Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 9

Yanguo live broadcast room.

Netizens are talking about it.

-【What’s going on!】 Will Padrees make mistakes? 】

– [Zhu Tian is just lucky, what if he grabs the ball?] 】

-【Luck!】 He is also the bottom level of our Yanguo County team! 】

– [Maybe the turf is too slippery!] 】

The highest point of the grandstand.

A burly man in black with a duck-tongue hat and sunglasses on his head couldn’t help but light up.

If any River Plate fans look back, they will find that this burly man is the most affectionate River Plate manager they have ever had!

He is the current head coach of Atletico Madrid! Simone!

After the La Liga season awards ceremony.

He hurried back to the Blue Eagles to watch his son Giovanni play.

Simone stared at the Chinese teenager on the field.

He has a poisonous eye, not only good at commanding the front, but also digging up a number of new stars for Atletico.

Secretly admired in his heart:

“Perfect defensive prediction! Perfect sense of location! Perfect timing! ”

“This kid is a natural defensive back!”

“Unfortunately, it’s too slow!”

“By breaking the ball alone, your career will be very limited!”

“If he…”


Amid the exclamations of everyone in the audience.

After Zhu Tian broke the ball successfully, there was no half-dragging mud with water!

From God’s point of view.

He observed the boca youth formation pressing forward in a frenzied way, revealing a huge gap!

This is a tactical mistake that the world’s youth leagues don’t care about!

In the field of vision, a white pass line appeared at a long distance!

Zhu Tian raised his left foot!

Pump the lower middle of the soccer ball hard!

Passes: 75!

Foot Strength: 75!

These two attributes are also the best in the youth league!


The touch of the instep of the foot and the football made a loud bang!

Football off the ground!

A fluttering arc is outlined over the pitch!

The pass quality is not high!

Even in the second half of the line, the deviation is very serious.

But the ball is fast!

Instantly pierced through the four lines of defense on the entire central axis of Boca Youth!

Giovanni, wandering in the opposing side’s high backline, quietly started!

The ball fell to the back of the center circle.

A few bounces on the turf!

Giovanni, who exploded in full force, threw off the boca youth defenders!

Lift your foot and stop the ball!

One more trip!

Accelerate suddenly!

In front of him!

It was the open-air boca youth second half!

Single-handed attack!!!

From an aerial view.

In front of the speeding River Plate teenager, only the goalkeeper of boca youth is left!

Boca Juniors players are struggling to chase back!

The River Plate home stands instantly boiled!

The fans erupted in a landslide tsunami of shouts!

Giovanni dribbled the ball into the outside of the penalty area!

Face the goalkeeper who attacks!

He swung his leg directly and threw out a powerful kick!

The ball went over the goalkeeper’s head!

Blasted into the Boca Youth goal!


Cheers from the audience!



Jill punched the teaching assistant in excitement! Excitedly, he said, “Genius! Zhu Tian is amazing! His vision and sense of counterattack! Unparalleled! ”

The teaching assistant was in pain and still shouted, “Redondo! Redondo of our riverbed! ”

“Fuck off, Redondo didn’t go out of the riverbed!”

The other side.

The head coach of Boca Junior U18 was sluggish.

He murmured, “Launch a long-pass counter-attack immediately after breaking the ball?” Is this the level of the youth league? ”


Giovanni did not celebrate for the first time himself.

Then run back to Zhu Tian’s face and hug him vigorously!

He growled loudly:

“Zhu Tian! The quality of your long pass is too watery! But your vision is too powerful! ”

River Plate’s teammates also gathered around.

Crazy celebrations.

Padres crossed his hands at his waist.

He looked at Zhu Tian’s back, and his expression was somewhat complicated.



Simone couldn’t help but applaud too.

Ecstasy inside.

Not because my son scored!

But because of Zhu Tian’s foot pass!

He’s only 16 years old! Techniques can be practiced!

The brain can’t be practiced!

This genius ball quotient! Enough to make up for the physical and technical shortcomings!


The phone rang suddenly.

Simone just hang up and shut down!

His gaze was on the Chinese teenagers on the field!

Eyes filled with anticipation.

“This foot long pass alone is not enough!”

“Come on! Let’s show some more! ”


Yanguo live broadcast room.

Netizens are a little depressed.

– [This foot is long and blind… It must be Monty! 】

– [Good luck… Zhu Tian is at most the level of the national youth team! It is impossible to compare with our national youth captain Wu Xiaofan! 】

-【That is, this morning, Wu Xiaofan led the national youth team to defeat the school team of Mengahe Middle School 1:0!] 】

– [You guys are so sour!] Thank you Zhu Tian! Thank you little Simone! Let me win millions of happy beans! 】

– [Don’t blow up Wu Xiaofan’s crap, he’s just the son of the national football team leader, in the official game, he scored a goal, and scored his own goal! 】


The lap reopened during the race.

Boca’s youth striker kicked off and passed back into midfield.

Padres’ expression began to be serious.

He’s not stuck in personal breakthroughs.

Instead, it is methodically combing through the rhythm of the midfield.

Let the team’s formation press forward steadily.

His passing skills are extremely high.

Boca Youth U18 centered around him and created a pass control system similar to La Masia.

The ball passes quickly at the foot of the blue-and-yellow jersey.

The young players in the front court of River Plate, pushing back and forth, in vain.

Padreth took control of the rhythm of the game!

In the stands, Boca fans are getting louder and louder!

Everyone thinks: Boca Juniors quickly returned the equaliser!

Jill yelled at the field, “We’re leading now!” Don’t be impulsive! Don’t get out of place! ”

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