Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 62

Chapter Sixty-Two The Contest between Zhu Tian and Modric!!

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“CTV5! CTV5! Good evening audience friends! ”

“Welcome to the second round of La Liga, where Real Madrid host Atletico Madrid!”

“This is the first of the season’s top five leagues to be watched! Madrid City Derby! ”

“Simeone beat Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid! Today! Will he be able to retire from the Bernabeu? Stay tuned! ”

“I’m the commentator of this game, Duan Xuan!”

“I am He Wei!”

“Here’s a look at the starting lineups of both teams!”

“Carlo Ancelotti’s transformation of Real Madrid is very strong! Especially in terms of formation! ”

“Real Madrid’s formation is 4-3-3!”

“Goalkeeper: Casillas!”

“Defenders: Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo!”

“Midfielders: Khedira, Alonso, Modric!”

“Forwards: Bale, Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo!”

Yanguo live broadcast room.

The big screen also lists dynamic photos of Real Madrid stars in the squad list

—【Groove! The lineup introduction chart of the new season is like a panel of PES football games! 】

—【From this season onwards, it is the technical support provided by the PES working group to La Liga!] 】

—【Real Madrid’s lineup, awesome! What does Atletico win? 】

— “It’s okay, I don’t understand why Ancelotti is not on Di Maria, on Modric, this big parallel cargo!] 】

—[Why don’t full-backs get on Albero?] On this young general in Carvajal! 】

“The formation of Ma Jing’s side is 4-4-2!”

“Goalkeeper: Courtois!”

“Defenders: Juanfran, Miranda, Godin, Luis!”

“Back: Gabi, Zhu Tian!”

“Centre-forward: Cork, Turan!”

“Forwards: Villa, Diego Costa!”

The large screen in the live broadcast room lists the comparison of the value of the two teams.

—[Does Simone only 4-4-2?] Two years! Match with this formation! 】

— [Atletico are so poor!] Villa is only worth 3 million euros! Bale’s one-man stature can buy dozens of Atletico players! 】

—【In last season’s Copa del Rey, how did Atletico win Real Madrid?】 Real Madrid was on the bench at the time, right? 】

—[In this list, I know two people, Zhu Tian and Villa, haha! 】

—【Barca fans come to visit, Atletico cheer, be tenacious, don’t lose too badly! 】 Don’t let Real Madrid brush the goal difference! 】。

Players from both sides are scattered on the field.

With a whistle from the referee.

The race has officially begun!

The white sea in the Bernabeu stands seems to have set off a huge wave! Benzema kicked off and knocked.

C Ronaldo directly launched a sprint after receiving the ball! Diego Costa hasn’t reacted yet!

I felt a gust of wind wipe past my body!

“C Luo just injured not long ago! You can also maintain this sprint speed! Too powerful! ”

“I just don’t know how long this sprint can last!” Last season, he was so badly injured! ”

Cork rushes to the card slot!

In the face of real Madrid’s most powerful presence, he did not hesitate in the slightest, and directly fell to the ground and put down the shovel!

C Luo’s face is cold! No further breakthroughs!

Just simply push the ball to the side!

The whole person jumped high and crossed The Cork! Real Madrid’s attack, there is no half silence! On the contrary, it is getting faster and faster!

“We found that there have been some changes in the way Cristiano Ronaldo advances! He’s not stuck in breaking through! ”

“The ball came to Marcelo’s feet!”

Marcelo is on the flank at high speed!

The left foot is extremely agile to pick up the rolling football! Sideways avoided the Diego Costa of the backtrack!

Football over the pressure of grabs Gabi! When the two of them look back again!

You can only see Marcelo’s back as he advances with the ball! Suddenly!

The audience erupted in thunderous applause.

“Wonderful! The only person who can perfectly match samba football with the Real Madrid system is Marcelo! ”

“He has the ability to ball, too agile!”

“Atletico’s high oppression! It doesn’t work for him at all! ”

Marcelo advanced with the ball into the heart of Atletico! Soon meet his nemesis! Louis!

These two are rivals in the samba league.

During the Real Madrid B team, it is known as the future of the Bernabeu’ wing! However, Luiz eventually became the outcast of Real Madrid.

