Great Voyage: Rob Nami onto the boat Chapter 201

Chapter 201 Any Door! Tongue of God! Jerma dreams shattered, Lei Jiu joined!!


Seeing through Gaji’s inner thoughts, Bai Yu felt a little speechless.

Marriage is nothing, it is to send a daughter, but why should Bai Yu satisfy Gaji’s dream because of Yingjiu?

Letting Vince Mok dominate the North Sea again has always been Gazhi’s dream, and Ying jiu can’t resist orders because of the bloodline factor, but her dream is certainly not to let the family rule Bihai.


“Shut up!”

Gaji was about to say something, and after garot White Star and other recently joined girls shot, Darth Vader and Jiayingt, who wanted to fight, flashed away.

“You guys…”

Seeing that the two women wanted to fight, Gazhi’s heart sank, the demon king was here, he really didn’t dare to do it.

“Human Wall!”

Stunned by the women, Gazhi ordered the dozen or so soldiers around him to quickly move in front of him, forming a meat shield.

Can you still do this?

Dusty and Garrett instantly lost their will to fight, what is this.

“Clone Soldier?”

Bai Yu glanced at the many cloned soldiers, which were inferior to robots and should not exist.

Gazhi created the clones through the transformation of the infant bloodline factor, writing the concept of “no fear of death, never betrayal”, which the clones themselves did not know.

Five years to create an adult soldier, in Bai Yu’s view, any ordinary person has more potential than them.

The upper limit is all locked.

The clones of the assembly line are not as good as the robot legions found on the moon.


Overlord Color: Wei Xi.

It was as if a spectrum had flashed, without rupture and lightning, silent terror.


When Gazhi and Yingjiu were awakened by the sound of falling to the ground, they were completely sluggish.

Dozens of snail boats were searched, and an unknown number of clones all fell to the ground.

“What happened?”

Ying Jiu couldn’t understand, the legendary overlord color, but there was no feeling.

When Gaji rushed to a soldier to check, he looked stunned: “Dead? How did he die? ”

“Fake! It’s all fake! ”

Gajru shuddered and examined a large piece of it again, and finally shouted hysterically, “Fake! The Djerma 66 couldn’t have been wiped out so easily! ”


Gaj collapsed on the ground.

“All dead! Vince Mock’s dream has been shattered! The undead who have been left behind by the relics of our 66-day dream and can no longer set foot on the land of their hometown, I have no face to see again! ”

Djerma 66.

Named after the Vince Mok family who ruled the North Sea for 66 days.

Bai Yu didn’t feel anything about it, the area of the North Sea was indeed larger than the entire Great Passage, but it was really too weak.

“Please… Please don’t kill my father…”

Ying Jiu suddenly opened his mouth.

When Bai Yu looked at it, Ying Jiu did not dare to look down at him: “Iji, they are all emotionless machines, and it is also a relief to die at the hands of the ladies.” ”

“But my father is a scientist, so at least he can help you a little.”

“Very rational idea.”

Bai Yu could feel that Lei Jiu really didn’t have too many emotional fluctuations about the death of the three Yizhi people, and he had already been heartbroken by their cold-blooded ruthlessness.

As for Gaj?

It also relies on combat suits to fight, and it is not even domineering.

Character aside, he will not die as a scientist, just throw it to Bergapunk with Caesar, throw the epidemic Quinn over in a few days, reorganize the research team MADS, and become a researcher under Bai Yu.


Monet flew over and threw a mirror on the ground: “If you don’t want to die, go sort out the scientific research data, forget your unrealistic dream of unifying the North Sea, and honestly be a scientist.” ”

“Gaj wants to die and is afraid of death.”

Three cold-blooded machine sons died, Jermas 66 was gone, the daughter was estimated to be robbed, and even he himself had to become a scientist tool man, which made Gazhi almost collapse in half a day.

Gazhi would be very cowardly in the face of desperate situations, bowing his head and crying and nodding his head.

