Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 83

Chapter Eighty-Three National Youth Team and National Team Rob People? Zhu Tian’s home!!

Blue Eagle Nation.

1328 Viamont Street, Buenos Boenos.

FA Building.

A group of middle-aged and elderly people in suits and shoes argued endlessly.

“We should immediately recruit Zhu Tian to join the national team!”

“No way! Zhu Tian also has to represent the national youth team and play in the World Youth Championship! ”

“Almeida, can’t you tell the difference between priority and priority?” Isn’t the World Cup more important than your World Youth Championship? ”

“It doesn’t conflict, the World Youth Championship finals are at the end of the year and the World Cup is in the summer of 14 years! And south American pre-selections are different from other regions! We can change the big roster before each game! The finals can also be replaced by a big roster! Not to mention that the national team has already qualified ahead of schedule! ”

“Yes! Early out! But there are only two qualifiers left, you have to consider the problem of Zhu Tian and Messi practicing together, if we don’t call up Zhu Tian until June next year! Then it’s too late! ”

“If we don’t recruit Zhu Tian in time!” There’s a good chance he’ll play for other countries! For example, chariot country! Matador Nation! Tulip Nation! ”


An elderly man at the head slapped the table hard.


The crowd stopped arguing.

Because the old man was Julio Grundona.

He has been at the helm of the Blue Eagle National Football Association since 1979 and has been in charge for 34 years.

His other role is fifa’s first vice-president.

He turned the Blue Eagles into a chicken that lays golden eggs.

The most interesting event is that when Messi returned home after playing the World Cup in 10 years, he arranged a large number of gangsters to escort him.

Attacked by the European media: seriously affecting Messi’s image!

“Don’t bother Zhu Tian for the time being, and talk about it after kicking Shi Qingsai!”

“Don’t worry about the chance to practice together! International A-level events can also be run-in, spend some money! ”


Zhu Tian came to the Atletico training ground.

The young general Adrian, Toby greeted him warmly.

The duo fit well with the team.

Gabby’s face was tangled.

The reason: Turan and Miranda, on strike.

Just like Aguero.

Over the years, the servants around Captain Ma Jing have changed stubble after stubble.

It’s hard to kick out the results a little bit.

Teammates are running their own things, and Atletico will rebuild and re-run in the new season.

Salary increases are the means, and boycotts are also the means.

The aim is to transfer.

The brokers of the two have issued various unfavorable public opinions against Atletico through the media.

What about this means.

Very common.

The founder is Rayola: as long as the contradiction is created, atletico will have a hard time selling players for a high price, and the new club will pay a high signing fee and salary to the player because of the low transfer fee.

That’s certainly a good thing for the players.

When Simone heard about this, he was forced to say: “There are still two months left in the winter window, if you want to transfer, you will transfer!” They’re not the core! Falcao I am willing to let go, will I keep them? ”

Hearing these words, Burgos, who was originally entangled, suddenly realized.

Falcao can let go, who will be forced to stay?

After understanding the full course of events.

Simeone’s attitude was also simple.

Strike? Then simply don’t come, there are still two months before the winter window, go home and lie down slowly.

Inter Milan and Barca, waiting to take over.

The other players did not speak.

What to say.

From the player’s point of view, of course, it is in favor of Raiola’s approach, the career is so short of a few years, you have to earn more money!


This set works on top stars.

In grassroots players, it’s a joke.

In European football, money is always based on individual ability.

The events that follow verify everything.

Raiola’s means of operation are no more, begging the clubs of the five major leagues to take in Balotelli, but even the second division clubs are reluctant to want him, and finally have to join the Turkish Super League giants, kill all sides, and regain the second spring of his career.

After Miranda joined Inter Milan, she gradually became a substitute, did not get any honors, went to the Chinese Super League at the end of her career, killed all four parties, and gained a large number of loyal Yanguo fans.

