Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 78

Chapter Seventy-Eight Milan Legend Chest? It actually is???!!

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The closing stage of the game.

Seedorf commanded the team’s frantic attack.

Atletico players are tenacious.

The Milan players became more and more impatient.

Kaka’s physical exertion is very large.

The Mad line shrank, curbing his chances of a run.

Balotelli also lost his ability to burst under Toby’s defense.

Essien reluctantly chose to kick the ball high into the box.

Atletico’s restricted area is like an impenetrable wall.

Easily resolve dangerous situations again and again.


Injury time ends.

The referee blew the end of the game! Champions League Group H First Round.

AC Milan 1:2 Atletico Madrid!

Simeone and Burgos rushed to the pitch for the first time!

The mood of the two at this time is more exciting than winning the Europa League, and more excited than winning the European Super Cup!

Too far away from Atletico’s last Champions League victory!

“Congratulations to Atletico Madrid!”

“Congratulations to Zhu Tian, who once again won the best player in the MVP!”

“Zhu Tian passed and shot! Help Atletico go from equaliser to counter-overtaking! ”

“Which club can stop this European dark horse?”

– [Play well! I wouldn’t buy Zhu Tian’s jersey either! 】

– [Yes! There is no support from the Yanguo market. He is nothing and has no commercial value! 】

—[That is, who would ask a traitor to speak for himself?] Poor character! Damage your own interests! 】

—[Or come to Wandowski and Gleiman, they really like to cooperate with the Brand of Yanguo!] 】

—【How did Zhu Tian come to Wandowski and Gleimanbi?] Atletico’s least famous Cork has received advertising endorsements! 】

—【These 510 levels of players, will they be poor in the future?】 Don’t be blind! Watch the ball with your brain! 】

The stands at the San Siro Stadium were much more empty.

Only atletico fans shouted: “Aupa Atleti!!! ”



Kaka sat on the turf.

Hands on your knees.

His physical fitness has been difficult to sustain this 90-minute high-intensity competition, and he looks at the back of Atletico No. 14.

An inexplicable feeling surged up in my heart: my own era was really over.

Balotelli took off his jersey and walked over to Zhu Tian.

Expressionlessly, he covered his mouth and said a word.

Zhu Tian smiled and exchanged jerseys with him.

The Rossoneri’s no.45 jersey is probably the fastest depreciating jersey.

More than a dozen reporters and photographers rushed onto the pitch.

Camera lights flash wildly!

“Zhu Tian, this is your debut in the Champions League, you created a goal, an assist, do you have anything to say?”

“How far do you think Atletico can go in the Champions League?”

“Do you feel like you’re the last straw that crushed AC Milan?”

“You’ve overtaken 17-year-old Ronaldo and Messi! Will you end their time? ”

Time is rushed.

Journalists can only deliberately ask the stupidest questions to attract traffic.

Seeing that Zhu Tian did not want to speak, the Atletico men immediately rushed forward and removed the microphone and camera.

The “guard” walked Zhu Tian towards the players’ passage….

Post-match press conference.

Seedorf looked dejected: “The defeat of the first battle of the group will not affect us in any way, and we will not make the same mistake against the next two opponents!” ”

Simeone was radiant: “To win this game, Atletico’s biggest hero is Zhu Tian! He restrained Kaka! The other players have also performed very well! ”

“Atletico’s goal? Champions League champions, of course! ”

Jingguoguo, Nifan Town.

UEFA headquarters.

A small assistant walked into the office and tangled: “The twelve sponsors of the Champions League want to become the most important thing in this Champions League…”

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted.

Platini waved his hand: “It’s an excuse! They were rejected by Zhu Tian’s brokerage company, so they wanted UEFA to put pressure on Zhu Tian, which was really a bunch of fools! ”

The little assistant wondered, “So what should we do?” ”

Cyratini waved his hand: “Shut up our fart, I said, no one should fight against Zhu Tian!” What a mess of garbage brands! ”

In 2013, only 4 of the champions league sponsors were normal corporate brands, and the other 8 were ×× companies.

