Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 85

Chapter Eighty-Five Scorching Battlefield! Environmental adaptation module!!

When Zhu Tian stepped onto the stage.

The system tone quietly sounds.

【Ding! Side Quest Quest Trigger: Lead the Blue Eagle Nation and defeat this ‘Highland Cub’! 】

[Mission Content: Ecuador has implemented a decade of youth reform, the initial results, they do not have talented players, but pay great attention to the overall tactical operation, under the hot sun, beat them! 】

【Mission Difficulty: Extremely simple! 】 】

【Quest Reward: Environment Adaptation Chest!】 】

【Environment Adaptation Treasure Chest: Whether it’s a storm!】 Still ice and snow, your game status, will not be affected in any way. 】

After stepping on the ‘Green Field’.

The Blue Hawks found the heat even more unbearable.

The fiery sun, smashing an egg on the turf, will also be roasted! No, no piece of turf is complete.

Most of the area of the course is bare mud!

Giovanni was displeased: “How can SAAF allow the World Youth Qualifiers to be held in such a stadium!” ”

Babe squinted her eyes under the scorching sun, and her face was uncomfortable: “The geography teacher said that the country of Ecuador is a cool highland country, a banana kingdom, why is it so hot!” ”

Padres said helplessly: “The cultural lesson refers to some cities above 2,000 meters above sea level, Ecuador, and the maximum temperature can reach 37 degrees Celsius!” ”

The other side.

The young generals of the Ecuadorian country looked calm, they had long been accustomed to this kind of temperature.

“Ecuador football is very close to the Yan national football team in the world rankings!”

“The biggest contradiction between them and the Blue Eagles is: in the 2004 Copa America, Ecuador booked a hotel, but the hotel side temporarily repented, increased the price to receive the Players of the Blue Eagles, and the Coach of Ecuador withdrew in anger! This incident caused a great sensation at the time, and later the hotel was destroyed by unknown forces! ”

“The children of this country, the idol is not Valencia, the Star of Manchester United! It’s Gron, who plays in the Chinese Super League! ”

— [Normal!] I watched the CTV5 special program “Jota Boy’s Football Road”, a group of reporters went to the mountain village of Ecuador to interview, and the idol of those children was The Chinese Super League’s Gron. 】

– [Valencia’s value is very high!] 】

—【Value is value, make money to make money, Gron played in the Chinese Super League for a year, made tens of millions of dollars, valencia in Manchester United to take how much money?】 】

—[Valencia was a household genius in Ecuador in 1996.] 】

With a whistle from the referee.

The game officially begins.

The Blue Eagles took the lead in kicking off.

Giovanni knocked across the board.

The ball rolls against the mud and is slowed down.

The Ecuadorian striker fell to the ground and stretched out his feet!

Successfully snatched the ball.

After advancing seven or eight meters.

The back-back Gate scrambled up and struggled to break the ball.

“It’s dangerous!”

“The players of the Blue Eagles national youth are obviously not adapted to this venue.”

The ball came to Padrees’ feet.

He turned and dribbled the ball.

Easily got rid of the pressure of two players of the Ecuador national youth.

The Blue Eagles teammates quickly stepped forward.

The Ecuador coach roared wildly, signaling the players to defend.

Padres’ advance speed has improved considerably.

It’s no longer Riquelme’s slow-moving style of play.

Soon the ball was carried to the heart of the Ecuadorian half.

He saw Giovanni and Babe in the penalty area and was preparing to adjust the long pass at a 45-degree angle slightly.

One foot in the air.

The whole person fell to the ground.

The referee signaled the game to continue!

A midfielder in Ecuador snatched the ball directly and instigated a counterattack!

“Oops! How could Paredes have fallen without interference? ”

“Did you step on something?”

“It’s like stepping on a concave place!”

