Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 76

Chapter Seventy-Six The Turn of the Ages, at this moment, San Siro only has Zhu Tian!!

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VIP box.

Satira’s eyes lit up.

Even people who don’t watch football can feel Zhu Tian’s surprise in defense.

“Is Kaka old?” Or is that the asian merchant too strong? ”

AC Milan executives heard this.

I was overjoyed.

The new helmsman has an interest in football?

They quickly said: “Kaka is recovering very well in Milan, and the old injury in the groin has not recurred!” ”

“Defend him as a Young Atletico, and in a few more rounds he will be the hottest rising star in Europe!”

“This is an extremely rare offensive and defensive match in football!”

“The level of two people is top notch!”

Kaka’ fall point in his career has nothing to do with Real Madrid.

A big part of the reason is that in the 2010 World Cup, he played closed.

As a result, the new season directly rested for four months and laid the root of the disease.

Mourinho had originally established a team around him and Cristiano Ronaldo as the core of the team, against Barca at its peak.

As a result, the plan was completely disrupted and had to be temporarily changed to: a tactical system with C Ronaldo- Alonso Ramos as the core of the central axis.

Unfortunately, this system did not last long.

There are many factions within the Milan hierarchy.

But they don’t want the old giants to change owners.

From the game scene.

Milan is in an absolute ascendancy!

Atletico couldn’t fight back!

There was fragmented applause from the stands.

Only a few thousand Atletico fans followed the club to the city of Milan.

Their applause was soon masked by the voices of the Milan fans.

One goal behind, Atletico fans were not too upset.

They have witnessed the ups and downs of this club in La Liga, La Liga.

As long as the players on the field can play a good performance, they are satisfied with the high-fives of Courtois and Zhu Tian.

Gave each other a simple thumbs up.

The team-mates were in position, ready to defend ac Milan’s outfield ball.



Seedorf sighed.

He had studied Zhu Tian’s videos.

But I never thought that this kid could prevent Kaka.

There are not too many particularly complicated reasons why he can coach AC Milan, that is, Milan are not willing to pay for a famous manager at this stage.

Reluctance to invest.

The players on the field may be the last afterglow of the Milan dynasty! Thankfully, we’re still in the lead!

And firmly suppressed Atletico! The other side.

Burgos was very excited and frantically praised Zhu Tian’s defense.

Toby helplessly reminded: “Coach, we are still behind…”

Abba sent out-of-bounds balls.

Polly turned his back on Luiz and pushed the ball back with his bow.

The ball rolled against the turf towards Atletico’s half-time ribs.

Barrow quickly ran in position.

Miranda followed suit, not daring to move too much, he had already received a yellow card on him!

It’s hard to defend against a monster like Balotelli for 13 years.

Miranda is also completely inferior in terms of physical confrontation.

AC Milan in this period.

He is 1.89 meters tall.

Weight 99KG.

It’s simply a bulldozer for a technical flow.


Balotelli stomped the ball on.

Lean in.

Miranda cried bitterly and couldn’t make any steals.

Gabby quickly assisted in the defense.

Balotelli surprised everyone and vigorously picked the ball into the box! At one point, it was impossible to tell whether it was a shot or a pass!

Kaka suddenly stepped forward!

Get ready to jump in front of Atletico’s big box!

“Don’t forget, Kaka’s header! It’s also a must! ”

“Yanguo fans gave Kaka’s header a name for martial arts skills: Toad Divine Gong!”

“Head up and down the knife!” One hit is deadly! ”

Teenager in atletico’s number 14 shirt.

Grab in front of Kaka and push the ball out!

“It’s Zhu Tian again, he once again showed his talent on the defensive end!”

“I don’t know if it was Simeone’s intentional arrangement?” He did not put Zhu Tian in charge of guarding Balotelli, but stared at Kaka! ”

“Promote your strengths and avoid your weaknesses!”

“In terms of weight, it is difficult for Zhu Tian to physically fight with Balotelli.”

“Now Kaka, the physical advantage has dropped a lot more than before!”

“It’s Atletico’s turn to fight back again!”

Gabi stopped the ball firmly outside the penalty area.

A long pass was immediately sent.

Atletico’s formation is crazy forward!

Juan Fran, Louis flew on both wings!

Turan and Cork crossed positions as they ran.

Diego Costa pulls the edge directly!

