Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 97

Chapter Ninety-Seven The Legendary Chest of La Masia Opens!!

“Atletico held the 2-3 score to the end!”

“Simeone broke the spell of losing to Barcelona since he took charge of Atletico.”

“Young player Zhu Tian has once again become a key player in this game, not only contributing two shots and one pass, but also repeatedly defusing Barca’s fierce attack!”

“Let’s congratulate Zhu Tian! Congratulations to Atletico! ”

Yanguo live broadcast room.

The big screen replays the highlights of the game.

The best MVP player in the whole game, it is Zhu Tian again!

—【Atletico have won six consecutive La Liga games this season!】 Defeated Real Madrid and Barca in succession! It’s so fierce! 】

– [If you count the UEFA Super Cup and champions league group stages, you have won eight consecutive games!] 】

—【From Zhu Tian’s personal point of view, plus the two games of the Blue Eagles National Youth Team, ten consecutive wins!] 】

— [If you can maintain this state of play!] After playing two or three more seasons, will Zhu Tian become a superstar alongside Messi C Ronaldo? 】

—[It’s still early, next year is the 2014 World Cup!] If the national team honor is further advanced, it will be difficult for others to surpass. 】。

Camp Nou Stadium.

The rain is getting heavier and heavier.

Simeone was crazy for only two minutes, and then he ran back to the sidelines.

In this bad weather condition.

After the match, the ‘players thank the referees’ ceremony can be cancelled.

But referee Raos did not agree.

He insisted on performing the ceremony in the players’ tunnel.

In desperation.

Players from both sides lined up in two rows at the exit, taking turns shaking hands with members of the referee group.

Raos was satisfied.

Journalists couldn’t get into the players’ tunnel.

You can only adjust the telephoto and shoot at a distance.

One of them exclaimed, “Look! ”

Only to see Harvey walk in front of Zhu Tian, the two looked at each other and smiled, and exchanged jerseys.

The camera lights flickered wildly.

“A historic moment!”

“European football, the inheritance of the new and old generations of golden midfielders!”

“The end of the Spear of Victory! The Birth of the Shield of Aegis! ”


The reporters saw a very precious scene again.

Messi took the initiative to find Zhu Tian.

The two wrenched.

Don’t know what you’re talking about.

Reporters had no way of guessing what they were talking about.

A thought sprung up in my mind: “If Zhu Tian also entered the Blue Eagles national team, the 2014 World Cup, Zhu Tian and Messi…”

Post-match press conference.

Lula looked lost.

“There are many factors that contribute to losing.”

“The biggest responsibility lies with me, I did not play the role of command on the front, and even the three substitutions were wasted by me.”

‘At the end of the race, heavy rain also played a decisive factor, and Barca’s ground passing was difficult to unfold on the swampy turf.

Barca’s acting manager doesn’t have much coaching ability.

But the advantages are many.

For example, the ability to carry the pot is first-class, and he is willing to carry all the responsibility for the loss to himself, so that the Barca stars are exempt from the harsh criticism of the media and fans.

Stabilize the military.

Have to say.

Lula, though a bit embarrassed, helped Barca through the days without Bilanova.

Even better than the future Martino, Enrique, who will have conflicts with the players in the early stages, is much stronger.

Follow the normal timeline.

Soon after, Lula took over as Barca’s head of youth.

Created the youth Barca of 2021 and continued the legacy of La Masia.

The other side.

Simeone became the darling of journalists.

Countless questions were thrown out.

The Atletico manager was in a good mood today and patiently answered them one by one.

“Zhu Tian is a key player in every game this season, Atletico did not tailor tactics for him, I am not good at the construction of a single-core system, he is born to be the core!”

“He’s played against the Blue Eagles in the South American Champions Cup and has proven himself that he can adapt to any style of play, any tactic.”

“Zhu Tian’s free kick must have been practiced in South America, you know, there is no way to quickly finish a free kick! No one in atletico could teach him. ”

“Did I teach him to defend? Without this, if it is my defensive style, then today’s camp nou battle will evolve multiple yellow cards, messi and Xavi will be very disgusted with him. ”

The reporters laughed.

I can’t help but think of Simone and David Beckham’s past on the field.

At last.

A reporter raised his hand and asked: “Mr. Simeone, Atletico have beaten Real Madrid and Barca in La Liga, achieving a good start of six consecutive wins, is it proof that Atletico have no opponents in La Liga?” ”

Simone thought about it and didn’t answer the question immediately.

Sevilla, The Bat Legion, Villarreal, Athletic Bilbao… Vigo Celta and much more.

2013 was a strong year for La Liga teams, which also dominated the Europa League.

The tactical style is weird, the demons are blowing up, and in the next intensive schedule, they are all hard bones to gnaw.

The winter window transfer period is approaching, and the internal player lineup structure of Ma Jing may change.

But as long as Zhu Tian is still in the lineup.

Everything is not a problem.

He sorted out his emotions and said: “Atletico’s goal is not just to win La Liga. ”


Barajas Airport.

Zhu Tian followed his teammates out of the pick-up gate.

Just see a lot of Atletico fans! Salute and fireworks!



The fans sang the rousing Atletico team song! Welcome to the triumphant warriors!

Posters with Zhu Tian were raised high.

Diego Costa immediately pulled Zhu Tian and rushed to the front row, waving to the fans.

Villa laughed: “I suspect we won the Champions League!” Such a grand welcome ceremony…”

Toby thought for a moment and said: “Real Madrid and Barca are regulars in the Champions League final four and finals, and we have won them in a row…”

Cork snapped his fingers and suddenly said, “Atletico have not reached the Champions League final in 41 years!” ”

Gabby shook his head: “It’s 40 years. ”


An hour later.

Zhu Tian returned home.

The summer vacation in the Matador Nation is over, and it is the beginning of school season, and Rentina has returned to school.

The large mansion was slightly deserted.

He put down his backpack and went into the bedroom.

The system tone quietly sounds.

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the mission: Night of Wonders! Shine camp Nou! 】

【Personal performance evaluation: sSS! 】

[Mission Notes: Didn’t expect… You really did the wonders. 】

【Quest Reward: La Masia Legend Chest!】 】

system space.

Floating is a red-blue treasure chest engraved with the Barça emblem.

Different from gold, platinum, mysterious treasure chests.

This Legendary Chest of La Masia is not in the regular Chest Level Sequence.

In the last few decades.

La Masia is undoubtedly the most prestigious star-making factory in the world.

Harvey, Iniesta, Messi, Pique, Fabregas… And so on, geniuses, once dominated the world of football.

The club’s six-crown honours.

The Red Storm of the Matador Nation, the team of two European Champions, the team of one World Cup Winner, several core players are from La Masia.

Even in the other clubs of the five major leagues, there are many excellent Piass of La Masia.

【Ding! Treasure chest opening…】

[Congratulations to the host for getting: John Cruyff’s ‘Full Attack, All Defend’ module!] 】

【”Full Attack, Full Defense” Module:??? The back of Zhu Tian’s head was slightly numb.

What’s going on?

There is only one little Cruyff in the history of La Masia! It was the son of Santa Cruyff.

Wrong! John Cruyff! It’s ball saint himself!

Zhu Tian couldn’t help but wonder, what is the essence of this full attack and full defense module? The Properties panel has not changed either.

The overall tactic of all attack and full defense has been eliminated by the times.

But Cruyff didn’t.

Until the end of his career, he was also the perfect interpreter of full-scale football.

Zhu Tian didn’t think too much.

He came to the training room and continued training.

With the help of Ronaldo Training Tips.

Now with 12 days of training, he can earn an advanced attribute allocation point!

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