Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 96

Chapter Ninety-Six The Crowning of the New King, the Handover of the Golden Midfield!!


Simone wondered, “In the training class, you saw Zhu Tian…”

Burgos shook his head, “No…”

The duo looked at Atletico No. 14 at camp Nou, their eyes full of anticipation.

The other side.

Lula was a little confused.

Looking at this kid’s way of running, do you want to kick directly? Did he think he was Pirlo?

This distance… Want to hit the door directly?

“39.5 metres from goal, let’s see what Zhu Tian will do with this free kick.”

“Zhu Tian has improved his passing very much in recent rounds! Especially the long pass! ”

“Diego Costa, Godin, Garcia three big highs, ready to go! Zhu Tian did not retreat. ”

Instead, he ran three meters to the left of the free throw spot.

Take a deep breath.

Start running!

Everyone wondered: Sideways runner? An instant.

Goalkeeper Valdés quickly adjusted his position, and he was secretly shocked: it must be that kind of exaggerated arc free kick again!

Zhu Tian’s running speed was getting faster and faster.

In view.

The free throw point stretched out seven different shooting lines! Every step of the way.

The light of the shooting line is constantly changing.

As the distance between man and the ball gets closer and closer.

The six lines gradually faded and disappeared!

Only one purple line is brilliant! The light contained in it is extremely gorgeous!

Platini ‘King of Free Kicks’ Module: Growable Module! Choose a different free kick style, the corresponding attribute will increase by 60% in a short period of time!!! 】

【Foot strength: 94—150! 】

【Affix: Fallen leaves! 】 Zhu Tian came to the ball. Left foot on the ground. Swing your right leg.

Waist and abdomen force, suddenly turned!

When the world thought it was an arc ball!

But I saw the instep of his foot kicking in the very center of the football! It gives the vague feeling of lifting the ball upwards! Time seems to freeze at this moment!

A football in mid-air.

No exaggerated arcs! No gyratories!

Turn into a black shadow and crash into the Barca goal!

Barca’s half was like being pierced by a heavy cannon that jumped out of the sky! Simone’s eyes widened.

Burgos looked shocked.

A chill welled up in Lula’s heart.

Terrible ball speed! Terrible underfoot strength!

Football crosses Barca’s ‘billion dollar’ wall! It continues to rise.

When anyone suspects that the ball is going to fly out of the stands! The football suddenly fell straight! Valdés looked stunned!

His position can completely save the ball!

The next scene.

Let the fans at Camp Nou be unforgettable.

Football in the process of sinking.

It’s like the dead leaves of a ginkgo tree.

Falling from a branch.

Drift left and right!

Barcelona’s early autumn this year came earlier than in previous years.

A drizzle fell quietly.

The ball was also fluttering, flying into the Barca goal.

Zhu Tian’s foot seemed to make the entire Iberian Peninsula shake valders standing in place, like a stone statue, with a sluggish face.

Camp Nou, silent.

The picture freezes.

Red and blue ocean, green fields, drizzling rain.

Tens of thousands of people looked shocked.



“This deciduous ball is like an autumn fairy tale!”

“Camp Nou’s miraculous goal!”

“Zhu Tian! He uses it this way! Announcing to the world! Belong to his time! Officially open! ”

“Deciduous balls! The earliest from the 1958 World Cup final! To this day, the only representatives of active service are Pirlo, Troshowski, piero. ”

“Today, one more name! Zhu Tian! ”

“He used a perfect ultra-long-range leaf drop ball! Pushing Barca into the abyss of despair! ”

“Atletico were slaughtered by Barca for three years, and today they are finally at Camp Nou, which is expected to be disgraced!”

Yanguo live broadcast room.

The big screen plays back this free-kick that violates the laws of physics.

Twilight screen.

—【Groove! Zhu Tian is awesome! 】

— “I thought the ball was going to fly out of the stands!” 】

—【Autumn Fairy Tales!】 666! 】

— [You see, slow motion shows that the ball is not swirling, it is spinning forward from top to bottom!] 】

—【Why did it suddenly fall?】 Will it float left and right during the fall? 】

—[Experts and professors have studied and given the reason for air resistance, but there is no authoritative statement so far!] 】

—【Isn’t the elevator ball a leaf ball?】 Why doesn’t the commentary mention C Luo’s name? 】

– [Elevator balls and deciduous balls are two different types, the early Yanguo translation was wrong, the description was written the same, and this concept has been used ever since. 】

—【It’s Zhu Tiankeng me again!] My millions of happy beans! 】

…… Courtside.

