of magma explosion, which can easily destroy a warship of the highest specification.

If it hits the port, it will instantly turn into a sea of ​​fire within a radius of several thousand meters.

Carl took a step forward, and extremely dazzling electric light erupted from all over his body, and the scorching electric heat caused the surrounding space to be distorted.

“Electric Radiation Thunder Dragon Roar!”


Nine huge thunder and lightning dragons flew out of Carl, flew into the sky and let out an angry roar, and flew towards the falling magma rainstorm with fangs and claws.

The Thunder Dragon collided with the magma fist, causing a series of big explosions.

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

Hundreds of violent explosions exploded in the sky, and the sky suddenly turned into a sea of ​​hot fire.

Endless flames erupted in all directions, and a powerful shock wave roared out, creating a gust of wind!

“Thunder Dragon, go!”

Carl raised his hand and pointed, and a thunder and lightning dragon with a length of more than 30 meters jumped out of the sea of ​​fire in the sky.

It turned out that after destroying Akainu’s ultimate move, Carl’s Thunder Dragon did not die, but merged together.

Under Carl’s control, Thunder Dragon roared angrily, roaring out, and biting towards the warship on the sea.

The power of Thunder Dragon had just been shown, and a thousand naval soldiers on the warship watched Thunder Dragon rush towards them, and they were all frightened with fear on their faces.

They have no doubt that this Thunder Dragon can destroy the entire warship in an instant.

“Hmph, arrogant brat!”

Akainu snorted coldly, the murderous intent in his eyes even more intense.

He kicked his legs and his lower body turned into lava.

The lava erupted, taking him up into the sky like a rocket thruster, and collided with the roaring Thunder Dragon.

“Big fire!”

Akainu’s right arm turned into a huge lava fist, and a punch hit Thunder Dragon’s head.

With a bang, the strong shock wave caused invisible distortions in the space.

Thunder Dragon’s huge body exploded, turning into countless tiny lightnings that dissipated with the wind.

With one punch, the Thunder Dragon was defeated, and Akainu’s body continued to fly forward.

Like a streamer, it fell in front of Karl on the shore of the port.

With a bang, a huge pothole was smashed into the ground on the shore, and a scorching high temperature heat wave rushed towards the face.

“Carl Seust, I am under the order of the world government to arrest you and bring you to justice!”

At the moment when Akainu’s roar sounded, his whole person had already shot towards Carl like a magma bullet from a volcanic eruption, and the huge magma fist smashed straight into Carl’s face.

Carl did not retreat but advanced, and the explosive thunder and lightning covered the whole body, forming a set of thunder and lightning armor, and at the same time covering the armed color domineering, his right hand clenched his fist and shot it suddenly.


The fists collided, and the strong shock wave shook the Quartet.


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