Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 46

Azbilicueta picked up the ball.

Rubbed back and forth with the jersey.

He stood out of bounds.

Took a few steps back.

Look into the Atletico exclusion zone!

High point towering!

Ramirez! Torres! David Louis! Cahill!

All of them are big men who are close to or more than 1.9 meters tall!

“Looks like he’s trying to throw a powerful hand!”

“This distance, a little far!”

“Azbilicueta’s powerful hand tossed the ball, but it was a must!”

Chelsea full-backs started running!

The moment your left foot hits the outside side of the boundary!

The upper body jerked back!

Football is like a grenade!

Smash into the Atletico exclusion zone!


Big men on both sides! Race to the top!

Courtois is tall and has long arms.

Grab everyone’s head!

One punch knocked the soccer ball out!

Di Matteo angrily said, “Which bastard loaned Courtois to Atletico!” ”

The assistant teacher looked embarrassed: “Boss, it was you who suggested the club… At that time you were a teaching assistant in the youth team…”

Duan Xuan and He Wei didn’t have time to shout “beautiful”!

Because the camera follows the moving line of the football!

Shows the physical confrontation at the landing point!

Jutian and Eden Hazard!

The two of them were standing near the drop point at the same time!

Zhu Tian only felt at this moment that the 22-year-old Hazard had a physical quality far beyond that of an ordinary professional player!

Big ass! Short! Low center of gravity!

With 84 physical contact attributes, he doesn’t have the upper hand at all!

Hazard only felt a lightness in his body.

Zhu Tian gave up pressure?

He took a few steps and easily stopped the ball.

Just cut the ball when turning around.

Zhu Tian stretched out his left foot!

Hazard suddenly picked up!

Try to complete the small transmutation!

Shoulders sank.

The outside of the left foot is going to go to the ball!


Zhu Tian seemed to see through his transduction!

Bigfoot swing!

Accurately steal the ball!

Hazard was stunned!

Never in my career have I ever seen someone steal their ball so cleanly!


“Zhu Tian is so clever! In terms of physical confrontation, there is no obvious advantage! He waited until Hazard stopped the ball! Make another steal! ”

“If Zhu Tian is short enough to suppress Hazard, it is still too high.”

-【Laugh to death!】 The first time I heard a commentary that wanted to make people shorter! 】

-【Haha! Duan Xuan also said this about C Luo last time! He said that C Luo is shorter, and the local ground ball confrontation will have more advantages! 】

– [Short?] Strong? Isn’t it Sanchez from Barcelona? 】

-【Yanguo Sanchez selling duck necks!】 When I was a child, I was brushed by the provincial team because I was too short! 】


It all happened so fast!

Chelsea players continued to press against Atletico’s penalty area when they saw Hazard win the ball.

No one expected that.

Zhu Tian would break the ball so easily!

It is still the great king Azar who has long been known as the Ligue 1!

At this time.

Chelsea’s backcourt is like a beautiful empty garden!

The Atletico players were overjoyed!


Is there a chance to fight back?

Diego Costa and Turan! All returned to the penalty area to participate in the defense!

Is there anyone else in the frontcourt?


It’s the Barça abandoner who doesn’t actively participate in the retreat defense!



Zhu Tian took the ball and took three steps!

Dense passing lines appear in the field of vision!

Chelsea’s half!

In his eyes it was a white expanse!

God’s perspective!

Villa is moving sideways repeatedly! Teasing Chelsea’s last big valve: Mikel!

Do you say.

No matter where it is passed?

Villadu has a good chance of running a single knife!

Don’t think too much about it!

Stimulated by maradona ball feeling!

Zhu Tian swung his legs vigorously! Sent out a long pass!

No gyratories!

No arcs!

Not high enough!

But the ball speed is extremely fast!

Straight across the middle circle!

Biria wandering on the last line of defense!

At the moment when Zhu Tian passed the ball! Already started!

His running position is extremely cunning!

A reflexive stride!

Let Meeker be fooled!

The whole estadio Louis II was much quieter.

Only that small cluster of Atletico fans cheered!


Simone and Burgos were thrilled: “It’s Ju tian again! It’s his pass again! ”

Di Matteo looked sluggish.

“Fight back!”

“Zhu Tian’s long-pass counterattack!”

“The most unpretentious pass! It is about to create the most simple and unpretentious single knife! ”

Villa’s sense of offensive position.

Very scary.

After he got rid of Mikel, he ran in one direction! It just coincides with the line of football!

He hadn’t felt that way in a long time.

In the national team a few years ago.

The man who gave him this ball.

It’s Harvey.

It’s Iniesta.

It’s Busquets.

It’s Fabregas.

It was David Sival.

It’s Cazorla.

It’s the Matador National Team, the golden generation of midfield masters!

In the exclamation of the audience!

Villa didn’t look back!

There was no turning.

Raise your heels!

Pick this pass in front of you!

The speed of the rush did not slow down by half a point!

“Wonderful! Wonderful heel pick-up! ”

“And the World Cup for 10 years! In the battle against the Chariot Nation! Same! ”

“Is he going to replicate that goal?”

Thirty-two meters from the fans.

The football left Villa’s left foot.

It’s like a cannonball!

Blast into chelsea’s goal!

Just like the earth-shattering long-range shot of the World Cup that year!

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