Both know each other too well! Marcelo didn’t dare to slack off!

His fancy style is superior, and he can get rid of Diebi Costa and Ruby! But definitely can’t fool this former teammate!

At the moment louise’s foot!

Marcelo hurriedly passed the ball to the middle! The football just left the foot.

He regretted it a little.

Because the teammate in the middle is not Di Maria, but Modric!

The ‘new Real Madrid team-mate’ was so average last season on both the offensive and defensive ends!

Ancelotti also sweated on the sidelines.

He saw Zhu Tian also rush towards the line of football! He didn’t know how to use Modric.

So in this game, Modric was not allowed to execute too many tactical details.

Let him try to regain the feeling of playing at Tottenham.

The other side.

Burgos said excitedly: “Zhu Tian can definitely break the ball!” I’m all too familiar with this image! His sense of location! Unparalleled! ”

The ball rolls at high speed against the turf.

Modric’s right foot stopped the ball.

He sensed Zhu Tian’s approach!

The left foot immediately made a cut to turn around! Zhu Tian was ready to steal, but found that there was no way to get off his feet.

At this moment, a feeling poured out of his heart that he had never seen in the face of Padres, Neishao, and Hazard!

… On the superiority of people.

Modric is not as extreme as Hazard and Neshao.

But in the midfield lateral space, his anti-steal and anti-compression ability is undoubtedly the top gear.

His cutting action is even more perfect than in the youth training textbooks, and he is extremely dashing and calm at the moment of turning.

Zhu Tian, stimulated by the sense of the ball, saw a flaw, and he subconsciously made a steal action.

Leaning over with his left foot, he pinpointed the ball.

The instep of Modric’s foot jerked upwards!

Football is out of the hands of the duo.

Roll towards the Atletico zone!

A contest between the two.

It happened in just a split second.

The fans in the stands, but felt that a long time had passed! No results were sorted!

“Brilliant steals and counter-steals!”

“Two people moving too fast! So elegant! ”

“Modric seems to have regained the feeling of playing in his time at Tottenham!”

“Zhu Tian is only 16 years old! But it can be in this highest level of competition! Cause trouble for the Real Madrid midfielder! ”

—[Although I am Zhu Tianhei, I think his one-on-one defense with Modric is top-notch!] 】

—【I used to patronize the goal, but I didn’t expect the matchup in midfield to look so good!] 】

—【Groove! This ball is crooked! Roll to the Atletico exclusion zone! 】

Atletico at the front of the penalty area.

Godin is guarding against Bell!

Lose the power of the football, slowly roll towards Miranda! He immediately accelerated and was about to rush to Bigfoot to break the siege!

C Luo behind him ran out of a turning arc!!! Get stuck in his position in advance!

Stop the ball at your feet!

In the stands at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid fans can’t help but applaud!

“Horrible! Incredible no-ball running position! ”

“Is this really Ronaldo after the injury?”

Miranda completely lost its place!

C Luo leaned back.

He couldn’t move his feet for half a minute! The center of gravity of the body gradually moves down!

Juan Fran quickly assisted in the defense! Ronaldo reflexively pushed the ball!

People and footballs, almost at the same time, skimmed past Miranda!

“Simplicity! Utility! Highly efficient! ”

“Oh my God! What kind of C Luo is this! He got rid of his former gorgeous footwork! Choose to evolve in another direction! ”

“Face the goalkeeper directly!”

Juan Fran couldn’t catch up! C Ronaldo is too fast!

It’s not just speed! It’s that extremely perverted cadence! Messi’s pace is unparalleled in the world.

C Ronaldo’s cadence is also the top one! Courtois hesitated for a moment, not daring to choose to attack! Ronaldo looked at the eyeball door!

The speed didn’t slow down by half a minute! The calves swing slightly! Smoke on soccer!

The power emitted is terrifying!

One kick blast! Momentum sinks!

Blast into the Atletico goal!

Courtois takes off! But I found myself in the opposite direction! He was deceived by Ronaldo’s covert shooting action!

All the fans, their eyes on the high-speed soccer ball.

I couldn’t help but hold my breath.

Until the moment the net is lifted!

Only then did I let out an exclamation!

1:0!!! Real Madrid took the lead!

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