Simone and Burgos are going crazy! Atletico scored three goals for Barca at Camp Nou? Who would have dared to predict this score before the match?

The Atletico boss rushed to the camera, as if losing his mind, and made the customary ‘uncivilized’ way of celebrating!

“Zhu Tian, is real Madrid and Barca’s nemesis?”

On the bench, Turan and Miranda looked at each other with troubled expressions.

They have reached a transfer deal with Barca ahead of schedule, Inter Milan.

But now, the two regret it.

“Atletico are not giants. But as long as Zhu Tian was present, it was full of miracles! ”

Is it too late to regret it?

It’s too late.

In this game, Simeone only temporarily brought the two into the big list due to the injury of two substitute young players.

Salary increases.


The broker had previously publicly expressed his displeasure with Atletico in front of the media.

Now it seems ridiculous.

From the European Super Cup to the present, the person who has made Atletico dominant in La Liga and Europe is Zhu Tian!

Mirantu sighed and asked in a low voice, “Did you say that Zhu Tian would transfer?” ”

Turan shook his head: “I don’t know, Zhu Tian doesn’t care which team he is on. Zhu Tian had not yet returned to God. ”

All the Atletico teammates were already excitedly rallying around.

Courtois also ran from goal to the centre-lap.

Camp Nou stands.

Many Barca fans also gave applause.

The shouts of atletico fans were uniform.




Messi crossed his hands at his waist and shook his head helplessly.

Harvey wiped the rain from his forehead with his jersey, and his expression didn’t change much.

Barca have not lost a game.

Last season’s Champions League semi-finals, Bayern’s double-legged 7-0 massacre was vividly remembered.

Only this time it was different.

They are not losing to a team of incomparably strong wholes.

Instead, he lost to a 16-year-old.

………… Blue Eagle Nation.

Buenos Aires.

Congress Square.

A sea of joy.

Clever and alert vendors roam the crowds, peddling drinks and snacks.

Two long cordons inside and outside.

There was no expected fan brawl and chaos.

Atletico fans are rare, and Barca fans are more for Messi.

At this time, Zhu Tian’s performance at Camp Nou conquered all Blue Eagles fans.

Security guards cheered and celebrated with the fans.

“If Zhu Tian enters the Blue Eagle national team!” Will be with Messi to lift the World Cup again! ”

Autumn rains in Barcelona are getting heavier and heavier.

The flow is endless.

The turf is moistened and shiny.

Barca’s ground pass was affected.

“There are still twenty minutes left in the game, and although the two-goal lead, Simeone does not dare to be providential!”

‘Messi and Habeb are too much of a threat, and if Atletico take it lightly, it’s likely to make the game suspenseful again.”

“The last twenty minutes are a contest of wills!”


The game was in an extremely harsh atmosphere, and the bed fell for the 81st minute.

The Barça army pressed on.

Harvey’s physical strength drops rapidly.

He received a pass from Alba at Atletico’s ribs at halftime.

This time.

Diego Costa quickly approached.

The Atletico striker’s kicking action is extremely exaggerated, and the arm is intentionally or unintentionally against Harvey’s chest.

Harvey frowned.

The inside of the right foot turns the ball backwards everything.

360 degree turns!

Easy to get rid of.

Diego Costa looked confused.

Gabby also quickly came up with a defense.

Harvey cut the ball on the outside of his foot again and turned 360 degrees! Get rid of it twice!

Facing the direction of atletico’s goal, a kick was sent! This picture.

Rekindle hope at Camp Nou!

“Beautiful! Harvey’s signature circle gets rid of the passerby! Got rid of two Atletico defenders in a row! Help the team tear out the gap! ”

“Yanguo fans call it: the magic of love turns in circles!”

“In the past year, it has rarely been seen Harvey get rid of it in this way, and in times of crisis, he still stood up!”

—【Groove! This circle is very handsome! 】

– [It looks simple!] Get rid of it efficiently! The foot puts the ball on everything, turns around and completes the pass, how dashing, and will not slow down the rhythm of the attack! 】

—【This 360-degree rotation to get rid of the action, ah, in fact, the ball control, body balance, coordination, and the planning of the offensive line after getting rid of it, is very demanding! 】

— [And the sense of direction!] Last season, a player, in front of his own box, learned to turn Harvey around and shot the ball into his own goal. 】

Fabregas and Messi cross-translocation! He received the provocation on the right side! Before Louis pressed for it.

