Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 8

The shouts in the stands grew louder.

Certainly not to cheer on the players.

Instead, the fans on both sides began to spray each other.

Centuries of grudges, class conflicts, in the U18 game, also got vented!

Players on both sides stand in good position.

The referee blew the whistle.

The race has officially begun!

River Plate took the lead in kicking off.

Giovanni knocked the ball back to Mozaré.

The players on both sides immediately started running!

Mozaré advanced with the ball.

Soon encountered a bag clip.

He immediately distributed the ball to Babe on the flank!

Babe picked up and passed the opposing Boca youth full-back!

Fly along the side with the ball!

The cheers in the stands grew louder!

-【How do I feel that the pace of the South American Youth League is faster than that of the Chinese Super League?] 】

– [This pass, this pass!] There is a level of adult team in the Chinese Super League, right? 】

– [Don’t you watch the ball?] These are the little demons that the Portuguese Super League and Ligue 1 are looking for! How does the Chinese Super League compare with others? 】


Babe took the ball to the bottom line.

Pressed by two Boca youth players, he still sent a bottom cross.

The ball flew into the penalty area.

Giovanni jumped high!


Boca Junior Goalkeeper Strikes! One punch will destroy the ball!

Football pops up in the penalty area.

Arrived at the feet of the teenager in the Boca Juniors No. 10 jersey!


Only to see his heels lifted slightly, dashing sideways, he had already stopped the ball!

Boca young fans in the stands cheered wildly!

River Plate’s midfielder immediately launched a counterattack on the spot.

Face the grab of two people.

Padres flicked the ball and dunked it.

Easy to resolve!

Then a long pass was sent!

Football is covered in turf.

In the backfield from Boca Juniors, the moment shifted to the centre circle!

The audience was stunned.

This foot is long passed! Directly across the riverbed’s two midfield lines!

– [Nima! What a level of passing! The five major leagues are rare! 】

-【River Plate’s centre-back, back, two lines of defense, directly pierced by this foot pass!] 】

– [As soon as this little demon named Padrees took the ball, the style of the game changed, and he was not at all a level with the others!] 】

– [What about that Zhu Tian?] What about human figures? Can’t see the lens? Sure enough, it was cheated on the river plate! 】

– [That is, low quality, beating up our national youth team young players, encountering the hard bones of Boca youth, there is no shadow! 】

– [Please, River Plate is a double back tactic!] Zhu Tian’s position is the right half, the football is passed in the left half, how can he chase! 】


The passing line is very precise.

The force is also very appropriate.

Boca’s young winger stopped the ball comfortably.

He took a few steps with the ball.

I was intercepted by the riverside guards!

The two experienced a burst of offensive and defensive temptations with fake movements.

There is no way to take each other.

Boca’s young winger immediately pushed the ball back into the middle!

Padres took a few steps.

Stop the ball.

Keep going!

Riverbed back waist gite, immediately approaching, directly put the shovel.

Padres’ footsteps suddenly stopped!

Cut the ball and turn around!

Dodge away!

– [Nima! What is the ball feeling, and the level of possession, is really high! 】

-【I found out on the official website of the European transfer market, Roma, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, all quoted Padrez!] 】

– [That is to say, the equivalent of a midfielder with the strength of five major leagues, abusing the youngster in the U18?] 】

– [Boca Youth protected him well, only occasionally transferring him to the first team to play, after all, there are too many incidents of broken legs in Ajia!] 】



River Plate U18 coach Jill yelled at the field: “Haven’t you eaten?” Stop him!” ”

The sound is like a broken gong.

It was quickly drowned out by the shouts of the fans.

The other side.

Boca youth coach with a smile on his face.

Have an ace up one’s sleeve.

Only Padreth was present.

Boca Junior U18 has no opponents of the same level!

A talented striker can bring goals!

A talented midfielder can control the game!


Padrez is clearly not in rhythm with the youngsters on the pitch.

He’s not fast!

But it always attracts multiple people to defend the riverbed.

Then in the narrow local space, send a precise pass!

Unfortunately, the teammates are not very powerful.

Football is still hovering in the middle circle.

Padreth is concerned about Europe and doesn’t have much patience.

He planned to score three goals in River Plate in the first half and have the manager replace him.

This is Padres’ prerogative in the U18 team.

A privilege that belongs to genius.

Football came to his feet again.

He personally advanced with the ball!

Continuous shake over Mozaré!

Get rid of Gate!

Straight to the heart of the riverbed halfway!

Boca Juniors’ midfielders are also crazy forwards!

– [I think I’m going to score!] 】

– [How does River Plate fight boca youth?] 】

-【Zhu Tian is the “invisible man”!] Big bastard, hey hey! In the opening five minutes, I haven’t seen him touch the ball! 】

-[Zhu Tian is still “walking”!] Haha, slowly, how does this speed gain a foothold in the South American league! 】

– [Obscure! These Chinese will lose the face of our Yan people! 】


Young Padres, not slow.

He quickly carried the ball to the big front of the River Plate penalty area.


A dark-haired figure appeared.

It was slow, and it seemed to take a long time to find the opportunity to intercept.

Padres didn’t take it to heart.

With his ball-handling skills.

Three U18 youngsters were unable to steal from his feet.

Padreth sank his shoulders and pulled the ball.


No one could see what was going on.

They only know!

Zhu Tian easily snatched Padres!


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