Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 79

Chapter Seventy-Nine Super Endorsements? Fast & Furious?!!

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Before the group stages of Barca, Bayern and Real Madrid began.

A news from foreign media about Atletico Jumped on the hot search. “The first day of the Champions League: the first broadcast revenue share in history is born!” ~》

A professional financial newspaper analyzed Atletico’s income from the first round of the Champions League.

Broadcast revenue share: 2800 – 10000 euros.

Champions League group stage qualification: 8.6 million euros.

Wins: 1 million euros.

—【Groove! Play a game and earn 40 million? 】

— [The 8.6 million euros of Champions League qualification is fixed, Milan also has it, and that broadcast revenue share must have moisture!] 】

—【Let’s just not watch Zhu Tian’s game!】 Don’t let Atletico make so much money]

—【Didn’t you click to see it?】 Asia is not the highest-rated region for this game! Very even ratings in more than 100 countries! 】

In recent years, fans around the world have paid more attention to the performance of the midfield, especially Zhu Tiancai, a 16-year-old midfield genius with good defense and many goals. 】

—【Don’t put gold on Zhu Tian?】 Atletico and Milan have hot ratings, and they have a hairy relationship with him! 】

— [Cut! He has a fart commercial value Oh, there is no advertising brand to ask him for endorsement! 】


Mr. Zhang put a contract on the table.

“Chris von, very sincere, my advice is that next, the shooting time should not exceed two hours.”

“We have done a deep back tune of this brand, and there is no problem,” Zhu Tian casually turned over.

Königseg? The king of supercars.

Supercar at the top of the pyramid.

Supercar within a supercar.

As of 2013, it is the most expensive supercar on the planet.

In the past, this top supercar brand has never had a spokesperson, let alone an advertising blockbuster.

Even the best-selling model was produced in only 20.

Are they really selling cars?

Lawyer Zhang raised his glasses: “Chris Feng is a Milan fan, after watching your performance in San Siro, he felt that you and Koenigsegg’s image is very close!” ”

“Young, niche, dominant, high-minded! Don’t care about sales! ”

“The sincerity he showed was a little amazing, so I’ll ask you.”

Königseg’s sales are one percent, or even one thousandth, of the other major supercar brands.

Because, they also produce a few cars a year.

From 2004 to 2013, less than 100 cars were sold in total, so why ask a spokesperson to shoot an advertising campaign?

Two hours later.

Zhu Tian and Mr. Zhang came to the R&D center of Koenigsegg.

The footprint is not large.

From the outside, it looks more like a large white cargo box.

At the top of the main entrance of the R&D center is engraved the LOGO of Kochseg.

Shaped like a shield, the logo was a coat of arms conferred on the Koenigseg family by a ruler in the 15th century.

A tall bald fat man ran out.

Wear a white shirt and floral plaid shorts.

Behind him, a group of staff in research uniforms!

“It was so wonderful! Zhu Tian! I knew you would definitely choose Königseg! I’m Chris von Könisegg! ”

He saw Zhu Tian’s doubtful expression and couldn’t help but be shocked.

Doesn’t this boy know me?

Is there anyone in Europe who doesn’t know me?

Lawyer Zhang introduced: “Kressefon, is the founder of Königseg! ”

Zhu Tian nodded and responded politely, although he knew that Koenigsegg’s history was short, he didn’t expect the founder to be so young!

Yanguo netizens called him: Feng Bald! Is a supercar founder full of stems.

A few years later, Koenigsegg’s first advertising blockbuster, the protagonist turned out to be himself.

The two most interesting terriers are.

Chris Feng, a business wizard when he was young, and warned young people to rely on themselves, he took the 200,000 he had accumulated, plus the 100 million given by his family, and established the first company…

He was also an inventor, and at the age of 19, he invented a floor riveting technology, but he was not in a hurry to apply for a patent, and the partner took the lead in patenting the invention, making 2 billion yuan.

Chris Feng led the two into the R&D center.

A strong smell of mechanical lubricating oil came over me.

All the objects, including the tables and chairs, are made of all kinds of steel roses.

Zhu Tian felt that this place was more like a small workshop of exquisite clocks and watches.

On the walls hang photographs of Koenigseg’s past models.

At the bottom of each photo, the current technological reforms and applications are noted.

“Zhu Tian! I think you’re the Koenigseg of footballers! ”

“So I thought about the name of the advertising blockbuster. You will definitely be happy! ”

Chris Von kept raising his hand to describe, his expression flourishing.

The signing ceremony was simple.

