Great Voyage: Rob Nami onto the boat Chapter 204

Chapter 204: The Demon King Descends to the Kingdom of Peace! The ruins at the bottom of the inland sea, where Pluto is!!

The next day.

The coast of Shuixian Star Island.

The Zero Fan Team + the Thirteenth Guardian Team + the Giant Pirate Regiment and so on appeared in unison, and the number of strong people on it was suffocating.


“All hands on deck?”

“Quick, report to headquarters, something big is going to happen in the new world.”

There are no spies on The Water Star Island, but there are spies on nearby islands and even submarines on the seabed, which is the usual way of the major forces.

And now the scene of all the staff being dispatched has been reported by the spies, but just after the report, the spies are shocked.


A huge space portal appeared, directly engulfing all the ships and disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“Fly too slowly, let’s get into the gravity space balance zone first.”

Bai Yu murmured, sensing that the spies didn’t care, feel free to guess, it doesn’t matter.

Back to the ship.

Departure and the Land of Peace!

The revolutionary army did not pay too much attention, but still felt that the wind and rain were coming, and accelerated the pace of the revolution.

A few days ago, when White Feather returned to the Demon King Sea, he felt extremely depressed in his heart, and he packed up his things and left the new world overnight, which was called: The world is so big, Lao Tzu wants to go and see.

“White Feather’s large force operation.”

Beckman came with a cigarette: “And it is the first time that all the staff are assembled, and this time the goal will not be smaller than the last time.” ”

The last time the team went out.

The results of the news investigation were unexpected and reasonable, targeting Zefa, Kuzan and Begapunk.

The red-haired man groaned, “Seeing that the Demon King is going to do something to the Four Emperors.” ”

“The Four Emperors are indeed the greatest possibility, probably Kaido, in this case, there is not much time left for us…”

Beckman spat out smoke rings.

“Not much indeed.”

The redhead crossed the figure of the straw hat in his mind, and then threw away his thoughts: “No matter what, even if the Demon King wants to attack the Four Emperors, it will take a lot of time, and the handling of the territory is calculated in months.” ”

“The main thing we have at the moment is to stop her…”

The redhead’s mind crossed the redhead on the right and the light pink hair on the left with headphones, and said solemnly: “We can’t let this child be confused anymore.” ”


Beckman agreed.

If you don’t stop it, that kid will really affect the whole world.

The other side.

Ember frowned, “Have you contacted the boss?” How long does it take to get back? ”

“Two days later.”

Quinn also jumped to his feet, hoping that the Demon King’s target was not them, and even if it was, he hoped that it would not be too late.

… Naval Headquarters.

Red Inu and others also judged that the Four Emperor Kaido was the most likely, but they could guess what to do, what to do?

“Marshal, let me go!”

The yellow ape did not know why he was still wrapped in a bandage, changed his usual indifference, and said quite seriously: “As a navy admiral, it is my duty to eliminate pirates.” ”

“Team Zero? Kaido? If you are discovered, let’s go up together! ”


The generals were dumbfounded.

The Yellow Ape took the initiative to participate in the Battle of the Two Emperors, which was no surprise.

Originally, after learning that Kaido had a conflict with his aunt, the yellow ape also easily asked the red dog whether he wanted to go, which showed that the yellow ape was sometimes still very responsible.


Huang Ape bluntly said VS Zero Fan Team + Kaido, is this a bit drifty?

Red Dog immediately refused, “Your injury is not good, this time first…”

“Tear it up!”

The yellow ape ripped off the bandage, revealing a vicious scar, and looked directly at the red dog and said, “What about the injury?” ”

“Although they all quit the navy, the moment the old man saw that Kuzan was beaten half to death and taken away, the old man’s heart ached, and the teacher, the old man wanted revenge!”

“There was silence.”

Some sensual generals, while admiring the yellow ape, were in tears.

Kuzan! Teacher! You guys are so miserable! Don’t blame Porusalino, he really tried his best!

“Isn’t this acting skill a bit too much? The vine tiger whispered to himself. ”

Red Dog said in a low voice, “Dealing with the Demon King’s forces requires a plan, so you should first recuperate and rest well.” ”

The yellow ape suddenly sank.

Fuji Tiger spoke quietly: “In Dressrosa, as a navy admiral, because he was afraid of the presence of the Demon King, he abandoned the battle and fled, which is the shame of the old man.” ”

“This battle of the two emperors may be an opportunity, the old man can fly, and no matter how bad it is, he can capture one or two elites.”

Red Dog thought deeply.

Sengoku and Tsuru furrowed their brows, and Kacuo still had no heart and no lungs to eat Senbei.

At this moment, Green Bull suddenly said, “This is a good idea, but after all, Fuji Tiger has made a move in the Demon King’s territory, even if he has provoked the Demon King, if he is discovered, the danger will increase dramatically.” ”

“And I can fly, and I haven’t provoked the Demon King, so I might as well let…”

“Thanks to the green bull for reminding you, it was the old man who was careless, then you go.”

Without waiting for the green bull to finish, the vine tiger answered.

The green bull was slightly stunned.

Huang Ape said seriously, “This is a good idea, we can’t always be too jealous of the Demon King, this will make us look very incompetent, and it is very appropriate for the green bull to go.” ”

The green bull raised an eyebrow slightly.

This sentence, empathy.

Many generals nodded their heads, they were right, they were jealous, if they didn’t do anything all the time, how would people outside look at their navy?

As a marshal, he should be good at listening to the general’s thoughts, and the red dog pondered and said, “Green Bull, this time I went to the land of Peace, mainly to investigate, don’t easily get close to the Demon King, contact at any time, and act according to the opportunity.” ”

“…… Good. ”

After green bull agreed, he always felt that something was wrong, and he couldn’t say no.

