Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 84

Chapter Eighty-Four Pampas Guoqing’s Thigh-Level Figure, Zhu Tian!!


Rentina helped Zhu Tian pack her bags.

The two prepare to travel to Buenos Aires together.

Zhu Tian is going to participate in the training of the Blue Eagles national youth team and prepare for the fourth round of the South American qualifier of the World Youth Championships.

Rentina’s summer vacation is coming to an end, and she plans to return to Putrajaya to visit her loved ones.

The matador nation’s summer vacation lasted for more than three months, and it happened that October 12th coincided with Columbus Day, which was a long holiday.

She is a very capable girl.

Although in Zhu Tian this job is to maintain the turf of the small football field and wash the swimming pool.

But in the eyes of senior housekeeping.

Rentina’s learning ability is very strong, and she is also very meticulous in her work.

If not for academic qualifications.

South American girls will surely become the gold medal waiters in Madrid.

The matador nation, in Europe, is the country with the most servants.

Twelve hours later.

Buenos Aires International Airport.

The special commercial vehicle of the National Youth Team waited at the pick-up gate for a long time.

Giovanni pulled out the window, his eyes full of shock: Zhu Tian was empty-handed, followed by a beautiful South American girl, carrying two school bags in front and behind, dragging a large suitcase in his left hand and a large bag in his right hand.

Just like the plot of the Yanguo kung fu movie “Drunken Fist 3”: the young master went out with a small ring!

After looking at the old man for half a day, he recognized that it was Jill’s daughter!

Padres in the back seat is also envious: Zhu Tian is one gear stronger than himself in terms of ball skills, and hundreds of times stronger than himself in conquering girls!

Zhu Tian asked, “Luntina, where are you going back?” ”

Previously, in order to provide for her daughter’s college, Jill rented out the family house and lived in the utility room of the River Plate Academy.

As the head coach of the Blue Eagles national youth team, he did not come so quickly for a while, and has been living in the Ebersen training base.

Rentina said: “Go back to my grandmother’s house, in the countryside of the northern suburbs, in the town of Mabo, when you finish the game, we will go back to Madrid together!” ”

After saying that, she picked up Zhu Tian’s luggage and carefully put it into the trunk.

Then he pulled his hair back and smiled, “Come on! Heroes of the Blue Eagle Nation! ”

The two waved goodbye…

Commercial vehicles raced among the mountain trails.

The wind howled.

Giovanni couldn’t help but give a thumbs up: “Zhu Tian, you really can do it!” Jill’s daughter makes you a maid, and I still think she seems to have some interest in you! The one who was in the first team of River Plate who wanted to soak her was kicked by her! ”

Zhu Tian shook her head: “She just worked as a summer vacation worker for my small football field, and she was just responsible for her work.” ”

Padres suddenly asked, “You say, if I transfer to Juventus in the winter window, is it appropriate?” ”

Giovanni laughed and said, “Padres, when will you boy be joking?” ”

In 2013, Juventus was in the hearts and minds of the world: only one notch lower than the four giants of Barca, Real Madrid, Bayern and Manchester United.

Even many elderly people think that Juventus is the top one!

“No kidding, it’s just that Juventus gave too little money and my agent refused!”

“Empoli’s Coach Giampaolo was very good to me.”

Padres said bitterly.

Zhu Tian recalled carefully: No wonder Padres later reported gossip with Juventus year after year! It turns out that contact has been in place since 2013!

Padres looked embarrassed: “No bragging, Juventus sporting director Radic and manager Conte, saying I am Pirlo’s successor… But the first season can’t guarantee my starting spot! And to change the way I play, the treatment given is a step structure, my agent said that Juventus is too picky… I refused! ”

Giovanni withdrew: “Mader! I’m still in River Plate, you and I discuss this topic, what advice can I give you? ”

Sporting Director Latich? This is a legend.

Juventus and Tottenham’s re-emergence is largely due to his transfer operations.

In the timeline of the past life, Padres was completely pit by the agent, where the money was more, he went where he went, changed his playing style again and again, and almost did not play the goalkeeper position! He was forced to leave the stage of the five major leagues before the age of 24.

The money earned has also been pitted!

Fortunately, Ratic saved him and helped him join The russian Super League giants Zenit.