The R&D center in Königseg does not allow any journalists to enter.

The staff held up a video camera, took a picture, and then sent the prepared copy to the European media.

Lawyer Zhang carefully read the contract for a long time.

Nod your head in agreement without any problems.

Wei Tian and Chris Feng signed their names on each of the two contracts.

A simple handshake.

Chris Feng smiled mysteriously: “Zhu Tian, in addition to the endorsement fee on the contract, Konigsig will send you a limited number of two.” ”

Lawyer Zhang raised his glasses and his expression was surprised.

Is this Feng Bald so sincere?

Koenigsegg’s supercar models in recent years are worth a hundred million yuan.

“A Koenigsegg one model signed by myself! This little gift, you must love it! ”

Chris Von pulled out a delicate little supercar model from his pocket.

Lawyer Zhang: “…”

Zhu Tian took this small gift, not knowing what material it was made of, it felt cold to the touch, and it would not be stained with fingerprints.

Chris Von said: “Ma Jing this season’s game, I will take the time to go to the scene to watch!” Your autographed jersey…”

Zhu Tian smiled and said, “No problem. ”

The founder of Koenigsegg, although nearly middle-aged, does not seem to have the pace of age in his mind.

Fifteen minutes later.

Chris Von led the two to the basement.

It’s empty.

It’s the size of a football field! Dozens of incandescent lamps hang high above the ceiling.

In the middle, there is a huge cargo box!

A bearded director in a duck-tongue hat is directing the set! The crew walked back and forth quickly, looking busy.

Chris Feng regretted: “I originally wanted to find a supermodel to shoot with you, but my wife disagreed, and Yan said that it would lower the grade of Koenigseg and you!” ”

The founder of Königseg was very afraid of his wife.

During the conversation, he had people pull open the big cargo box!

With a pull valve sound.

A supercar with a strong visual impact appeared in front of everyone.

“Koenigsegg ONE1! It will become a legendary sports car! ”

Zhu Tian couldn’t help but think.

The Koenigsegg ONE1 was only released at the 2014 auto show.

Six vehicles were produced, including a prototype.

It is the world’s first certified production car with 1 MW of power.

Surpassed the world’s fastest speed record held by Bugatti Veyron! The bearded director clapped his hands.

Indicates that the ad shoot can begin.



Koenigsegg’s advertising campaign caused a global sensation.

Ordinary people on the street can see Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari.

But Koenigsegg, in the oil kingdom of the Middle East, is also a rare sight!

The two Koenigseg sports cars in the fifth part of Speed and Enthusiasm are so impressive!

The opening credits include a video of Chris Feng’s interview.

“König never needed a spokesperson or a big ad.”

“Until Zhu Tian’s appearance changed my mind.”

“I think he’s the Koenigseg of footballers.”

“Koenigsegg is the juggernaut of sports cars!”


Koenigsegg’s advertising blockbuster jumped to the first place in the hot search on the Internet! It is also the number one on the leaderboard of all short video platforms!

Title: “It’s Time to Rule Everything!” 》

Introduction: Koenigsegg gave zhu Tian, the first spokesperson in their history, the world’s highest advertising endorsement price.

On the screen.

It was dark.

Wait a dozen seconds later.

Futuristic technology-like headlights are starting to flash! It was accompanied by a huge wave of engine sounds.

A supercar with great visual impact, driving out of the cargo box! The road in front of it is a majestic mountain road with no end in sight!

Thunder rolled in the night sky.

Supercars are getting faster and faster! BGM is also getting more and more exciting!

End credits.

The supercar stopped at the edge of the cliff.

Zhu Tian got out of the car.

The howling wind blew his black hair.

Lens elongation!

Beyond the cliff, there is a sea of magma fire! The number of likes and forwards has risen wildly!

—[I thought it was a trailer for Speed and Enthusiasm…] It’s too hanging]

—【This is the real sky-high endorsement…”】

—【Zhu Tian in the supercar world! 】 Koenigseg one of the footballers! The most expensive and strongest top-of-the-line presence in the world! 】

—【This car must be very fuel-intensive!】 Zhu Tian endorsed things that I don’t buy! 】

—【What’s the use of fast, it must not be safe, I don’t buy it anyway!] Don’t buy it! Let this car brand die! 】

— [It is!] What about high business value… Withdraw, brothers, the black can’t go on, this water army’s money is hard to earn! 】

—[I know why Zhu Tian has so few endorsements!] Like Biekhov; Reject all endorsements, and finally only take over the endorsement of Bugatti Veyron! Chuan].

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