Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 70

Chapter Seventy Zhu Tian’s God-level Performance, Crush samba!!

Cảm ơn bạn ngaothienqp đã tài trợ truyện này.

Football high-speed boom!

An eerie arc appeared in mid-air.

Goalkeeper George M. stood dumbfounded, not reacting at all!

In the face of this kind of shot that is difficult to judge the line, I have no idea whether to get off the ground or fly!

When he made a save move.

Samba’s stadium has been lifted!!

“A sword seals the throat!!!”

“Less than 10 minutes into the opening, the Blue Eagles took the lead!”

“Zhu Tian helped the team open the record! Let this life-and-death battle see life and vitality! ”

“The movement is so smooth!”

“The consistency of the shots was just perfect!”

“We saw that Zhu Tian did not choose to celebrate, but picked up the football and quickly ran back to the middle circle! He felt that scoring a goal was not enough! ”

Yanguo live broadcast room.

The big screen replays the entire process of the goal just made.

The passing coordination between Zhu Tian and Paders is completely one notch higher than all the players on the field.

The running position of the two people is also extremely tacit! Pleasing to the eye.

Especially Padres’ final pass, as precise as a scalpel!

—[You see no, after Zhu Tian received the ball, the action of connecting the shots, so fast!] No need to adjust at all! 】

—[Padrez also passed well, and when the ball rolled to Zhu Tian’s feet, it had slowed down.] 】

—【How do I feel like I’m improving again?] 】

—【This kind of instinctive shooting articulation cannot be practiced!] It has nothing to do with the level of shooting, but it can guarantee the rate of adjustment of his shots! Guaranteed to complete high-quality shooting moves in a variety of difficult environments! 】

—[Zhu Tian, it seems that the South American youth players on the field are not one dimension…]


Jill and Almeida embraced excitedly.

They thought it was an extremely difficult battle of life and death!

Unexpectedly, Zhu Tian broke through the gate of Samba Guoqing at the beginning! Arc from the top of the big penalty area arc for long-range shots! It was just perfect!

“You found that no, the moment Zhu Tian received the ball and shot at goal, it was a bit like who.”


Prince Raul of the Bernabeu.

Compare to the other members of the Galactic Battleship.

Beckham, Zidane, Van Nistelroo, Ronaldo, Figo… His technique in all aspects seems mediocre.

But it is the shadow winger who can score goals, the shadow striker with the highest goal rate, and the nightmare of the European giants!

With the development of football technology, raul’s secrets were later discovered.

The articulation of his shots after he receives the ball is top notch!

It’s a shooter instinct!

A sword seals the throat!

Samba boss Kopertino angrily hammered the turf.

When he was young, he played in the early first division of yanguo, which was not called the Chinese Super League at that time.

He also became the first foreign captain in the history of the Club.

It was a club in the Central Plains of Yanguo.

He stood up and said helplessly, “It wasn’t until I was on the scene that I could feel his terrible talent!” ”

The stands of the Monument Stadium once again sounded the “Blue Eagle Country March”! The lap reopened during the race.

After the kick-off, Samba went through several simple passes in the middle circle.

Midfielders frantically plugged forward.

The Blue Eagles players do not retreat, but advance, crazy oppression.

Bohemia got rid of Babe’s entanglement.

A foot crossed obliquely, and Andreas was found.

“This Samba national youth is really star-studded!”

“Andreas is only 17 years old this year, from the Eindhoven academy, was favored by Ferguson in the Manchester Super Cup, joined Manchester United, and in the second round of the Premier League this season, he made his manchester United debut, and his father is the famous Marcos!”

“His ability to break through is very…”

Duan Xuan was not finished.

Andreas, under the pressure of Mozaré and Padrez, made a mistake

The football was blocked! Roll slowly towards the Blue Hawks backcourt.

Kalk rushed up at once! Zhu Tian was faster than him! Stop the ball early!

Shunshi leaned back on the 1.9-meter-tall Samba striker!

“He’s more than just a technical flow midfielder! The ability to fight is equally excellent! ”

“Tall and strong Kalk, in front of Zhu Tian, he couldn’t exert his physical advantage at all!”

From God’s perspective.

Samba’s backcourt gap is huge!

White passing lines loomed across the pitch.

Zhu Tian will pick the ball!

Fly your back in the air!

Football brushed past Kalk’s shoulder! It’s like a dancing arrow.

Fly over the central circle of monumental stadiums! Straight to the backcourt of Samba National Youth!

“The view is too wide!”

“Giovanni! No offside! ”


Giovanni was active in the opponent’s last line of defense.

His prediction of where the pass landed constrained the development of the bed.

