Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 31

Wu Dabao spoke for half an hour.

The opener match has only officially begun.

Wu Xiaofan was full of spirits and led the young generals of the national youth to the green field.

A loud cheer erupted from the stands.

The head coach of the national youth is also confident.

In my heart, I secretly praised the operation of the Football Association: what kind of fish belly team are pleased! National Youth Bao Zhun kicked them a 10:0!

It is a game to brush the data of the national youth team!

What a Mozh Mirin u18, is an amateur level team!

90 minutes passed.

The game is coming to an end.


The MozhMirin U18 took a huge lead!

The audience in the stands, silent.

The fans in the live broadcast room were silent.

Most netizens in Yanguo understand at this moment that the level of South American football is not bad, much stronger than the national football team.

They remembered Zhu Tian.

The Chinese teenager who defeated the giants’ Twin stars in the South American Champions Cup.


Netizens, the emotions are complicated.

Even the water army can’t find a place to blow!

“Our national youth team is very tenacious…”

The commentator didn’t know how to go round.

Mozhmilin U18, but among hundreds of youth teams in South America, the bottom of the existence ah!

Even if they had given birth to a superstar like Rivaldo, that wouldn’t have changed the fact that the weak team was weak!

What is Guoqing playing?

What’s going on?

There was even a goal.

It’s a oolong ball.

Dead silence.

The young generals of Mozhmilin were also deeply puzzled.

Why is the national youth team’s defense line like paper?

Easy to penetrate!

Even the most basic stop-ball action.

They all didn’t do well and could stop the ball five meters away.

Yanguo is an incomparably powerful country.

Why is their national youth team so good?

If we have such good sneakers as the national youth team, we can definitely play better!



The referee blew the end of the game!

He looked at wu Dabao, the leader of the national football team.

The eyes are complex.

The refereeing team also tried their best.

The defensive action of this generation of Yan Guoqing is too dirty, especially Wu Xiaofan, who put shovels behind his back and blatantly kicks people.


Post-match press conference.

The head coach of the U18, Mozhmilin, angrily said: “The foul action of the national youth team is too dirty! The referee is also taking sides! I announce my retirement from this edition of the Cup! I will complain to AFC, FIFA! ”

In full view of everyone.

He strode out of the venue!

The other side.

The head coach of the national youth, his face was embarrassed.

The reporters quickly shelled him!

“As the head coach of the national youth, do you have any feelings about this defeat?”

“The national youth team’s matches in recent years, the defensive action is very big! Is this a stick country learning the 2002 World Cup? ”

“The style of ball that Wu Xiaofan showed on the field, it is difficult not to suspect the reason why he was beaten by Zhu Tian!”

“Zhu Tian has already shined in the South American Champions Cup! The national youth team that expelled him, but in the face of the South American amateur team, lost 5 goals! ”

Yanguo network.

The news of this game was covered up.

Only the fans sent out a short video taken on the spot.

Lose and Lose! The Ba C youth team won 5:0 against the national youth team! 》


A scolding sound.

-【Face is lost!】 】

-【A few days ago, some people said that the national youth team can sweep the South American giants!] 】

-[Laugh to death, the Baba Youth Team can’t play!] 】

-【This Wu Xiaofan is also a dirty dog!】 】

-【At this point, the South American giants are very strong, and Zhu Tianzhen has strength!] 】

– [Forget it, one game proves nothing!] It’s not the big five leagues! 】

– [Don’t rip it off, the five major leagues are much stronger than South America, it is impossible to look at Zhu Tian! 】


La Liga summer transfer period officially opened!

Buenos Aires.

River Plate Club, La Pula Auditorium.

The signing ceremony has ended.

Well-known media reporters in bullfighting countries and South America still refuse to leave the scene.

Because there are several important people standing on the stage!

Atletico Sporting Director: Bertha!

Atletico’s two vice-presidents: Miguel and Baboló!

President of River Plate: D’Orofrio!

River Plate Athletic Director: Skeley!

On the background wall, the flags of the two clubs are hung crossed!

Even more striking is:

In the middle of the five people, stood a dark-haired teenager!

No doubt!

This is the most grand transfer ceremony in history between Atletico and River Plate!

The two sides reached a transfer agreement on Zhu Tian before the opening of the summer window in La Liga!

Reporters hold up cameras.

The lights flicker wildly!

This is definitely the rarest scene in the summer window of 2013!

“The Transfer Ceremony of Chia Tai Guangming.” 》

“No instigation, manipulation or strike!” The cleanest transfer record in South America and La Liga! 》

“The first time that Atletico’s senior management has signed a contract in person!” 》

The hero who saved River Plate will land in La Liga! 》

Journalists are already thinking about the headlines of this report!

There are many things to see in this transfer!

It’s sure to make headlines in Europe and South America!

A reporter stood up and asked, “Mr. Bertha, what is the reason?” Contributed to Atletico’s signing of River Plate youngster? ”

Bertha had a serious expression: “Zhu Tian will become atletico’s summit of Europe, an important piece of the puzzle!” ”

There was an uproar.

Atletico’s sporting director didn’t explain too much.

Because this sentence is the original words of Simone himself!

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