Villa is interspersed in the vacuum of opposing centre-backs and backs! The San Siro Stadium erupted in boos.

Milan fans feel the stubbornness and ferocity of this European dark horse! Seedorf commanded nervously!

Milan’s backline, underwent degrees.

The two centre-backs retreated steadily.

Emmanuelsson quickly retracted from the flank into the big penalty area! Abate can’t run back!

After Cork receives the ball.

Again met the big black pig, Essien!

Short and strong body, not slow! Soon entangled.

Cork was afraid that he would be thrown off again.

Fortunately, Villa suddenly withdrew inwards and took over! Turan was also in place in time.

The three of them made two exquisite collisions against the wall! Shake over Essien!

Played back to the defense of Polly!

“Beautiful! Atletico can also kick such a beautiful small range of passing and cutting! ”

“Before Villa and Turan joined Atletico, they played in the school of passing control in their old clubs, and Cork’s own passing skills were also very good.”

“Although European football has undergone major tactical changes since 2010, the foot skills of the Matador national players are still more delicate! After all, it was practiced from a young age. ”

Diego Costa’s pull-edge.

Took De Jong away.

It is the four evil men of football: Nam Pepe, Norte Dejong, East Ibrahimovic, and North Dejong in Cyrunny.

Some fans believe that violent football is also a style and a visual impact.

In the 2010 World Cup final, he used Shaolin to pierce the heart leg and kicked Alonso in the chest, which became the most sensational scene of the moment.

After the match, the Matadors National Team Doctor gave an injury report, and Alonso had a broken bone.

At Fuchao, he shoveled the left leg of the French genius Ben Alpha and kicked Holden’s tibia!

The national team was expelled, the premier league fans denounced, the club punished… He had no choice but to come to the slightly lonely Serie A giants.

In 2013, the nemesis of South Pepe North De Jong.

It’s Atletico’s Diego Costa.

At this time.

The left side of the AC Milan backfield.

Diego Costa was not afraid.

While running and pulling, while constantly spraying garbage words at De Jong, the big evil man did not change his face, but he was obviously affected by the mentality, and he was closely watching against the Atletico Sky Center.

The hole he left in the backcourt.

Let the players in the middle of atletico in the midfield seize the opportunity.

Turan broke through sideways near the top of the arc in the penalty area to try to find room to cut inside the goal.

Rami rushed forward decisively.

At the moment of the foot.

Turan left foot flower arrangement!

The ball rolls to the right of the front of the big penalty area.

Villa Ghost Run!

Made a gesture of hitting the door with his feet!

Milan centre-back Bonera, rushing to block it! Milan’s backline also moved wildly to the right!

Goalkeeper Abiati is ready to step on the ground with both feet!

“Is this ready to scrub?”

“Is it a snap?”

“Even a buckle? Empty pedal back button! Villa’s archery is very…”

Talking room.

An unexpected scene happened! Villa’s right foot kicked at the ball.

And did not form a shot! Instead, flick the ball against it.

A figure dressed in Atletico’s no. 14 shirt suddenly stepped in.

Milan’s backline was pulled out of a firing line!

“No one is watching!”

“Excellent long-range shooting opportunity!”

Seedorf desperately shouted for the Milan players to fill the position! But it was too late.

Simone clenched his fists.

Burgos teeth trembled.

The duo have been trying to suppress the negative emotions of falling behind by one goal.

For the first time since taking charge of Atletico, they have reached the Champions League!

How can you not be nervous?

It’s just that this time in front of the players to behave calmly! From God’s point of view.

A scarlet shot line appeared in Zhu Tian’s field of vision.

Face a high-speed rolling ground ball.

His body leaned.

Raise your left arm.

Swing your right foot.

It seems to be an instinct engraved in the bones.

Let him make a shot that can’t be picked up! Perfect shot to every detail!

Like the sharpshooter in ancient Greek mythology, bending the bow and arrow!

【Maradona Ball Sense Module (Pseudo)】

【Raul’s ‘One Sword Seals the Throat’ Module! Whew!

The audience was silent.

Let the Chinese businessman teenager Qin qi a loud bang! Resounded throughout San Siro!

The ball slammed straight into the door of AC Milan! Skimmed over Rami’s shoulder.

Crossed Abiati’s gloves.

Reached the top left corner of milan’s goal!…

When people return to God.

Goalkeeper Abiati was already in a hurry to pick up the ball from the net.

