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Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 86

Chapter Eighty-Six Barca Attack? Epic Wars Open!!

It’s night.

Good news is frequent.

Zhu Tian led the national youth team to defeat the Ecuadorian country! Messi led the national team to defeat the Bagui country! Acts of celebration.

The people of the Blue Eagle Country seem to be spending a grand festival! They saw the dawn of the 2014 World Cup victory!

“Our national team brings together the best players in the world! Why don’t you dare to look forward to the championship? ”

The 2010 World Cup was the quarter-finals.

There are too many regrets left for the blue eagle people.

It was an unexpected slaughter, 4:0 Blue Eagle Nation!

This humiliating score will expose the problems of the national team! The weak midfielder was cut off by the opponent’s waist!

The powerful defensive regiment on paper was easily destroyed!

If Messi withdraws from the middle of the ball organization, he will lose the opportunity to shake the tank country’s watertight defense!

This year’s Blue Eagles are making a comeback and once again reaching the World Cup finals ahead of schedule!

4 super strikers, at the peak!

Defensive strength, De Cekelis, Sabaleta and others are more sophisticated.

The biggest problem is still the midfield.

The appearance of Zhu Tian made the people of the Blue Eagle Country see hope! Meanwhile.

Many netizens appealed: the Argentine Football Association should recruit Zhu Tian as soon as possible! Eperson Training Base.

Almeida didn’t let the players celebrate.

Blue Eagle National Youth is not yet 100% out of line.

Many journalist paparazzi stared at the team.

He soon received a call from Empoli’s sporting director.

About the incident of Padres’ injury.

Serie A Club Empoli asked the Blue Eagles to produce a written report in 2012 when the FIFA Executive Board passed a resolution: all countries

The team must purchase insurance for all internationals, and if a player is injured in the national team, the injury lasts for more than 28 days and the club can be compensated.

In specific cases, the national team and the affiliated football association also need to bear the corresponding compensation.

Looking around the world, there is only one country that can not implement this rule: “Rest assured, Paredes is just a foot… You calm down first! ”

The foot shaft involves a mild tear of soft tissue and can take two to three weeks to recover at the earliest.

That means Paredes is likely to miss three rounds of Serie A.

Players’ quarters.

Padres said bitterly on crutches: “My uncle called me and scolded me, and it is difficult for him to negotiate prices with other clubs now.” ”

The crowd laughed.

Giovanni asked: “Are you in a hurry to transfer?” ”

Padres shook his head: “Empoli was very good to me, Coach Giampaolo taught me a lot, but my uncle said he would run me to other league clubs in the winter window!” Can make more money. ”

Babe frowned, “Can you make more money?” That’s not the oil kingdom of the Middle East, it’s the Chinese Super League! ”

“Your uncle is not a professional agent, and he is not a professional footballer, so he will not care about your career!”

“You’re only 19 years old, and you’re going to those leagues for retirement?”

Padres was silent.

Giovanni dragged his chin and said, “It’s not bad, your injury, coupled with your uncle’s conflict, Empoli will soon want to sell you at a low price!” If he were smarter and he would have operated a bit, you would have gotten a hefty signing fee for the new club! ”

Padres shook his head: “Empoli has just been promoted from Serie B to Serie A, very short of money, it was the club and Coach Giampaolo who gave me the opportunity…”

The crowd began to shift the subject.

Only first-tier stars have the right to speak and take the initiative.

Most of the young players who have just emerged in the big five leagues will only be at the mercy of agents and agencies.

Every winter window transfer period, before the summer window transfer period.

There are always all kinds of boycott news for the transfer.

Zhu Tian did not participate in the discussion, as soon as he returned to the training base, he walked into his own single dormitory, waiting for the system to settle.

The match against Ecuador, the scorching heat, also made him very uncomfortable

The super physical recovery rate can only slow down the recovery of physical fitness from injuries, and cannot withstand the harsh environment outside the field.


Congratulations to the host for completing the mission: leading the Blue Eagle Nation and defeating this one: “Highland Lion Cub”! 】

【Mission Rewards Are Being Issued…】

【Congratulations to the host for obtaining: Environmental Adaptation Chest!】 Zhu Tian only felt a slight numbness in the back of his head.