At this time, he is very similar to Inter’s Lautaro, with rough foot skills and poor positional sense, but strong impact, fast speed and superb shooting.

It wasn’t until he heard Jill’s shouts on the sidelines that he started to start!

The defenders of Samba Guoqing, looking at this inexplicable long pass, can only desperately chase back.

Football falls on the turf.

Bounced to the ground.

Giovanni lifted his foot and stopped, killing samba in the forbidden area! Blue Eagles fans cheered!

“Single knife chance!”

“Not long after the game started, Samba goalkeeper George M. was about to go through a second test!”

“He chose to strike! What a presumptuous! ”

George M. rushed out of the box!

Just see the football leave Giovanni’s feet! Over the top of his head! Crashed into the goal!


After two seconds of hesitation, George Mi looked annoyed and the recourse defensive teammates also stopped.

He yelled, “Are you pigs?” Why press so far ahead! Damn it! How easy it is to let them form two shots! ”

According to statistics, 60% of goalkeepers in the five major leagues will angrily rebuke their defensive teammates after conceding a goal.

In the game of the national youth team, this kind of scene is not uncommon!

“Very surprising score!”

“Zhu Tian’s wide range of long passes assisted, Giovanni single-handedly picked out the goal!”

“The Blue Eagles are in the next city!” This life-and-death battle has become easy! Giovanni raised his fists and slapped his chest against the stands. ”

The Blue Eagles fans in the stands erupted in an enthusiastic response!




Get up! The Blue Eagle will spread its wings and soar!

Jill pinched his neck, “I’m about to scream dumb!” Giovanni is better suited to playing pivot center, he is not a counterattack poacher! ”

Almeida nodded, “Zhu Tian’s advance of this ball is very good!” Change to Padres to pass, the line is perfect, Giovanni can’t catch it! ”

The other side.

Kopertino kept making the gesture of pressing down on his palms to calm the players.

Just don’t concede goals again.

The qualifying situation of Samba Guoqing is still very good! Rafinha played uncomfortably.

He is the biggest star of this Samba national youth team, but unfortunately, since the beginning, he has not had much chance to touch the ball.

He has played for Barca’s first team in 2011.

It is Messi’s substitute and Iniesta’s substitute.

He can play both winger and centre-back positions!

In order to serve his country, he had a fierce dispute with his biological brother.

His biological brother is Thiago, an orthodox youth training product of La Masia, who followed the pinnacle Barça Dream III team, won numerous honors, and also entered the national matador team and won the European Championship…

The game continues.

The Blue Eagles, who are two goals ahead, have no choice to defend.

Instead, it continues to maintain the oppression of the frontcourt.

Cut off the opponent’s midfield.

Relying on Zhu Tian’s command and Padres’ tandem, they created one fierce attack after another!

Above the entire monumental stadium, the Blue Eagle March is wafting.

The Blue Hawks are scrappy.

The young generals of Samba National Youth cried bitterly.

Where is the intensity of the national youth team’s game!

“Now the Blue Eagles national youth team is like a different team compared to May!”

“Zhu Tian’s arrival has taken the skin of this team!”

“Star-studded Samba, for the first time, chose the 30th minute of a defensive match in a qualifier.”

Giovanni received a pass from Padrez.

A foot was smouldered on the body of the samba national youth goalkeeper, and the football flew out of the bottom line.

The sky is not going to the corner flag area.

Sent out a pass in an arc of the ground!

Babe was near the small penalty area, jumping high and shaking his head to attack the goal! The ball grazed the upright and flew towards the stands!


38th minute of the match.

Padres was at the edge of the penalty area and delivered a scalpel-like precision thrust.

Most of the defenders of Samba Guoqing were staring at Zhu Tian.

Mozaré received the ball near the small penalty area and shot straight in! Hit in George medley’s arms!

45th minute of the match.

Wei Tian stepped forward again and stole Lucas’s pass.

Face Samba Guoqing’s bag clip counterattack.

He again played a series of exquisite local matches with Padres.

It is also a small forbidden area to kill all the way to Samba National Youth.

Playing George M.

Zhu Tian pushed and shot!

Pry open the door of Samba Again!!

“The Blue Eagles once again broke through Samba at the end of the first half!”

