Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 52

Back to Madrid.

Zhu Tian couldn’t wait to get home.

Waiting in the bedroom for the settlement of the system.

The system prompt quietly sounds:

【Ding! Mission accomplished! Reward settlement…].

【Personal performance evaluation: SSS!!! 】

[Mission rewards are being issued…


【Congratulations to the host for obtaining: Dark Gold Mystery Chest!】 】

Dark Gold Mystery Chest!

Perhaps the highest reward you can get in a club competition!

Zhu Tian thought about it, if he can reach the champions league final of the new season, the prefix entry of the reward will be even better!

He glanced at the treasure chest prize pool.

【Cruyff Football Philosophy!】 】

【Beckenbauer Free Man Concept! 】 】

【Arigo Saki “Chain Defense Smasher” Module! 】

【Aragonese “Big Lord” module!】 】

【Mateus “Strongest Defense” module! 】

【Prikash “King Shooter” module! 】

【??? 】

【??? 】

The rest of the prize pool is a series of question marks.

Zhu Tian couldn’t help but have some doubts:

“Ball St” Cruyff’s football philosophy?

“Football Emperor” Beckenbauer’s free man concept?

These two awards have had an incomparably far-reaching impact on the development of modern football.

These two first-generation “absolute double pride” are similar to the big brother, directly transitioned to the era of smart phones.

Cruyff, whose philosophy of football gave birth to Rijkaard, Guardiola, Mourinho, Xavi, Busquez, Iniesta, Fabregas, Messi…… Even before Zhu Tian crossed over in his previous life, the inheritance of La Masia was still endless.

Beckenbauer, whose freeman style of play, coincided with Cruyff’s teacher, Mircius, not only promoting the tactical development of football around the world, but also having to let FIFA refine and modify the rules of the game many times!

For every football historian, Cruyff and Beckenbauer are two stones that cannot be crossed.

Who is Arigo Saki?

Zhu Tian didn’t know, but he should also be a very good character, otherwise he wouldn’t have appeared in the prize pool of the Dark Gold Mysterious Chest.

Needless to say, Aragonese, the greatest being in the Matador Nation.

The top four of the prize pool may be super modules that directly maximize the ball quotient!

As for the latter two.


Real Madrid legendary goalscorer!

So far, every year the world’s best goal will win the “Puskas Award”!

The most efficient goal scorer in the history of football! The epitome of the way to score goals!

Every brilliant shot in the future can be found in his black-and-white video!

Needless to mention, Mateus, the super peak of interpreting the art of defense, Kanter is nothing more than a stealing machine compared to him.


Are these legendary superstars of the 70s and 90s really stronger than the supergiants they are today?

[Ding, every twenty years of football development, due to the development and improvement of youth training, the overall physical fitness of players around the world will surpass the previous generation. 】

[Every legend in the Dark Gold Mysterious Treasure Chest is a existence that breaks the convention and transcends the times!] They are the limits of what human beings can reach in the sport of football! 】

Zhu Tian suddenly realized.

Just like forty years later, looking back at Messi and Ronaldo, they are also superstars who have crossed the era!

The system tone continued:

【After the Dark Gold Mystery Chest is opened, the host’s free training attribute value will reach the upper limit of 90!】 】

【Individual attributes exceed 80 points, accumulate 30 days of training time, you can improve a little!】 】

Zhu Tian did not rub it.

Open the chest now!

As long as there is no “Door God Module” opened, it is a huge increase in strength!

[Treasure chest opening…


【Ding, congratulations to the host for getting: Platini “King of Free Kicks” module! 】

【King of Free Kicks Module: Growable Module!】 Choose a different free kick style, the corresponding attribute will increase by 60% in a short period of time!!! 】


The chubby UEFA president at the awards ceremony?

How could it appear in the Dark Gold Mystery Chest?

Was he really the European champion when he was younger?

King of Free Kick module?

Thinking of Platini’s lewd smile, Zhu Tian couldn’t help but wonder: Is the old man’s module reliable?

Better to give me a Carlos’s “Gentetsu Epee” and Beckham’s “Full Moon Curved Sword”!


Zhu Tian was surprised to find out.

All the properties on the system panel, the picture that appears quietly cracks!

【Training attribute value upper limit breakthrough: 80→90! 】


Blue Eagle Nation.

Buenos Aires.

Almeida said seriously: “The strength that Zhu Tian has shown in the European Super Cup is stronger than before! We must recruit him to join the national youth team! Send atletico a call-up letter! ”

Jill put down the phone and said anxiously, “What else is the call letter?” Burgos told me that the Noodle National Football Association and the Matador National Football Association! They are all asking Atletico about Zhu Tian’s nationality! And gives very generous planning conditions! ”

Almeida scratched her hair, “Mad! Has even the world youth tournament snatching become so fierce now? Hurriedly! Book your tickets! Let’s talk to Zhu Tian face to face! ”

three-day summer promotion, charge 100 and get 500 VIP coupons!

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