Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 37

With a whistle from Burgos!

The B goalkeeper issued a goallessly.

Team A’s offensive was very fierce.

The training match started in just 10 minutes before Diego Costa completed seven or eight shots on goal.

After Toby receives the ball.

Diego Costa and Turan immediately pressed over.

This is atletico’s high oppression!

Players in the midfield are also very strong in their ability to fight back.

Toby is a bit overwhelmed!

Even in the B team half.

Diego Costa and Turan, in the pressure, also blocked the opposing defender’s line of departure.

Toby had no choice but to try to pass the goalkeeper back.

Turan stuck his foot out from the side!

In a panic.

Tobi can flick the ball.

He saw a strange figure in a blue vest come over.

The right foot immediately passed the ball over.

The moment Zhu Tian received the ball.

Didn’t look up.

The arch of the left foot is pushed along the way.

The ball was pressed against the turf and rolled towards Corker in the right half.

The crowd was overwhelmed.

Zhu Tian’s one pass after another reflected a good sense of position and vision, and instantly dissolved the regional oppression against him.

Teammates go crazy forward!

Cork advanced with the ball and crossed the middle circle!

Soon encountered Captain Gabi!

Atletico’s best two generations of midfielders.

Staged the simplest and most direct duel!

Cork tries to get rid of it by directly accelerating the change of direction!

Gabi’s outbreaks are faster.

The pace of the two is very consistent!

Cork was completely blocked from breaking the line!

Just when you’re about to concede a goal.

Zhu Tian’s figure suddenly appeared in his field of vision!

Shocked in my heart: This boy’s ability to respond is very strong!

Cork quickly stopped moving.

Knock the ball sideways!

After Zhu Tian received the ball.

No adjustments were made.

Lean your body and swing your legs slightly!

From God’s perspective.

Villa, who was wandering in the back line, had already run out of the gap!

In the field of vision, a pass line glowing with white light lit up!


Zhu Tian’s inner instep was smoked in the bottom left of the football!

Above the training ground.

Outline an eerie diagonal arc!

Ronaldinho – Devil Arc Module!

Instantly pierced through the three lines of defense of team A!

The landing point is not perfect!

But the person who caught the ball was Villa!

Running and small techniques! It is the existence of the first few in the world!

He understood, and lifted his back and feet to pick up the ball.

Another turn.

The little man got rid of the tall Miranda.

Stride the ball!

Straight to the A team penalty area!

Burgos’s eyes widened!

Captain Gabi also looked incredulous!

In the data report and the video of the South American Champions Cup, Zhu Tian has not passed such an exaggerated arc!

This curved trajectory!

So deceptive!

Let team A backline! Caught with one’s pants down!


Courtois in 2013.

It has not yet grown into a complete body, far from reaching the height of the “Wall of Sighs” of Real Madrid in the previous life!

He looked at Villa with disdain.

A barca abandoned veteran!

I want to break through my goal!

He stood firmly in front of the door.

Blocking action was made!

Villa swung her left leg and locked her ankle in an instant!

Courtois stomped both feet! Pounce on the right side of the goal!

Between the electric light and flint!

Villa’s foot shape has changed!


Football hits the middle!

Team A’s net was exaggerated!


Team B took the lead!

Villa’s first time and Zhu Tian’s high-fives celebrated!

The Oriental Boy’s pass gave him back the feeling he felt when he played at Barca!

Although the moment of touching the ball feels inferior to the pass of Xavi and Iniesta!

But that exaggerated arc is too suitable for his running position!


Diego Costa skimmed his lips: “Scoring a goal in a training match is the same as scoring in the Champions League final!” ”

Burgos fell into contemplation:

“This boy is not only broad-minded and has a strong view of the big picture, he is too smart, because he is not familiar with his teammates, so he does not stick to the local pass, but directly launches a long pass!”

“If he was familiar with the usual feet of each of his teammates, would he send out a more terrible curved ball to the ground?”

“No, I’ll have to call Simone right away!”

“This kid can be the core of Atletico!”

The lap reopened during the race.

Team A did not concede possession this time.

A fierce offensive was launched directly.


The crowd was amazed to find out.

Football simply can’t pass the heart of team B!

Under Zhu Tian’s lateral running interception.

He seems to have activated the defensive abilities of this group of substitute players!

Now team B’s regional defense looks even stronger than the main lineup!

Diego Costa’s running position is not bad either!

In the future, after his transfer to Chelsea, he and Fabregas formed a “Fikowith Line” that made Europe feel frightened!

20th minute of the match.

Turan sent a precise straight plug.

The ball was taped against the turf and crossed the B team’s backline.

Diego Costa carried Toby.

Take two steps.

I was about to stop the ball and go out of the shooting space.

Zhu Tian magically appeared again.

Easily steal the ball.


Atletico’s teammates have sighed: this oriental boy has not practiced with us, why can he and Atletico’s defensive system be so tacitly integrated? Our defensive tactics seem to have been built for him by nature!

Zhu Tian sent a short pass with a foot on the ground.

Cork just stopped the ball.

It was a clean sliding shovel by Gabby, which broke the bottom line.

Diego Costa smashed the red vest!

Palm towards Zhu Tian.

Yelling, “I’m going to team up with this kid!” ”

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