“I snatched it away.”

Bai Yu suddenly opened his mouth to scare Gaji, subconsciously imagining a better future, looking up at Bai Yu’s eyes, and suddenly fell to his knees in horror.

Ying Jiu: “…”

It wasn’t until she entered the New World, and it wasn’t until today that she discovered how fragile their Kingdom of Djerma, the father who was crisscrossing the North Sea, was.


The mirror is distorted, the mirror world is opened, The camp takes people out, and takes Gaji to sort out the data resources.

The kingdom of Djerma, made up of dozens of giant snail boats, was utterly empty.

Only pink hair camp nine remains.

Ying Jiu’s long pink hair covers the right eye, black ear cups, blue scarf, slim miniskirt, butterfly brave cape white boots.

Circle eyebrows are the feature.

In Bai Yu’s view, the entire Vince Mock family was also a normal person, even Yamaji was not normal.

“It’s changing too fast…”

Ying Jiu was worried, everything was not developing from his father’s plan.

“You can’t refuse Gaj’s order?”

Bai Yu looked at Ying Jiu and pondered.

Yingjiu can manipulate toxins freely, can release or absorb toxins, and has a special anti-toxin constitution.

But because it is not domineering, it is still very weak, and the whole family relies on combat uniforms.

“Yes, Lord Demon King.”

Ying Jiu tried his best to keep himself calm in the face of Bai Yu: “Obeying his father’s orders is inscribed in the bloodline factor, it is irresistible, it is instinctive.” ”

“How does this work?”

Nami and the other women did not go to the snail boat, and when they heard this, they frowned a little.

Ying Jiu is no problem, at first glance she is a very elegant and emotional woman, but if Gazhi has a careful idea to order Ying Jiu to do something, there may be a problem.

“Is there a way to solve it?”

Robin also didn’t understand the pedigree factor at all.

Ying Jiu carefully looked at the girls and whispered, “This is the bloodline factor that has been rewritten since the beginning of conception, and my father can’t solve it.” ”

“What about Bergapunk?”

Stucci thought of the scientist who had been snatched away.

“There’s no need to go to such trouble.”

Bai Yu walked to Ying Jiu’s body, and the girl in her early seven-year-old subconscious panicked, and saw Bai Yu raise her hand and land on her head: “Don’t be nervous, I haven’t dealt with your physical hazards.” ”


Bai Yu’s whispering made Ying Jiu relax a lot, but he couldn’t help but wonder, how did the Demon King change the genetic level?

“Concept Restoration!”

Bai Yu’s extremely meticulous perception of Ying Jiu’s whole body, the concept of the complete restoration of the bloodline factor state rewritten by Gazhi.

This moment.

The women sensed the rapid decline of Yingjiu’s aura, and Yingjiu also sensed it.

Camp Jiu trance: “My exoskeleton… My poison is gone? ”

The bloodline factor-modified physique strengthened the exoskeleton and resilience, and even her anti-toxic constitution disappeared.

Bai Yu withdrew his hand and said, “The bloodline factor technology is very imperfect, and the transformation is not different, it is not good for the undeveloped, it is better to erase it all.” ”

“Don’t use the scientific and technological combat suit, eat a good fruit, temper your physique to cultivate Qi, and re-cultivate.”

“…… Thank you. ”

Bai Yu’s unmistakable voice made Ying Jiu feel complicated and relaxed.

Ying Jiu is psychologically resistant to the transformation of the bloodline factor, because the bloodline factor technology makes her whole family suffer.

Iji, Niji, and Yuji became ruthless cold-blooded machines, Yamaji was abandoned because he did not succeed in reforming, and his mother Sora died of early illness after taking pedigree factor drugs during pregnancy.

Father was equally ruthless.

Ying Jiu can grow up in such a cruel and cold-blooded family, and still maintain kindness, it is really difficult for her.

“You’ll be my crew from now on, and you don’t have to worry about anything else.”