Padrez had the opportunity to appear in the Champions League, his value soared, joining Paris Saint-Erzmann, and continuing to pass on the scandal with Juventus.

Padres was a little troubled: “Actually, I would like to go to Juventus, follow Pirlo, maybe I can learn a lot, just like Balotelli in the noodle national team, with him to learn the deciduous ball…”

Zhu Tian thought for a moment and said, “It doesn’t matter whether you go to Juventus or not, I suggest you change an agent.” ”

Padres shook his head: “No, there is no way to change, the agent is my uncle, he will not harm me.” ”

In South America, many players’ agents are relatives of their own.

Simone’s agent is her biological sister.

Neishao’s agent was his dad.

Icardi’s agent was his wife.

Eperson Training Base.

Almeida looked relaxed, and he sat on his back in the coach’s seat, humming an unknown song.

Jill had a serious expression: “Our opponent is the Country of Ecuador!” It’s a bit hard to deal with! Last month they forced a draw with the Ugui team. ”

Almeida laughed: “Take it easy, when I play, the football of ecuador is no different from the small countries of the Strait of Gibraltar. ”

When Zhu Tian came to the training ground.

Jill was completely relieved, and he hurriedly handed over three vests.

“Giovanni! Did you take Zhu Tian and Padres to February 3rd Park? You went out for 6 hours! ”

The crowd laughed.

No matter how big the players at the bottom became, Jill still spoke so rudely “Beep! ”

With a whistle.

The group training session begins.

Football passes quickly.

The competition was particularly intense.

The rhythm and timing of the offensive and defensive conversions change rapidly.

Compared with the last training, the other young players have made obvious progress, obviously able to keep up with the rhythm of Zhu Tian and Padres, and Almeida excitedly said: “This Blue Eagle National Youth!” Has the strongest midfielder ever! It even gave me the confidence to play a friendly match with the national team! ”

Two days later.


Guayaquil Stadium.

A sea of people.

The fourth round of the South American qualifiers of the World Youth Championships will be played here! Blue Eagle National Youth VS Ecuador National Youth.

The distance between Buenos Aires and this stadium is close to more than 6,000 kilometers.

Zhu Tian and his teammates traveled a long way and turned the plane twice before they came to this unique ancient city.

It’s October and it’s still very hot.

The stadium is just 15 miles from the equator.

Fans have lambasted THE CONFEDERA for decades: why divide Ecuador into South American divisions!

“Did we cross?”

“This city is like the ancient city of the evil god sealed in the cartoon “The Adventures of Jackie Chan”!”

Giovanni and Babe looked out the car window and couldn’t help but give a snort.

Among the young national youth players, the best cultural score is Padres.

He explains: “The city was founded by the Indians in the 15th century in the ruins of the Inca Empire, and it was only after the Arrival of the Europeans that this Persian, Arab and Moorish architectural style was formed. ”

“There’s a big statue there! Is it a snake or what? ”

“Don’t use your fingers, don’t slaughter us!”

Two hours later.

The Blue Eagles youth coach pulled into the Guayaquil Stadium.

Zhu Tian saw a team emblem that was very similar to Barca.

Padres explains: “This stadium is the home of Ecuador A. Barcelona. ”

“This club has nothing to do with Barca, it was founded in 1925 by a few Catalans who came here!”

Giovanni wondered, “1925? Was there Barcelona at that time? ”

Bebe said: “Barca was founded in 1899. ”

The young generals gradually quieted down, because this temperature, too uncomfortable, hot! Sultry!

The World Youth Championship South American qualifiers did not give the young players time to adapt.

“CTV5! CTV5! Good afternoon, spectators! ”

“Welcome to the fourth round of this World Youth Championships South America qualifier!”

“Ecuador National Youth VS Blue Eagle National Youth!”

—【What is the state of Ecuador?】 】

— [Is there a country?] What a fish belly team again! 】

—【Ecuador broke into the World Cup in 2002, 2006…】

—【This is the most humble stadium I’ve ever seen on TV!] The turf is bald! Such a backward country, broke into the World Cup? How many people are they! 】

— [The country of Ecuador has grown rapidly in the past decade, and it is not as poor as it thinks! Five].

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