Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 5

The next morning.

The sky was overcast and cloudy.

River Plate Athletic Director Skeley came to the youth team’s training base.

Jill retracted his fierceness in front of him and introduced himself hard: “Mr. Skeley, after Zhu Tian returned from yanguo, the ball business and vision have improved greatly!” I suggest the club re-sign a contract with him! ”

Scley disagreed: “The country of Yan is a football desert! Do you know what Zhu Tian did when he returned to China? ”

Jill shook his head.

Skeley laughed and said, “He beat up the son of the leader of the Yan national football team!” Having been permanently banned by the Yanguo national football team, do you think we can still sell him back to the Chinese Super League at a sky-high price? ”

The wealthy Chinese Super League is also one of The important output leagues of River Plate.

Jill wondered, “Fight? This is the most common thing! ”

During the conversation, two young men from the youth team on the field fought.

“You see, how energetic our lad is!”

Skeley frowned slightly; “The Yan National Football Association also sent a fax to the club, which was to ask us to expel Zhu Tian from the team and permanently ban Zhu Tian from participating in all leagues in South America.”

Jill panicked, “What does the club mean?” No way! Zhu Tian is only 16 years old this year! It literally killed his career! The Yan National Football Association is so hateful! ”

Sclee laughed: “Don’t be so excited, my reply to the Yan National Football Association is: Get out!” ”

“Haha! Yanguo is an incomparably strong and great country, but their men’s football national team, even the small countries in Southeast Asia, can not play, will target internal players, the manager of the Football Association is simply a bunch of pigs! ”

“Still want to meddle in the management of our river plate personnel?” They forgot we were South American giants! ”

The two chatted and talked, and then came to the training ground.

Scley raised his finger and wondered, “Jill, are you sure they’re doing lap-grabbing exercises?” ”

Jill’s gaze followed the direction of his fingers.

Zhu Tianzheng and his teammates are doing circle grabbing exercises.

Three people stood apart.

Passing the football back and forth.

Up to three transfers can be made.

Zhu Tian in the middle circle can easily break the ball.

As if he could anticipate in advance, he was always able to stand precisely on the line of the football pass.

This “circle-grabbing exercise” always has to start over.

Jill rubbed his eyes: “Hell! How did Zhu Tian’s sense of steals become so strong, was it that other players were not serious?

He yelled, “Babe! Mozaré! Didn’t you two have breakfast? Passing is like a piece of! ”

Babe is a winger for River Plate U18.

Mozaré is the centre-forward of River Plate U18.

The technique under both of them is very good.

It is impossible for Zhu Tian to intercept the ball so easily!

The circle grabbing exercise is the warm-up training that is easiest to reflect the technique under the feet!

Babe and Mozaré looked at each other and said helplessly:

“Coach! We had yerba mate tea in the morning! Ate 500 pesos of hazelnut bread! You should ask Zhu Tian what he ate? ”

“This kid’s interceptions and steals suddenly became very powerful!”

Jill yelled angrily, “Don’t play tricks! Be serious! ”

Skeley smiled and said, “Jill, send two more lads up!” ”

5V1 lap exercises?

Jill was a little shocked.

The 3v1 lap-stealing practice has made it difficult to steal the ball.

The difficulty of 5v1 is doubled!

For each additional point, the more space there is for passing!

It’s like a math problem….

“Giovanni! Gate! You two go up too! ”

“Coach, you’re kidding! The La Masia Academy doesn’t have such a brainless circle-grabbing practice! Waste of time! ”

“You idiot again bullshit! Just give me twenty laps around the runway outside! ”

The up-and-down relationship of the riverbed is so simple, there is no polite language!


Zhu Tian stood in the middle of five teammates.

It didn’t feel much pressure.

With the help of God’s perspective.

Each player’s position, the point of departure, the football line, all clearly came to his mind.

Moreover, in South America’s circle-grabbing practice, the position of the passing player cannot be moved.

Giovanni knocked across the board.

Sticking to the turf came to Babe’s feet.

Jill frowned: “This kind of ball speed, Zhu Tian will definitely not be able to break, he will definitely be walked by the dog!” ”

Skeley lifted his glasses: “He’s slow, and he’s turning slowly. ”

The ball passed a second time and came to Mozaré’s feet.

He makes a fake move to pick the ball to the left.

The arch then pushed the ball towards Gate on the right.


Zhu Tian’s toes poked the ball out!

He’s anticipating the line of football again!

Everyone was shocked.

Jill looked stunned.

Skeley’s eyes lit up.

The duo were also the main players in the River Plate first team in their youth!

At a glance, it can be seen that this kind of fake action is highly secretive, it is difficult to break, not only requires a strong prejudgment, but more importantly, a “sense of position”!

“Hurry up! Don’t stop! Hurry up again! ”

Jill yelled!

The five youth squad youngsters began passing the ball again.

The results remain the same.

Football keeps repeating.

Zhu Tian didn’t run much, not even sweating, but he could always intercept the ball easily.

The other teammates also gave up the practice and gathered around.

More and more people are watching.


Except for the kick-off that pass.

Zhu Tian can always cut the ball off before the third pass.

This means.

He alone can intercept the opponent’s offensive advance in a local range!

Sports Director – Skeley, clutching Jill’s collar hard, muttered, “Jill! We found a genius! He’s The Maclele of River Plate! ”

Jill finally felt the feeling of being strangled by the neck: “Heavy… New… Sign the contract! ”

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