Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 33

That’s the reality.

No matter how flustered Wu Dabao was, he also had no fear.

Wait for his son to pass two years, play for the national football team, face the kind of fish belly country with only a few hundred thousand people, as long as he scores a goal, Yanguo netizens will blow him to the sky!

Yanguo’s football media will also blow Wu Xiaofan as a national football hero.

Even if Zhu Tian wins the Champions League, what?

No matter how strong he is, he has no national team honor!

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, can’t get the World Cup, and they won’t be recognized by most fans as the real king of the ball!

This is not the blind confidence of the FA.

But there is precedent.

The urine nature of the Yanguo football media, he knows best.

That what Zhang surname forward, in the friendly game into the amateur team a ball, Yanguo all the net has blown him into the sky.

“Hope of the Yan Country”!

“Yanguo rushed into the dawn of the World Cup”!

Even Wu Dabao himself felt ashamed when he saw it.

It has also greatly stimulated the expansion of the national football player himself.

Yanguo football environment, just rely on the Football Association, can cover the sky with one hand?

No, there is also the ignorant football media.

All this is the chaos in the Football Scene of Yanguo in 2013.

It was not until after 2018 that it began to gradually fade.

“Dad, buy me an R8!”

“Didn’t your bodyguard have only been running for half a year?”

“Kai tired! And import new cars also have to wait for a year and a half ah, I have to book in advance! The summer window is coming, Dad, will you still lack this little money? R8 is not expensive, I saved you money, the sons of the leaders of the Football Association are open…”

“Good and good!”

The scene of fatherly kindness and filial piety is touching to the heart.


Blue Eagle Nation.

Riverbed training base.

As soon as Jill saw Zhu Tian, she was happy to blossom.

He received a large commission for scouting incentives.

Daughter’s tuition in Madrid, settled!

“Zhu Tian, my daughter is studying in Madrid, this is her number, between fellow countrymen, keep in touch with each other!”

Jill sent a text message to Zhu Tian’s mobile phone.

Zhu Tian smiled and nodded.

The crowd laughed.

Babe teased, “I’ll make you a coach!” You want to be my father-in-law? ”

Giovanni laughed: “Parents all over the world are the same, when my father left the riverbed, he also said that there are a few fellow villagers in Putrajaya who will take care of me and let me contact me more.” ”

Facing Zhu Tian’s departure.

The young players of the youth team did not show much reluctance.

Such is the case with the River Plate Academy.

Europe! It’s the best trip!

Except for Giovanni, who “waits for the price” of River Plate.

Mozaré, Gate, Babe and other players will also join clubs in the Portuguese Premier League and The Dutch League in the summer window.

A reunion.

Maybe it’s going to be the End of the Year World Championships!

Giovanni has made the big list.

The probability of other young players being selected is also very large!

Zhu Tian is a Chinese national of Blue Eagle nationality, as long as the tactics of the national youth coach are not strange, it is very likely to be recruited.

Bei Bei suddenly said, “Zhu Tian will definitely be able to enter the Blue Eagle National Youth Team!” According to FIFA regulations! Playing in the World Youth Championship will not affect his future performance in other national teams! ”

Jill grabbed the stick and scolded, “You boy talk a lot!” ”

In 2013, FIFA stipulated:

A player who has only represented a national youth team has played in an official tournament.

He changed his nationality before the age of 21.

Then he will have a chance to change to the national team.

Sounds a bit complicated.

Let me give you a simple example.

Zhu Tian represented the Blue Eagles Youth Team and competed in the World Youth Championships.

It will not affect his future change of nationality to play for the adult men’s national football team in other countries.

River Plate office building.

Almeida said angrily, “Why? Why not let Zhu Tian finish the South American Champions Cup and then transfer! Sckelly, you’re in the eye of money! How much money did Atletico give you! ”

Scley’s expression was very flat, he took a sip of tea, and said: “The aging problem of riverbed is too serious, and the team needs to be rebuilt!” Thank you for your contribution to River Plate! ”

Almeida looked confused.

Am I out of class?

I save the riverbed from danger.

In the most difficult period of River Plate, he also led the team to win the A-League championship…

I grew up in the riverbed, and now I’m being slaughtered by the riverbed?

He pointed reluctantly at Skeley.

I couldn’t speak for a long time.

In my chest, there was a bad breath!

Skeley smiled and handed him an envelope: “Inside is a letter of appointment… You need a new environment! ”

Almeida angrily tore open the envelope.

Take a look.

Cold hair upside down!

Blue Eagles national youth team head coach?

Nothing wrong with that!

It is the seal of the Blue Eagle National Football Association!

“Congratulations, Almeida, your coaching achievements in River Plate have won you the position of manager of the national youth team!”

“Skeley, you horse, did you do anything?” No one in the FA talked to me about it at all! ”

Skeley smiled and didn’t answer.

The Blue Eagles national football team has a black curtain.

It’s just that their hearts always put the national team results first.


Jill stood in the doorway and knocked twice on the door.

“Come in!”

Skeley also handed Jill an envelope.

Jill said blankly, “Is this money?” No, I’ve got the scouting commission I deserve! ”

“Take it apart and look at it.”

Jill hesitated for a moment.

Open the envelope.

When he saw the contents of the letter.

I can’t help but be stuck in place!

Blue Eagles, Assistant Coach?!

Pay twice as much as River Plate’s youth team?

There are also floating prize money for World Youth Championship results!

Skeley smiled and said, “Don’t be nervous, it’s not about driving you away, River Plate will keep your position.” ”

“Help Almeida, if you can lead the national youth team to the World Youth Championship at the end of the year, River Plate will give an extra prize money!”

Almeida and Jill glanced at each other.

Skeley was strange to him.

No more of the upright River Plate captain he was then!

This guy hasn’t played football in almost twenty years, what have he done? So much power? It can also affect the Blue Eagle National Football Association!

Skeley fell into deep thought.

His original expectations for Zhu Tian were not very high.

So the offer for Atletico is also reasonable.

Until after the South American Champions Cup.

He realized he was wrong.

In order to prepare for the World Youth Championship, the coaching staff of the Blue Eagles National Youth Team has undergone a blood change.

It looks like it’s being built for a player.

It’s just that.

Are Chinese teenagers with Blue Eagle nationality willing to accept the conscription?

three-day summer promotion, charge 100 and get 500 VIP coupons!

immediately rushed (Campaign period: August 13 to August 15)

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