“Perfect line!”

“Perfect timing!”

“Perfect dead end!”

“A valuable away goal!”

“Leave the ball speed and arc aside! Zhu Tian’s shooting posture! It’s too ornamental. ”

“Born shooter! A sword seals the throat! Extreme shots that textbooks can’t describe! ”

“Just by looking at the goal numbers, who would have thought he was a midfielder?”

“This stunning goal makes the San Siro Stadium feel like it’s back in those days of genius!”

Duan Xuan and He Wei were thrilled.

Yanguo live broadcast room.

The big screen plays back the whole process of this long-range shot.

Bullet screen brush screen.

—[This ball gives people the feeling, I can’t say it.] 】

—[It’s like watching Messi’s shot, it feels soft, it hits the crossbar, but it makes a loud noise!] 】

— “Yes, that’s the feeling!” 】

—【Beam?】 How do I feel that you are in Black Messi? 】

—[Zhu Tian has a back and scored so many goals!] Definitely going to break Simeone and Redondo’s records! 】

-【Villa is comfortable with this ball!】 With the Barcelona period. Same. 】

—【Every Player at Atletico is actually not bad at the ability, you see their running position and pull!] This kind of long-range shooting opportunity is created by teammates together! 】


Seedorf looked sluggish.

He muttered, “How did Atletico find such a genius!” The talent at both ends of the offensive and defensive ends, take out one at will! Scary enough! ”

Simeone rushed to the bench and high-fived the players!

Burgos shouted, “Our tactics are executed so perfectly!” ”

Toby had a black line on his face: “The cooperation between Villa and Zhu Tian is a flash of inspiration, right?!” ”

Below the Atletico fan stands.

Villa and Zhu Tian high-fived in celebration.

Teammates gathered around.

Diego Costa yelled: 673 “Zhu Tian! We’re awesome! ”

Gabi said: “The assister is Villa! I’m still afraid you’ll fight with De Jong.”

Villa shook his head: “My original idea was to shoot myself. ”

“Milan’s defenders were defensive, but I saw Zhu Tian’s backstabbing! At that moment, it was as if I had found the feeling of playing in the Matador National Team and passed the ball rightfully. ”

Zhu Tian smiled.

After completing the goal, the golden light of the ‘lucky charm’ on his body dissipated more than half of the moment of the ball.

【Maradona Ball Sense Module (Pseudo)】

【Raul ‘One Sword Seals throat’ module] lights up red at the same time!

It put him in a state of shooting like never before! After the football enters the net.

The feeling of shooting is completely gone.

This can only be classified as a good stroke of luck….

VIP box.

Satila’s eyes were full of appreciation!

“Ma Jing, this club, is a good asset!”

Milan’s top brass were confused!

Miss, we want you to continue to increase your investment in Milan! Didn’t you say you weren’t interested in football? Talk about non-performing assets! How did I get interested in Atletico!

…… The lap reopened during the race.

After scoring an away goal.

Atletico began to concede the ball and play defensive counter-attacks.

Villa and Diego Costa also reduced their pressure on each other, and Seedorf, who had accumulated physical strength, quickly responded.

Fans in front of the TV set were surprised to find that Balotelli’s IQ often organizes tandem in the midfield.

He and Essien’s pass runs.

The midfielder who led AC Milan played a fluid forward fit.

“Seedorf has made a big difference to AC Milan.”

“The visual impact is also very large, Emanuelsson, these strong black players, flowers under their feet!”

—【This wind of transmission and control was brought up by the three consecutive championships of the Matador Kingdom!] 】

—[Not all, Seedorf was a technical midfielder when he was a player, and Real Madrid at that time also played in the Iberian Peninsula.] 】

—[Milan’s new manager, sick and chaotic, Atletico has been bullied by Barca for so many years, facing the pass control, have experience. 】

—[Nostalgia for Milan during the time of Ancelotti.] 】

The game time passed minute by minute.

The first half is coming to an end.

AC Milan has nothing to do with Atletico.

Once the ball is pushed into the 30-meter area.

Atletico’s players are desperate like mad dogs.

“Simeone gave up high-level coercion during this time and took a low-level pressing, and the effect was also very good!”

“Cork and Diego Costa, two offensive players, are also very defensive.”

“I’m looking forward to what kind of sparks will come out of atletico this season if they meet Barca!”

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