Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 88

Chapter Eighty-Eight The Battle at the Top of La Liga is about to start!!

An hour later.

The plane landed at Pamplona Civil Airport.

Toby sighed: “There are so few people here, how come I can’t see a reporter and a fan?” ”

Garcia explains: “It’s low season for tourism. ”

Pamplona’s population can reach more than four million people during the peak tourist season, and by the off-season, the population will plummet to more than 100,000 people.

The crowd walked out of the pick-up gate.

Zhu Tian saw a huge statue.

The stone stele under the statue remembers the life of a legendary figure.

Thousand years ago, Pamplona was also the capital of the Kingdom of Navarre.

More than five hundred years ago, the kingdom of Navarre gave birth to a great queen, who at its most glorious time ruled the northern region of the matador kingdom.

The good times did not last long, and under the offensive of the European countries, Navarre’s national strength was gradually declining

Her son, Tingli, was placed under house arrest at the Louvre in the wine country since childhood.

Growing up as a ‘heretic’, Tingli quelled the civil strife in the red wine countries and repelled the invading European countries.

He succeeded to the throne of Navarre.

Win the Battle of Alk.

Become the new king of France.

The prelude to Bourbon rule was opened.

He was called a ‘blasphemer’ and a “pagan” by the Pope of Rome and the nations of Europe. ”

He was known to the people of the red wine country as Tingli the Great.

“Tingli the Great of the Red Wine Country, the Prince of Navarre?”

Toby looked a little emotional.

Diego Costa urged: “Get in the car, you are here to play football, not to learn history!” ”

The crowd got on the bus.

Head to the home of Osasuna.

It is sparsely populated along the way.

Lots of trees.

The only memories that will leave the players with memories are the magnificent Gothic churches.

Passing by a park.

Zhu Tian saw the words ‘Mountain Pass’.

Garcia said: “The island nation of 097 mouths in the mountains, and Pamplona hundreds of years ago. ”

Twenty minutes later.

Atletico’s bus pulled into the Sardar Stadium.

There were only scattered pedestrians around the stadium.

Only during the annual tourist season, against Barca or Real Madrid, will the Sardar Stadium be crowded.

Pre-match press conference.

Simone and Urban shook hands.

The relationship between the two clubs has been good.

A reporter asked: “Mr. Simeone, next week is going to play Barca, in this game, will Atletico Madrid rotate?” ”

Simeone smiled: “No, everyone on the team is in good shape, including Zhu Tian, who played in the national team competition.” ”

Journalists would obviously prefer to learn from him about their attitude towards Barcelona.

One by one, the questions kept coming.

In the end, Simone could only helplessly say: “Ma’s opponent today is Osasuna, and I don’t want to answer about Barca, this is disrespect for Osasuna.” ”

Osasuna coach Urban, with a face of embarrassment.

“CTV5! CTV5! Good evening audience friends! Welcome to the fifth round of La Liga this season! ”

“Osasuna vs Atletico Madrid!”

“In the first four rounds of the season, Osasuna had four straight losses to Granada FC, Getafe!”

“The goal difference reached 12! Average 3 goals per game! ”

“This game, can they stop the decline?”

“The opponent is the popular horse, it’s hard to say!”

“I’m the commentator of this competition, Duan Xuan!”

[Why is Duan Xuan so idle?] Commentary on Osasuna’s match? He Bake in the commentary Barca! There are so many bullet screens over there! 】

[Work division is enough!] Duan Xuan has to explain three La Liga games in one night on match day. 】

[There’s no suspense in this race, only Barca can stop Atletico!] 】

[Can’t use the word blocking, Barca has always been Atletico’s nemesis!] How many of the last three seasons have been massacres? 】

[Now Barca and Atletico have the same points, and the goal difference is more than a dozen than horses!] Attack power is not a level! 】

Players from both sides walked out of the aisle.

There was fragmented applause from the stands.

In the stands of the Salda Stadium, there are very few fans.

The worst record in the history of the opening four consecutive defeats has deprived Osasuna fans of the motivation to buy tickets.

When Zhu Tian stepped onto the green fungus farm.

The system tone quietly sounds.

【Ding! Due to the extremely low difficulty of the game, it is impossible to trigger the treasure chest mission! What the hell?

Extremely difficult game? Both my play in South America and the National Youth League trigger treasure chest missions.

【Ding! The difficulty of the game is based on the league level to generate the decision! Meaning: Osasuna is the real La Liga Super Fish Brain? Zhu Tian carefully looked at Osasuna’s players.

Although many people have big beards.

But the face is very young, and the actual age should be about the same as his own.

With a whistle from the referee.

The race has officially begun!

Atletico took the lead in kicking off.