“It’s Zhu Tian again!” An unexpected first-half score! ”

“Will there still be suspense in the game? Will the Miracle of Istanbul happen in this youth team match? ”

—【Samba Guoqing has been blinded!】 】

—【The most tired person of the game: Samba National Youth Goalkeeper!】 】

—【The easiest man of the game: The Blue Eagles Goalkeeper!】 】

—[How to say it, these players of the Blue Eagle Country are not bad, Zhu Tian activated them! 】

—[Nonsense: Zhu Tian can win Chelsea, can win Real Madrid, if he still plays with Samba Guoqing back and forth, isn’t it a fake ball? 】

—[Not necessarily, you see if Almeida dares to replace Zhu Tian!] Can’t! Youth team matches, a lot of goals, a lot of reversals! 】

“Beep! Beep beep~”

The referee blew the whistle at halftime…

Blue Eagles fans shouted the little hero’s name with excitement! This life-and-death battle.

It seems to have become a practice match!

People completely abandon the emotions of nervousness, uneasiness, panic! The winner is decided!


The young generals of the national youth were listless and walked down the field with a frustrated face.

Kopertino didn’t know how to comfort the young players either.

He hadn’t experienced the feeling of being slaughtered.

In the 90s, the Yanguo First Division, I did not experience it.

Three goals behind in the first half! If the Blue Eagle countries seize the opportunity, the gap will be even greater!

How comforting!

George M. didn’t dare to scold his teammates anymore, and he now considered himself the sinner who lost the ball.

“That Zhu Tian, the dominance on the pitch, is like Messi C Ronaldo, his level, participating in the World Youth Championship is bullying!”

Blue Eagles national youth dressing room.

Almeida hesitated to replace Zhu Tian and Paders.

When calling a player.

The attitude of Atletico and Empoli is very consistent: to ensure that the players cannot be injured!

Jill said, “Can’t change! Their Rafinha is strong! The game of the national youth team is different from the AJia! ”

Almeida said helplessly: “Leading 3 goals can not be changed!” ”

Jill nodded, “Only Zhu Tian can freeze Rafinha.” ”

Zhu Tian was drinking water next to him.

He couldn’t help but wonder: why didn’t Rafinha play at Barca, guardiola’s most admired young player of the year!

I thought about it for a moment.

Follow the timeline of past lives.

Rafinha experienced four serious injuries in just three years.

The first time, in the Champions League group stage, he was seriously injured by the scissor leg of a legendary Serie A striker, and after recovering from the injury, he had to change from a winger to midfield.

The second time, it was the Champions League, and the cruciate ligament was shoveled off by Na England! Off for one year.

The third time, La Liga played Granada, this time with a serious injury, the doctor had to remove his meniscus.

The fourth time, or a knee injury!

With each serious injury, Rafinha’s strength has to undergo a major setback, and the style of play is constantly changing.

Still under the different managers of Barca, they can be reused.

Inter later took over at a high price.

You can imagine.

If Rafinha hadn’t been injured, what kind of heights would his career have reached, of course, and then there was another ‘Rafini Dumb’ like an ally of Themsa…

Intermission ends.

Almeida did not replace Zhu Tian and Padrez, but only made a small tactical adjustment: strengthen the defense!

Jill kept telling: Try to avoid injuries…

The second half of the game begins.

Samba Has Completely Lost His Fighting Spirit!

The attack of the Blue Eagle National Youth did not slow down by half a point!

—【How did Samba Guoqing play like Yan Guoqing?】 】

-【There is no power to fight back at all!】 】

—【Generally, you didn’t watch the european qinghuan semi-finals, the chariot national youth team 90 tangguoguo place! 】

—【My millions of happy beans!】 It’s Zhu Tian this kid who hurt me again! 】

– [Score 5 goals and don’t let go?] What a vendetta, what a grudge! 】

– [Gaul’s Rooster Country, Chariot Country, Blue Eagle Country, these three teams, slaughter will not leave their hands! 】

The game time passed minute by minute.

Blue Eagles fans felt as if they were watching a comedy movie.

Kopertino is numb, he only hopes that this game will end soon, he has no face to continue coaching Samba Nactor! I don’t even have the face to stay in Samba!

What a shame!

The star-studded Samba National Youth has been attacked by the Blue Eagle National Youth?

Some time ago, a club in the Gangnam region of the Chinese Super League contacted Kopertino and hoped that he could take on the position of head coach.

He felt that Huan Hou would have to call back to the Chinese Super League.


The referee blew the end of the game! Blue Eagles beat Samba 4-0!

…… Barcelona.

Messi looked at the big screen, his eyes were full of appreciation, and said: “Zhu Tian is not only strong in personal strength, he can also improve the strength of the entire team!” Just after just a few days of joint training, the Blue Eagle National Youth Team has become another team! ”

“He’s improving every game!”

“This talent is not to be imagined!”

“I think he can join the Blue Eagles now…”

Mascherano frowned: “We should think about this season, Barca and Atletico Madrid…”

Messi smiled and shook his head, not speaking…

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