Turan, on the other hand, was called ‘the biggest parallel cargo in the history of the club’ by Barça fans, scoring 2 goals in 25 games, completely becoming a marginal figure of Barça, and finally returning to the Turkish Super League.

…… Time flies.

La Liga fifth round day is here.

Atletico play Vallecano at home.

From a certain point of view, it can also be called the Madrid derby.

Vallecano’s team, which was the king of the second division, was extremely dominant and promoted to La Liga, and after a strong season, it was because the club was in deep debt

Crisis, reduced to a boy who gives points.

The biggest attraction of this game is.

Vallecano loaned a Yanguo player from the Chinese Super League – Zhang Chengdong!

He’ll be wearing The Number 16 Ballina Vallecano! It is very likely that he will play in this la Liga round!

Many Yanguo fans came to the Calderon Stadium.

Organized the ‘Zhang Chengdong Support Association’…

This game did not break out of the cold.

12th minute of the match.

Zhu Tian sent a precise long pass in the ribs of the opponent’s half.

Villa ghostly runs, volleys!


18th minute of the match.

Diego Costa dribbled the ball into the opposition penalty area.

Kicked down.

Get penalties.

Captain Gabby swooped in.

2:0!!! 24th minute of the match.

Facing a lax Vallecano backline.

Zhu Tian was 28 yards away from the goal and shot directly from a distance!


The Calderon Stadium is a sea of joy.


A young man from Yanguo, dressed in a Vallecano shirt, began to warm up.

“We saw Zhang Chengdong start warming up!”

“Football is being kicked out of bounds.”

“Vallecano’s coach Smyson made a gesture!”

“It’s time to make substitution adjustments!”

“Tonight is a historic moment for the yanguo people! The first person in La Liga! Zhang Chengdong! ”

“He’s the first Yanguo guy to top La Liga!”

He Wei’s tone was extremely excited!

Duan Xuan seemed to be stuck, and simply made a response tone.

Yanguo live broadcast room.

Boom! Twilight swipes the screen.

—【Zhang Chengdong is awesome! 】 】

—【History of the Yan people in La Liga!】 Zhang Chengdong come on! Dry Atletico a few balls! 】

– [Even if you spend money to get into La Liga, it is still the hope of Yanguo football! 】

—【It’s not easy!】 We are yanguo players! Finally able to get a foothold in the top flight! 】

—【Raise your eyebrows and exhale!】 】

—【I hope that our Yanguo players can all gain a foothold in the five major leagues!】 】

-【The 14-year World Cup is no way!】 18 World Cup! Yan guo can definitely reach the final round! 】

“Nothing but nothing”

The referee blew the final whistle.

Atletico beat Vallecano 6-0!

“Vallecano is tenacious!”

‘Atletico narrowed the gap with Barca in the table on goal difference.

“Although Vallecano lost, tonight is a night worth remembering, Yanguo player Zhang Chengdong, made history! Hopefully, he can get along better with his teammates and score goals in La Liga sooner rather than later. ”

Just when Zhu Tian was preparing to go down.

The system tone sounds again.

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the random chest mission. 】

[Quest Reward: Golden Chest.] 】

【Treasure chest opening…】

【Congratulations to the host for obtaining: C Ronaldo Training Secret× 1!] 】

[C Luo training secret: only the host is visible, can not be passed on to others in any way; Get advanced property points in less time! It has been automatically modified to be age-appropriate to the host training method. 】

Zhu Tian was a little surprised.

Just listening to the name, it may not be useful, after all, not everyone can have the talent and self-discipline of C Luo.

Can you shorten the training time by looking at the introduction?

I have to say, it is a good thing, worthy of the gold treasure chest! Although the club loses.

The Yanguo fans in the stands still did not leave the field, they wore Vallecano shirts and shouted: “Zhang Chengdong!!! ”

“Zhang Chengdong!!!”

“Zhang Chengdong!!!”

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