Diego Costa knocked Villa sideways.

Players from both sides immediately began to run.

Villa slammed the ball back into Cork.

Louis rushed up from the flanks.

Osasuna’s players retreated wildly.

The ball is passed by a simple three-legged pass by atletico frontcourt players.

Directly tear the opponent’s formation to pieces!

Villa successfully countered offside and ran out of the right side of the gap! Cork held the ball in the heart of the half and pushed it with his right foot! Created a precise long-distance straight plug!

“Single knife! Villa! ”

“It’s so simple! Are the ball spirits of Osasuna defending with their eyes? ”


Villa shot with one kick.

The ball flew into the top right corner of the Osasuna goal!


“Beautiful! Less than 3 minutes into the opening, Ma actually scored a goal! ”

“Koke assists, Villa single-handedly!”

“There is a big difference in the strength of the two teams!”

“Osasuna this season, in terms of average age.”

It should be called the U20 team! The new manager promoted many young players.

“The youth of Osasuna FC, famous in La Liga, they have trained a lot of internationals, legendary stars.”

Osasuna is actually very rich, they are a comprehensive club, 조 only football. 】

[Their echelon system seems to be the largest in the Matador Nation?] 】

-【If you are a young general, you will not lose the ball!】 Just watch how many goals you lose! 】

[Every few years, Osasuna’s youngster has soared in strength after playing half a season, and the Copa del Rey can reach the round of 16 every year.] 】

The game continues.

Most of the young generals of Osasuna, most of whom are shedding the blood of the Basques, are tenacious and unfortunately the level of technical and tactical skills needs to be improved.

12th minute of the match.

Diego Costa’s header to do the point!

Zhu Tian stepped in and poured the ball down the back test of the small interlegal zone! Unguarded Juan Fran, pad shot through the goal.


“Atletico extended their lead, Jute assisted, JuanFran scored!”

“Juan Fran raised his hands, no celebration!”

“He was abandoned by the Real Madrid academy and his experience on loan to Espanyol was very bleak, it was Osasuna who took him in and built tactics with him at the core!”

“He played well in the most important 4 seasons of his career at Osasuna!”

[The real Madrid youth training team was actually not weaker than Barca in the same period! 】

[Casemiro played well in the Portuguese Premier League, and Carvajal was also recalled to Real Madrid!] 】

—[When Juanfran was a teenager, when he didn’t lose his hair and didn’t have dark circles, he wore a Real Madrid U18 shirt, very handsome!] Considered by Real Madrid fans to be Guti’s successor.

He also played as a midfielder during his time at Osasuna, and it was the organizational core of the team that came to Ma jing before playing full-back.] 】

The game continues.

30th minute of the first half.

Dead ball stage.

Simeone made a substitution adjustment.

It feels like you’re preparing for next week’s Camp Nou battle.

Villa, Diego Costa were replaced early.

Youngster Adrian, Garcia came on.

Atletico’s tactics have also changed.

Zhu Tian and Cork’s last pass.

More inclined to high-altitude balls!

Garcia showed the advantage of the front.

Successive headers posed a threat.

‘We’ve seen changes in the details of Atletico’s attacking tactics.

“Is Simone training?”

“But this kind of high-altitude ball will not pose too much of a threat to Barca in the next round!”

“Although there are fewer high points in barca’s squad, it is very good to guard against high balls!”

[There is really no suspense in this game, Duan Xuan has already begun to talk about Barcelona!] 】

—【Do you think Atletico can win?】 】

Objectively, you can’t win! But the football is round, it’s hard to say]

Messi will make football square! “Habaib” + Fabregas! The front line has come another inner less! Defenders have Mascherano again! 】

[Although Villanova is seriously ill, the dog can also win the championship in the Barca coaching bench!] 】

The 90-minute race ends.

Atletico madrid at the Sadar Stadium, the stock union has been tired of winning!

Garcia and Juanfran kept comforting the young generals in Osasuna, telling them about their relegation experience in Osasuna.

Osasuna’s squad also includes Adrian as a team-mate representing the Bullfighters nation and playing in the European Youth Championship.

Simeone shook hands with the opposing coach Urban and walked into the aisle together.

In La Liga, it’s not just about fighting each other.

The relationship between Atletico and Osasuna.

It’s like Real Madrid and Getafe.

It’s like Barcelona and Vigo-Celta.


Another La Liga score was revealed.

Barca beat Malaga 6-0.

Atletico’s goal difference against Barca has not narrowed.

After five rounds of La Liga, the two clubs have the same points and are at the top of the table! The next round of La Liga will focus on more than just Atletico’s revenge.

It’s also the battle for the top spot in La Liga!

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