– [Laugh to death!] Is there such a venue in 2013? 】

—[If the live screen were clearer, I suspect I could see the dirt smoking!] 】

—【Venue problem! It’s normal! You see the Russian Premier League, Bayern flew over before the Champions League to play that what team is coming! Ice and snow world! The ball can’t be seen! The head coach’s beard is frosted! Football can’t roll up in the snow at all! Finally kicked a draw! 】

— [I remember!] Russian Super League Moscow Sparta, 2006 met Bayern again! It’s a snowy venue again! Bayern learned to be smart, long pass hanging door! Or did it play 2-2!!! The local players adapt to the environment! 】

—【This game is not easy to say!】 Although the strength of the Blue Eagle Country is stronger, the young generals of the Ecuador Country are obviously familiar with this venue! 】

The counterattack of the Ecuadorian nation is very fast! Football moves quickly from the backcourt to the middle circle!

The Ecuadorian fans in the stands cheered! What about Blue Eagles fans?

Dissuaded by the Football Association, he called on fans to support the game in front of the TV and not to come to the scene.

In this era, the internal environment of Ecuador is still relatively chaotic.

Not to mention that the distance between the two countries is too far away, and the climate difference is large.

“Let’s take a look at this opportunity for Ecuador to fight back!”

“Beautiful! Guerrero, a defender from the Real Madrid academy, is more like a striker at this time! ”

Two Ecuador players completed a wonderful high-speed collision with the wall ‘two over two’ to shake off Mozaré and Gate.

Kill the Half-Time Hinterland of the Blue Hawk Nation!

Almeida was drenched in sweat and commanded the rear players to adjust their positions without finishing their shouts.

A dark-haired figure killed the advance of ecuador.

Zhu Tian!

He looked up at the frontcourt.

Kicked the ball out of bounds.

Padres covered his ankles and fell to the ground.

Babe sat on the ground, her lips whitish.

The referee immediately blew the whistle.

Signal the team doctor to play.

“Padreth is sprained his ankle!”

“Babe’s situation, it should be heat stroke?”

“Less than 10 minutes into the opening, the Blue Eagles most likely lost two of their main players!”

— [Haha! Laugh to death! Will a professional player suffer from heat stroke? 】

—[Very normal, there are several cases of sudden death from heat stroke.] 】

—【The best thing is the samba game!】 Thunderstorm weather, a lightning bolt down, 22 players were stunned by lightning! 】

—【Brag about it!】 】

– [I don’t believe you search!] In the whole world, only the venues of the five major leagues are good! Not so many off-field factors! 】

– [The five major leagues also have rain battles! 】

Almeida and Jill looked worried.

Padres was carried off the field on a stretcher.

He looked helpless and said, “I’m so unlucky…”

The ankles were swollen as big as an egg.

Babe was suffering from heat stroke and fainted.

Fortunately, the injuries of the two were not serious.

In 2013, the stadium was not equipped with a medical room.

Treatment can only be done on the sidelines…

Almeida’s shirt was soaked with sweat.

He made two substitutions in a hurry.

Jill looked angry.

I am preparing to complain to the South American Football Federation as soon as possible after the game, this venue is worse than the small country of the 90s live broadcast of the LuoTuo Strait!

The Head Coach of Ecuador was expressionless.

He would have also liked to have been able to requisition the stadium in the capital Quito.

It’s picturesque all year round and has the finest turf facilities.

Unfortunately, Ecuador’s national youth funds are not enough.

Mistakenly hit, chose the cheapest course, and also passed the review of the South American Football Federation.

On the contrary, it caused trouble to the Blue Eagle National Youth.

The game continues.

The Blue Eagle Junior Is Completely Unsuitable for this problem.

After only ten minutes of kicking, I was sweating profusely, which was worse than steaming in a sauna! The team’s attack was completely pinned on Zhu Tian’s body.

Zhu Tian didn’t have much to do for a moment.

The field factor has too much impact on the ground ball.

After several long passes, Giovanni was under siege and ran out of the gap without a calendar.

Zhu Tian could only try to advance with the ball again and again.

Although there is a foot equalization module.

But the ground was uneven, slowing his speed for a while.

The small players of The Ecuadorian country are extremely defensively conscious, and while keeping an eye on Giovanni, the defensive formation is constantly shrinking.

