Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 50

Grandstands around the Stade Louis II.

No boos.

There was no scoffing.

On the Internet, a highlight about Torres’s “empty door” is as long as 10 minutes.

Many people forget that he has been seriously injured many times.

At the 2010 World Cup, played closed on.

In liverpool’s final season, played closed.

Injuries have already devastated his knee.

This superstar shooter, who is close to the “Grand Slam winner”, is not really a winner in life.

His football career.

There are too many regrets and helplessness.

It’s like a Leonist novel.


The team doctor was waving excitedly! Ay! We saw the stretcher on the field. ”

“Torres should have relapsed from an old injury and couldn’t keep playing!”

“Villa and Torres, two of the most brilliant striker twins of the Golden Generation of the Matador Nation, both fell on the estadio Louis II.”

‘With Torres leaving, Chelsea’s hopes of equalising are getting slimmer and dimmer.

– [How do I feel that when Torres plays, the whole European football world is old?] 】

-[Sure enough, Torres, wearing a red jersey, is the strongest state!] 】

-[V7 scored, but unfortunately T9 didn’t. 】

-【What does V7T9 mean?】 】

– [Villa’s number in the national team is 7, Torres is 9!] They were the striker Geminis of the Matador Nation! Two-time European Championship winner, one World Cup winner, the real golden generation. 】

-【I miss the Euro 2008 a bit!】 The national team level game contains too many things! 】

– [Next year’s World Cup, Villa and Torres, there should be no chance, right?] 】

– [There is no chance, in the big list, will not start!] Get older! Not as good as it was then! 】


A tall, strong black player, replacing Torres, ran onto the pitch.

Zhu Tian instantly noticed that the prompts in the system panel had changed: 80% of chelsea’s championship line-up → 30%!

What’s the situation?

As soon as the black striker came on, Chelsea’s strength dropped so badly?

Fortunately, the settlement bonus has not changed!

Wait to see the name on the back of the opponent’s jersey.

Zhu Tian suddenly realized: He is Sturridge!

Sturridge during the Chelsea era.

It is the first generation of Gemini stars of Premier League happy football!

Body top! Top running position! Archery? National football level!

People give nicknames “Premier League Dance King”!

The game continues.

Chelsea’s fighting spirit is still tenacious!

Mata and Hazard transpose back and forth, William back and forth!

Completely activated the team’s offense!

Even if the Atletico players maintain a strong high position of oppression!

Can be orchestrated by Mata’s organization.

Chelsea’s passing advance was very sharp and fast!

The Chelsea fans in the stands seemed to have forgotten the 3-0 score!

They shouted the slogan of the club!

Not a single person left the venue early!

This offensive soon paid off.

60th minute of the game!

Hazard was at the edge of the penalty area and received Mata’s long pass!

Chest stop!

Make a shot!

Godin and Miranda immediately pounced on the blockade!

Hazard’s foot shape has changed suddenly!

Push the foot arch!

Football rolls to the ground in the penalty area!

A tall black figure suddenly appeared!

“Fake Shooting!”

“Nice straight plug! Sturridge! His running position is too clever! ”

“Poachers lurking in the forbidden zone!”

Just when Sturridge’s toes were about to poke into the ball.

Zhu Tian took a step and big feet to unblock the ball!

Chelsea fans sighed.

There was applause from the stands of Atletico fans.

Simone gave a thumbs up.

He shouted at the sidelines, “Zhu Tian! Your location a little further in advance! Do not participate in defense. ”

The sound is strong and full of breath.

There is no regard for chelsea players on the pitch.

Hazard held his head in frustration.

Sturridge helplessly spread his hands: “I don’t know how this boy appeared in front of me!” ”

The game time passed minute by minute.

The Chinese teenagers on the field, after moving forward and backward, are like a mobile iron lock in the Atletico midfield!

Even Mata is at a disadvantage in a one-on-one match.

Even more terrifying.

Zhu Tian’s physical strength never seemed to run out!

Even Terry couldn’t help but sigh, “This boy, the speed is average, but he can run too much!” ”


Atletico’s counterattack also had no effect on Chelsea’s steel defence.


The referee blew the end of the game!

The Chelsea players sat feebly on the turf.

Atletico teammates rushed to Zhu Tian!

Simeone and Burgos, as well as a host of substitute players, also rushed to the field!

Zhu Tian was lifted up!

His teammates carried him and ran to the Atletico stands!

Billia limped and shouted anxiously, “Wait for me! ”

Diego Costa slapped his chest vigorously and roared: “We beat the Champions League winner!!! ”

At this time.

The stadium broadcast read out the name of the best player in the whole game!


The Atletico fans in the stands looked at the scene and were thrilled.

16-year-old Torres led Atletico to La Liga!

Zhu Tian, 16 years old, led Atletico to win the European Super Cup!

The figure of two teenagers.

It seems to cross time and space, overlapping together.


Yanguo live broadcast room.

Duan Xuan said excitedly: “Based on UEFA’s post-match real-time ratings! Atletico Youngster Zhu Tian! Voted the best player of the game! ”

The big screen shows Zhu Tian’s data!

He Wei was stunned: “Incredible! Zhu Tian not only made a great contribution on the offensive end! His effective running distance and steal success rate rank first in the whole game! ”

“This kind of data! In the most intense La Liga national derby, it is also extremely rare! ”

“Will this battle be the beginning of Atletico’s revival? We don’t know! ”

“But it must be the beginning of Zhu Tian’s conquest of Europe!”

The barrage swipes the screen like crazy.

– [The FA is a clown!] 】

– [Facts show! The theory that “yellow people are not suitable for football” is not an excuse for Yanguo national football to pull his crotch! 】

-【Zhu Tian is not a Yanguo person!】 He grew up in the Blue Eagle Country and ate differently than we did! 】

-【Yanguo’s youth training is not as bad as you think!】 Good food! The training facilities are also very well developed! The fat and fat national youth team can’t play the bad samba amateur youth team! 】

– [Check it out! Why such a good talented player! Will be banned! The FA wants to give him justice! 】

-【Check a fart!】 What about finding out? 】

-【People are now European rising stars!】 Super genius! Still interested in the fairness of the Silly Fork FA? 】

-【Zhu Tian come on! 】 Play at Atletico! Don’t get involved with yanguo national football team for half a dime! 】

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