“Yes, Lord Demon King.”

Seeing this, Bai Yu was also in a good mood, and he could meet Vince Mok on the way home, which was an unexpected surprise.

“Hold a banquet for Yingjiu to get to know each other and go back to the Demon King Sea.”

After the banquet.

Hakuba returned to the room to see that Perona was still sleeping and sat down for the lottery.

“System, lottery.”

“Ding, detected that the host forcibly robbed Garlot to become a crew/subordinate, and the Universal Lottery began.”

“Ding, congratulations on winning the item.”

“Doraemon items.”

The familiar name makes The White Feather recall props, is it if the phone booth?

“Ding, any door.”

Bai Yu was not disappointed, after all, the role of any door was not small.

Any door: Doraemon World derivative item, enter geographic information, when opening the door, think of the accurate destination, open the door directly to arrive.

Note 1: Places outside 10 light-years away, as well as areas where geographic data has not been entered, are not accessible.

Note 2: The destination needs to be in the same space as any door, and it is not possible to directly open the door to enter a different space.

In the words of Doraemon: Science is not magic, and there are always things that cannot be done.

“The functionality is good and the drawbacks are obvious because it’s a door.”

Bai Yu inspected any door, in addition to function, it also has the characteristics of ordinary doors, afraid of fire, it will also be broken.

“Ding, trigger the optimization mechanism, is it optimized?”


“Ding, any door optimization for any door manufacturing machine, feature optimization.”

Any door maker: After starting, it can absorb and transform the dark energy of the universe, and automatically create an arbitrary door every day.

Optimization 1: Extremely strong, not afraid of island attacks, size controllable.

Optimization 2: Anti-theft function, non-designated personnel can not use.

“It was good.”

Bai Yu admired.

Like the Xiandou manufacturing machine, it is made by absorbing the dark energy of the universe, and the xiandou produced is also optimized.

Although the arbitrary door does not optimize the teleportation function, as long as it is not damaged and is not stolen by external forces, it can be used.

“There are thousands of islands in Qinghai, and it is very convenient to have any door.”

“Bai Yu doesn’t need it, but the girls and their forces need any door.”

Of course, any portal teleportation presupposes that you enter the relevant geography and think about where to go, not if you want to go to Ravdru, you can directly reach it.

“System, continue.”

“Ding, detected that the host robbed Vince Mock Camp Jiu to become a crew/subordinate, and the Universal Lottery began.”

“Ding, congratulations on winning the item.”

“Ability Card: Tongue of God.”

What tongue? When Bai Yu saw the word tongue, he wanted to be crooked at the first moment.

Tongue of the Gods: A special ability from the Spirit Eater World, Sachirina, which is beyond the palate of ordinary people, can distinguish any slight taste, and visualizes the taste in the mind.

Note: Special ability cards that can be given to others to use.

Bai Yu’s mind crossed the image of a certain big lady, the food of that world was very delicious, and Bai Yu wanted to eat it.

“No optimization?”

After waiting for a while, Bai Yu did not wait for the optimization: “Give the tongue of the gods to Marcino, and the cooking skills of the beautiful kitchen lady have increased dramatically.” ”


Just after the lottery, Bai Yu heard Perona’s hum on the bed.

As soon as he turned his head, he looked at Perona, who had just woken up, and his eyes widened.


Perona exclaimed, hiding in the quilt and staying away from Bai Yu: “Big bad, you…, you don’t want to pass!” ”

“Who told me not to leave last night, I didn’t expect you to be so fickle…”

White Feather criticizes education for Gothic Lolita.

Perona blushed suddenly: “That’s the early stage, I’m going to die of exhaustion in the later stage, not before, so tired.” ”

“So, you’re scared?”

“Who instigates who is a puppy!”

After Perona finished speaking, she saw that Bai Yu had lost her spirit, and suddenly blushed and looked down and whispered, “Wang Wang…”

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