The vine tiger sensed the yellow ape, and secretly said: The plan is very smooth, that is, some sorry for the green cattle are barren, but the changes of the times always need to be sacrificed.

Huang Ape glanced at Fuji Tiger and secretly said: Looking at those who are not thick eyebrows and blind, I didn’t expect to be able to act, and I have potential.

The plan was proposed by the Yellow Ape, and regardless of the process, at least the result was that the Green Bull went out to the Land of Peace.

“You are really too protective of the Draco, and your thinking is too extreme.”

The yellow ape commented on the green bull in his heart: “Good colleague, drink a little wine at night, send you off…”


Two days later.

The ship arrives over the waters near The Land of Washino, and the women look down into the distance.

The Land of Harmony.

The new world power, for eight hundred years, has been closed to the country, never accepted outsiders, nor joined the world government, this country even naval ships are difficult to enter, the ally is only Zouu.

“No wonder this place is closed to the outside world, not to mention that people on the outside want to go in, and people inside want to go out…”

Nami looked ahead and felt the same way.

The situation in Wanokun is very special, there is no offshore coast, only tall cliffs and waterfalls around.

I want to enter the land of Peace.

First, it passes through a very high cliff waterfall, which is beyond the reach of ordinary boats, and finally enters the inland sea.

In the inland sea there are the main island of The Kingdom of Harmony and the Island of Ghosts, and the main island is divided into six areas, namely: Nine Mile, Ximei, Rabbit Bowl, Suzugo, White Dance, and Flower Capital.

“What you are seeing now is really just the rebuilt Kingdom of Peace…”

Bai Yu sensed the entire Kingdom of Harmony and whispered, “Eight hundred years ago, the Kingdom of Harmony was not much different from ordinary islands, there were no so-called cliffs and waterfalls, there was no inland sea, and there was frequent communication with the world.” ”

The women were amazed.

If so, then where did this cliff and inland sea come from?

Hakuba continued, “In the past, the Kingdom of Wano was built on the back of a huge vine mountain, built at the foot of the mountain. ”

“For some reason, the Kingdom of Waso chose to close the island, so a huge wall was built around the island.”

“With the passage of time, the walls were filled with rainwater to form an inland sea, and the sea was difficult to flow out, submerging the country of Peace.”


The girls looked again at the land of Wano and found the huge fuji mountain, but only the top of the mountain could be seen at the moment.

“The kingdom of peace that you see is the kingdom of peace that was rebuilt on the mountainside, the cliff is the wall that was once there, and the ancient kingdom of peace is located…”

Bai Yu pointed to the sea: “Just behind the cliff, at the bottom of the inland sea.” ”

“And there, hidden, is a treasure that countless careerists crave.”

“Treasure at the bottom of the inland sea?”

The women were full of excitement, the world under the sea, they had only seen Fishman Island.

Bai Yu looked at Robin, “The information you see in Alabastan will be confirmed here.” ”

“It’s at the bottom of the inland sea?”

Robin’s heart shook slightly, history is history after all, not being proven is not necessarily true, now it must be proved.

Han Cook wondered, “Husband, Robin, what are you talking about?” ”

“Ancient weapons, Pluto!”

Robin spat out those six words.


The news was so sudden that it caught people off guard, and the women didn’t expect that the Pluto King was in the Kingdom of Peace.

The girls subconsciously looked at the cute white star cute.

Bai Xing tilted his small head and wondered, “What’s wrong?” Oh…”

Suddenly, Bai Xing suddenly realized, and shook his head again, “Although I am the Sea King, I don’t know the Pluto King, but it should be stronger than me…”

The original trajectory, some of the secrets hidden by the Kingdom of Peace, were also known by Robin after Kaido fell.

The place where Robin saw Pluto in Arabastan was in the Kingdom of Peace.

But today’s Kingdom of Peace is very different from the terrain of the Kingdom of Peace eight hundred years ago, and Robin is also puzzled that there is no place to hide the King of Hades here.

Until Mitsuki Sukiyaki appeared, telling history to everyone, unveiling the veil of the Kingdom of Peace 800 years ago.

Backed by The Vine Mountain, the wall is built, the inland sea is formed, the mid-mountain is rebuilt, the bottom of the inland sea and the kingdom of Pluto, where the Pluto King is located.

Mitsuki Sukiyaki: “The opening of the Kingdom of Peace means that the walls will be destroyed, the inland sea will disappear, the ancient Kingdom of Peace will be recreated, and the Pluto King will be taken out.” ”

This is what has been circulated among the generals of the Washinoku kingdom.

“Do we want to take it out?”

Nami’s eyes were sparkling.

No matter how to say it is also one of the three ancient weapons of one cannon and one island, the women are also interested, after all, they can’t ignore it and be taken away by others.

“Since you encounter it, of course you have to take it…”

Although Bai Yu couldn’t look up to the Pluto King, he still said the same sentence: Although I can’t look at it, I can’t do without it.

“No hurry, anyway, the Pluto King is there, let’s go to the main island first, and then go to the ghost island.”

The spacecraft was no longer invisible, and directly crossed the cliff formed by the tall wall and rushed into the sky over the inland sea.

The Demon King has descended on the Kingdom of Peace!

“It’s really gone!”

On the island of the inland sea ghost, Embers, Quinn and others saw the spaceship pass away in the air, and they were solemn for a few minutes.

I used to expect the Demon King to be here, but now… They can’t stand it.

What good son-in-law, what good ally, in the face of the powerful forces of the Demon King today, they are only vulnerable groups, why should the strong side compromise with the weak side?

The world of the strong, very cruel.

Ember tried to keep his heart calm, and said in a deep voice, “How long has it been since Boss Kaido arrived?” ”

“About two hours.”

“Whew, get ready for war!”

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