Glittering Fruit in Fairy Tail Chapter 486

(Chapter 486 Fierce Battle (3))

“Acuno Roliya?! Is Jelf crazy?! Lucy was shocked to hear Brandish’s words, the black dragon Akunoloria, how powerful she didn’t know, but she knew that it was not comparable to the Twelve Shields of the Guardians, and perhaps only Ye Xin could match it in this world.

“Your Majesty’s decision is absolute, and as to whether it is madness or not, do you think that a man who has lived for more than four hundred years will still be mentally normal?” I don’t want to say it a third time, if you don’t follow my orders again, I’ll shrink the whole city. ”

Lucy gritted her teeth, now many people in the guild are fighting, she also has to fight, although she does not know how long she can delay, but as long as she holds a protective twelve shield, then the probability of the twelve shields being broken is also greater.

After a while, Lucy also took off her clothes and sat down in the bathtub to face Brandeish.

“Lord Brandish, please let me out!” In the small sealed jar came the voice of the Brandish subordinate, Malin.

“Well, tell me your purpose!”

“You’re not cute at all, try this.” Brandish said and took out a pair of cat ear hair ornaments.

“Who’s going to bring it?” Lucy complained, but in the end she had no choice but to put it on her head.

“Oops! What to do? So cute! ”

Lucy spat in her heart, “What’s going on with this man?!” ”

Brandish suddenly said with a serious look, “I seem to have seen you somewhere.” ”

“It’s on Sosala in Magic Weekly.”

“We don’t have any East Road magazines to sell there.”

“That was a year ago when the Great Demon Fight performed martial arts?”

“What’s that?”

“Well, I can’t think of it.”

“Did you break into my house just to know where you’d seen me?”

“That’s right, but now that you’re serious, can you take off that cat’s ear hair ornament?” Do you like it. ”

“I like a big-headed ghost!” Lucy took off the cat ear hair ornament and threw it on the ground.

“Can you rub my back?” Brandish suddenly stood up and sat down on a small stool with her back to Lucy.

Lucy came up behind Brandish and rubbed Brandish on the back.

“What’s your name?”

“Lucy, why am I doing such a thing?”

Ma Lin, who was put into a small jar, shouted, “Let me help Lord Brandish rub his back!” I’m qualified! ”

Brandish did not pay any attention to Ma Lin’s cries at all, but fell into contemplation, Lucy saw the other party showing a flaw, and felt that this was a good opportunity to attack, although this was a girl, who did not seem to have committed mortal sins now, but she was one of the Twelve Shields of the Holy Protector, who had come to attack the continent of Ishugar and destroy the Guild of the Tail of the Goblins, and was the enemy, and since it was an enemy, it was up to her own hands to kill it.

Suddenly, Brandish said, “Are you Layla’s daughter?” ”

“Do you know my mother?” Lucy was stunned when she heard that.

“Really? You are indeed Layla’s daughter…” Brandeish’s eyes changed suddenly.


Cartier Cathedral

“Phillips, how’s it going, does the magic still hold up?” Abba Greene asked with some concern.

“It was fine! The other side’s cruisers were all destroyed by Ye Xin, but they were still infiltrated by the enemy, which was my fault! ”

Bicoslo said, “You’ve done a good job. ”

“Boom!” The gate was broken and many soldiers of the Empire of Albarres rushed in.


Val said, “Are you casting spells?” Solve your goblin’s tail and you’re almost done. ”

Phillips said, “I’m casting a high position spell and I can’t move yet, I’m sorry!” These people are left to you two to solve! ”


“Leave it to us!”

“We are the Laxus Guards Thor.”

“We’ll have to fight, or we’ll lose Laxus’s face.”

“Thor? The Laxus Guard? What is Laxus? I am the Guardian Twelve Shields of His Majesty Jelf, kill these three guys!” ”

“Yes!” The soldiers of the Albarres Empire, who had followed Val’s invasion into the enchantment, all shouted.

Bicoslo’s face was a little ugly and he said, “How dare you insult Laxus… Let you know how powerful the Thor gods are! ”

“Straight Formation!”

The Pickoslo’s puppet forms a straight line and then emits a straight slash.



“Wow, ah, ah!” ……

“Goblin Machine Gun Leprechaun!”

Abba Greene waved her arm and unleashed a large amount of magic condensed needle-like explosive bombs.

“Boom boom boom!”

These needle-like explosives are all detonated when they encounter the enemy, one or two powers may not be large, but a large number of continuous detonation, the power of the explosion is also very objective.

“Wow, ah, ah!” ……

Bikosloh and Abba Greene are both magicians who are very powerful in group attack magic.

In a few moments, Bicosro and Abbaguerine knocked down the soldiers of the Imperial Army of Albares in front of Val.

Although all the people he brought were knocked down, Val still said with a very relaxed face, “Oh? The magician of the goblin’s tail is still a bit skilled! ”

“As it is, no wonder these soldiers are not opponents, I have seen it, I have seen the strengths and weaknesses of human beings, is this your weakness?”

“Spawn Weakness Effects!”

At his side, two mechanical soldiers appeared.

“Give it to me!”

Bicoslo immediately shouted, “Straight Line! ”

Bicoslo directs his four dolls to attack, but the four dolls fall directly from mid-air.


“Purify!” The special effects soldier who targeted Bicoslo’s weakness said.

Bicoslo’s face was a little ugly and he said, “Is it white magic?” “His magic is soul-controlled magic, essentially black magic, and the purification of white magic can purify the soul attached to his doll.”

“Boo!” The special effects soldier punched Bicoslo’s body.


“Goblin Bomb!”


“What is this? My scale powder doesn’t work?! Abagarin’s magic also lost its effect.

“Ahhh!” Abba Greene was also knocked down by the special effects soldiers.

Phillips shouted, “Use your eyes for magic!” ”

Hearing Philid’s prompt, the two men also immediately took off their masks and glasses, they all had their own eye magic, Abba Greene was petrified, and Bikosloh was manipulating souls.

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