The little assistant hesitated: “Those twelve sponsors contribute nearly 600 million euros to us every year!” ”

Cyratini dismissively threw out a report: “You can look at the ratings of the champions league group stage first round, AC Milan and Atletico Madrid!” ”

The sponsor is not UEFA’s grand constituency.

Broadcast revenue is the biggest cake in the Champions League! In 2012, the gap between the two was more than 10 times!

The little assistant took the report, just looked at it, and was shocked! The number of times the official TV plus the streaming platform has been played…

Close to the 2009 Champions League final!!! What’s going on?

Ratings for the group stage! So high!

UEFA has cooperated with broadcasters in more than 100 countries and regions! He thought it was asia and the country with the most views.

Hit the page! Unexpectedly, the highest data is not concentrated in Asia!

“Could it be because of Kaka?” Wrong! Kaka’s current impact on ratings is far less than it was in 2007-2010! ”

“Two teams, not many big stars!”

“Zhu Tian! It’s only him! ”

The little assistant replied.

Looking at the leader, he nodded his head very hard and said excitedly, “Chief! I understand! The indirect commercial value brought by Zhu Tian to UEFA! Far higher than the sponsorship of those brands! ”

“I have a suggestion! Adjust Atletico’s European events to match the viewing time of Asian audiences! He’s a merchant! It should be loved by many Asian fans. ”

Platini shook his head: “No need, the follow-up work is too much work for Stamford Bridge.” ”

Mourinho turned off the TV.

Stephen exclaimed, “This boy is a lot better than he was in the European Super Cup…”

Murini did not respond, but turned to the tactical board, thoughtful.

Bayern Munich.

Guardiola held her head in both hands.

I couldn’t help but sigh: “I saw the shadow of many people in him, but in the past legendary midfield, I couldn’t find any template!” ”

“He’s a whole new type of midfielder I can’t describe in words!”

“This year’s Champions League will also be interesting! I’ve never envied Simone so much as I do now! ”

“If he’s willing to play for The Matador Nation… The Matadors Can Create the Myth of Four Consecutive World Cups and European Championships! ”

More than two hours later.

Zhu Tian returned home in Madrid.

He immediately rushed into the bedroom.

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the mission: the toughest battle! Capture the San Siro Devil’s home!!! 】

【Personal performance evaluation: SSS! 】

【Quest Reward: AC Milan Legend Platinum Chest!】 Got an SSS rating with one pass and one shot?

Is that a plus for Kaka’s defense? Zhu Tian roughly glanced at the contents of the prize pool: [Maldini ‘Team Soul’ module! 】

[Shevchenko ‘Nuclear Warhead’ module! 】

【Gattuso ‘Butcher’ module! 】 】

【Ambrosini ‘Best 12 People’ Module!】 】

【Pirlo Pass Module!】 】

【Inzaghi Forbidden Fox Module!】 】

No messy Maradona red bottoms anymore! Treasure chests with this prefix.

It must be the Star Module!

How come there is no module of the Three Musketeers? And those two Serie A flag-type defenders?

Could it be that the legendary treasure chest was opened? This system is really ancient blown.

【Treasure chest opening…】

【Congratulations to the host for getting: Nesta Defense Module!】 Zhu Tian didn’t have time to think.

The system panel has changed dramatically: Defense: 80-96!

Steals: 94-95! Possession: 80-85! Jumps: 80→92!

Defensive modules, plus ball control and jumping?

When he saw the three words ‘Nesta’, he instantly understood.

Synonymous with elegant defense.

His air defense, prejudgment, frontal interception, backcourt dispatch, throughout the history of football, is also the first gear.

Unfortunately it is a pure defensive module.

Pinnacle Nesta’s other attributes, including shots and headers, passes, are also very terrifying presences.

Should not appear in Platinum Chests.

One of the things that Nesta is best known for is not the famous scenes that play the peak defense.

Instead, he played the game until his thumb was broken and missed a key event.

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