The football left his feet.

Transformed into a penetrating transverse plug! Let Atletico off-limit, a moment of chaos!


Simone clenched his fists nervously.

Burgos crouched on the ground, staring dead at the trajectory of the football! The two didn’t seem to feel that they were getting wet.

Lula couldn’t hold back and rushed to the sidelines, giving a simple reminder to the Barca players…

The football stopped.

Stopped at Messi’s feet.

The atmosphere of camp Nou, at this moment reaches its peak! The world’s unparalleled top cadence reproduction!

Messi’s sudden acceleration and deceleration, sinking shoulders to change direction, let Atletico’s penalty area man flip on his back.

Godin failed to stop him.

Gabby couldn’t stop him either.

Zhu Tian did not dare to let go of the shovel easily.

Messi has been defensive, and the way of protecting the ball seems to be different from the usual slight details.

In this world, can anyone really defend against the young peak Messi alone? Nesta, can’t be 100% defensive!

Between the electric light and flint.

Zhu Tian did his best to block Messi’s shooting angle.

Messi’s changing gear.

It almost made him lose his center of gravity.

Nesta once said: Defending the 24-year-old Messi brings enough mental pressure to make a center-back collapse.

×… Mutations are steep.

Juan Fran’s co-defense stepped forward.

Let Messi catch the shooting space! Barca 10 did not run.

Quick leg swing!

His foot arch drew an inner instep arc to the ground!


“This ball has it!”

The shot didn’t seem to have any power.

The ball speed is extremely fast!

In addition to lightness, it also carries the power of rigidity and domineering.

Messi’s archery is unique.

Watching his game, it is often a soft kick that can always turn into a roaring burst.

Courtois has stretched his save speed to the limit! Pity.

It’s late.

The net of white flowers is lifted high!


“What a wonderful game! What a ups and downs script! ”

“Fabregas sent a delicate straight plug to his friend, and Messi used his signature inner foot to shoot and pull Barca back from the brink of rout!”

“There’s still suspense in the game! There are still 8 minutes left in regular time! ”

“Barca said: Atletico want to retreat from camp Nou, it is not so easy.”

“The rain is getting heavier!” This game! Until the last moment, it was full of suspense! ”

— [Messi, raw! 】

— “If Messi and Zhu Tian were in the Blue Eagles national team, how terrible it would be! 】

—【In this game, Atletico’s defense is obviously doing a good job, and Barca’s pass control is also very sharp, but it has become a goal battle!】 】

—【Epic Battle!】 】

—[The 16-year-old Zhu Tian and the twilight of the Bassar Dream Three Dynasties are the handover of an era. 】

Amid the cheers from the audience.

The Barca stars did not celebrate.

The football was quickly put back into the middle circle.

Simeone and Burgos sat back in the coaching bench.

Drenched in drenched.

The two took the dry towels handed by the staff.

His body trembled slightly, and his eyes were always on the pitch, not knowing whether it was because of the shock brought by Barca’s attack or because the autumn rain was too cold.

The other side.

Lula rushed to the stands and raised her fists excitedly.

As if to say: We are really good.

The last 8 minutes of the game.

It’s very tough for Atletico players.

Many defenders are exhausted.

Barca’s ultimate pass control not only consumes the opponent’s physical strength, but also consumes the opponent’s fighting spirit.

Bad weather.

It also makes defending more difficult.

The young Courtois was very afraid of the cold, and his legs were trembling slightly under the erosion of the rain.

Much of Atletico’s defensive strength is placed on Messi.

Messi also seems to be unaccustomed to playing in such a heavy rain environment.

Only Zhu Tian was the exception.

He didn’t seem to be affected in any way by the rain.

A fatal pass from Harvey, Iniesta, and Fabregas.

Always accurately predicted by him, easily blocked.

He became the last guardian of Atletico’s backline.

Every attack by Barca is pulling everyone’s heart.

Every time Zhu Tian broke the siege, everyone was sad and happy.

The last few minutes of the game.

It was a long night for Simeone and Atletico fans.

Before the dawn of victory, Zhu Tian was the light that shone on Atletico.

The last second of injury time.

Zhu Tian snatched successfully from neishao’s feet! Instigate a counterattack!

The moment the football flies out of the big box.

“Beep! Beep beep~”

Referee Raos blew the final whistle!

Simeone, Burgos, all the players on the Atletico bench rushed to the green field at the first time!

Despite the heavy rain.

For this victory after many years, rejoice!

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