The head coach of Ecuador National Youth looked frightened, and Wang Crisp let the ball circles swing their disgust.

More than a decade ago, this country ranked more than eighty times lower than the national football team, and it was a fish belly team that was deceived by everyone…………

It is precisely because of the success of the youth training reform that it has led to a talent explosion, and in the future, it once became a South American powerhouse, and broke into the 2022 World Cup with a good result of third place in South America.

At that time, people called this team the ‘Highland Lions’! The scorching sun is in the air.

Even the air seemed to be twisting with heat.

The young generals of Ecuador Guoqing had very good basic skills, but because of Zhu Tian’s existence, they could not form any dangerous offensive.

The game scene was just like the temperature, scorching and dull.

“Beep! Beep beep~”

The referee blew the whistle at the end of the first half! The score is still 0-0!

The Blue Eagle National Youth Generals were relieved.

Rushed to the sidelines, picked up the mineral water and poured it on the head.

Zhu Tian drank a few sips of water.

If you change to any venue, it is extremely simple to defeat this Ecuador national youth team.

Almeida stepped forward and said seriously, “Zhu Tian, listen, this venue is too bad!” You try to minimize…”

Zhu Tian shook his head: “It doesn’t matter, the second half changed sides, I am familiar with that half.” ”

The second half of the game continued.

Zhu Tian once again successfully intercepted the frontal attack of the Ecuadorian state.

Take the ball directly to the opponent’s half!

Get rid of the defense of several midfielders on the opposite side in quick succession!

Under the action of the foot equalization module and the Maradona ball sense module.

Let his speed and superiority be incomparably sharp in the national youth competition.

Mozaré echoed on the other side.

Attracted the attention of two opposing defenders.

“Wonderful! Zhu Tian was becoming less and less like a backfloor! ”

“His strength is obviously one notch higher than that of the young general of the Ecuadorian state!”

“The turf coverage is much better this half!”

In view.

Suddenly, a passing line appeared! He got up quickly.

Before Guerrero’s press.

The football left Zhu Tian’s right foot!

The hot Guayaquido stadium is like being torn apart by a wonderful arc! The ball fell straight to the left side of the Ecuadorian national penalty area!

Giovanni was disturbed by two Ecuador players and the header was forced! Call!

The ball slammed into the far corner of the goal! The Ecuadorian goalkeeper couldn’t save!

Watch as football burrows into the net!


“This goal is in!”

“This long biography is like setting off a snow chip!” Melted the scorched game. ”

“Zhu Tian assists! Giovanni’s header hit the goal! Help Blue Eagles take the lead! ”

— [Haha! Blue Eagle Country】

—【Other players, can’t hold on!] The strength to celebrate is gone! 】

—【This kind of stadium is really bad!】 Can break through the South American qualifiers, full of gold! 】

— [The Chinese Super League also often has this kind of game, in the summer, at three o’clock in the afternoon, the clubs in the north, go to the away game to play the southern team. 】

… Courtside.

Almeida and Jill glanced at each other.

Nor is there the strength to celebrate.

Under the exposure to the sun, the two middle-aged people were very uncomfortable just standing.

“Mad! This kind of venue is really desperate. ”

“Good thing there is Zhu Tian! However, we have to control the situation next, otherwise the players will be too physically exhausted. ”

The other side.

The Ecuadorian boss slapped his thigh hard.

He made exaggerated gestures with both hands, signaling the players to attack next!

The game continues.

The young generals of the Ecuadorian state wanted to attack, but they completely advanced no more than half a yang.

Zhu Tian, under the command of the coaching staff, did not rush to attack.

The teammates were in poor shape.

He kept the ball firmly in his own half.

The score time passed minute by minute.


The referee blew the end of the game!

In the ears of the Blue Eagle National Junior, it was like a natural sound.

Giovanni rushed to the sidelines, fell to the ground, got burned again, and shouted, “I don’t want to play here again!” It was purgatory, I was definitely 3 kg lighter! ”

The crowd laughed bitterly.

As long as you win one more game, the Blue Eagles can qualify! Enter the final round of the World Youth Championships!

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