There is nothing out of the ordinary in the body.

This functional module may only be reflected in a poor environment!

Two days later.

Zhu Tian trained for four hours at the Ebersen National Youth Base.

Then head to Buenos Aires International Airport.

He will meet with Rentina.

The two prepare to return to Madrid together.

Rentina whispered, “Pull on the mask a little, you are now the hero of the Blue Eagle Kingdom!” ”

Zhu Tian smiled, “I’m not so famous. ”

Rentina went on to talk about interesting things at her grandmother’s house.

She was only two years older than Zhu Tian.

Brought up by conservative and stubborn grandmothers, she was completely devoid of the openness of modern South American girls.

Zhu Tian had never seen her wearing low-necked clothes and shorts.

Jill was too affectionate in his youth, and it was not until he retired from the army with serious injuries and squandered money that he began to learn to take care of his family.

Rentina suddenly asked, “When are you going to go back to Buenos Aires?” The final round of qualifiers? ”

Zhu Tian thought about it: “Next month I may not have to come back to the national youth training camp, the coach said that the opponent in the last round is the Hongdu team.” ”

Hong Du Guoqing in 2013, is the South American super fish belly, even if they do not play, teammates should be able to easily beat it.

Rentina stopped talking.

There was a slight disappointment in his eyes.

…… 12 hours later.

Back in Madrid, it was late at night.

Zhu Tian immediately seized the time to train.

Four hours later.

The system tone quietly sounds.

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing 30 days of training, rewarding advanced attribute points × 1! 】

【After completing the bonus point, you can start learning: C Ronaldo training secret!】 This system is still quite smart?

Zhu Tian hurriedly added points.

The system panel has changed.

Possession: 87-88!

Immediately he opened the “C Ronaldo Training Secret”!

Ten minutes later.

Zhu Tian was shocked.

C Ronaldo’s hard work and self-discipline is simply terrible!

This book contains not only training methods, but also schedules and recipes!

The next day.

Zhu Tian got up at five o’clock in the morning.

Brushing my teeth and washing, I rushed into the gym.

Follow the method provided by the secret, with the super physical recovery rate! He trained for two hours!

Just get ready to go to the club.

The training bar of the system panel suddenly bounced a little progress! Zhu Tian couldn’t help but be overjoyed!

It turns out that after four hours of training, the progress visible to the naked eye will pop up! Follow this training ratio.

“C Ronaldo Training Secret” can shorten the advanced attribute points that can only be obtained in 30 days to 13875 days!

He hurried back to the study.

Turn on the computer, print out the recipe list in the secret and throw it to the chef.

Combined with recipes, it may be shortened to less training time!

The schedule is somewhat tight.

Regardless of the Champions League.

In La Liga alone, there are still many strong enemies.

Barca, Villarreal, Legion of Bats, Seville… These teams are at their peak!

And the second battle with Real Madrid, without the super god buff Zhu Tian, the game will become very difficult!

Espino training base.

Zhu Tian finished the physical examination.

Burgos said anxiously: “Almeida actually let you play in that harsh environment!” Next time I come back to River Plate…”

Bertha stared carefully at the report in her hand and said, “You are a generation behind Almeida!” Whoever teaches it is not certain! Rest assured, Zhu Tian’s indicators are all normal! ”

Burgos said in frustration: “We will soon face Barca! ”

February 15, 2010.

More than three years.

Atletico have faced Barca six times in La Liga.

The result is: total defeat!




A humiliating score!

Bertha patted him on the shoulder and reassured, “Harvey is old, Barca’s attack power…”

Burgos shook his head: “As long as Messi and Xavi are present, Barca’s attack power is still very strong, even if… Even if we can play a draw, the goal difference advantage is much behind Barca! ”

Atletico assistant coach and Atletico athletic director, did not seem to think of a piece.

Burgos believes that the biggest obstacle to Atletico’s road to victory is Barca! Bertha is already worried about the winter window, the problem of the players leaving…

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