Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 3

“Zhu Tian! Giovanni! You two are Team A! ”

With a whistle from head coach Gill.

The intra-team match officially begins.

The ball opens in the middle circle.

River Plate youth team juniors were drenched in drizzle.

Run back and forth on the green field.

The ball rolls quickly on the turf.

The world’s youth team matches are all goals, except for the A-League Youth League!

The youth camps of the major clubs in the A-League attach great importance to the defensive ability of small players, which is more important than that of Serie A.

Zhu Tian’s passing and possession are good in the academy.

Why did he become a marginal figure?

Still limited by physical hardware, his speed, defense, steals, unqualified.

In 2013, the era of the classical front waist is a thing of the past.

Under the guidance of former coach Simeone, All echelons from top to bottom attach great importance to the cultivation of small players pressing and pressing.

Zhu Tian, can’t keep up with the rhythm of the game.

The pace of the confrontation is very fast.

The ball changes back and forth.

Opening five minutes.

Although Zhu Tian did not have a chance to touch the ball.

But the brain is getting clearer.

Everything on the pitch, the location of the people, the soccer line, is transformed into an aerial view that appears in the mind.

When the team doesn’t have the ball.

He began to “fill in the gaps” in the midfield defence!

He can always be in the most suitable place.

Precise card slot every time.

Can make the opponent’s attack stall.


Jill frowned and wondered, “What’s going on?” How did Zhu Tian’s sense of position become so strong? ”

The assistant coach on the side said: “Is the level of Yanguo football so strong?” Zhu Tian returned to China once, and he knew how to get a card? ”

“According to the previous training matches, Zhu Tian did not fit into the rhythm of the team at all, it was completely like sleepwalking.”

Gil lifted his chin and smiled, “Maybe we can brag about him as Yaya Toure?” His penalty at the club is 20,000 euros! Record it, report it to the sporting director, and add it to 50,000 euros! ”

The assistant coach pondered for a moment and said: “I think zhu Tian can be packaged as Busquets’ successor, and the penalty should be increased to 100,000 euros!” ”

If Porto and Monaco are the most famous “black shops” in Europe.

Then the riverbed is the bridge between South America and Europe’s “star trade import and export”.

The kind of super black shop that wholesales “geniuses”.

The club came out with several superstars.

But it’s more of a “packaged” genius.


Tenth minute of the match.

The rain is getting heavier and heavier.

The scene became more and more chaotic.

Half-time in the heart of Team B.

The football suddenly flew to Zhu Tian’s feet.

Team B defenders immediately rushed up!

Zhu Tian’s vision suddenly appeared a white pass line!

He flicked the ball to the left with his right foot.

Dodged the other party’s foot.

Pump your left foot hard!

Football stands on the ground!

Make an arc in mid-air!

Crossed the entire back line of Team B!

Fall into the forbidden zone!

Giovanni appeared at the drop-off point.

Gently lift your feet.


The soccer ball catapulted into the net!


Heavy rain.

Everyone was shocked.

They all turned their heads and looked at Zhu Tian!

What is this vision?

This pass is a bit erratic! The swing is also reluctant, but it is too imaginative!

Goal hero Giovanni ran up in shock:

“You went back to Yanguo, how did you become so powerful?”

“Yanguo Kung Fu?”

Zhu Tian smiled and did not speak.


Jill grabbed the teaching assistant by the collar excitedly, “How did this boy do it?” This passing line! Hadn’t he been blinded by the rain curtain? ”

The teaching assistant blushed as he said, “Ji… You… Put me down. ”

As soon as the collar was loosened, he let out a long breath and muttered, “It’s a wide field of vision!” Maybe we haven’t noticed Zhu Tian’s offensive talent all along! He is Harvey’s successor! Pirlo’s successor! ”

Jill said impatiently, “Get out! Harvey and Pirlo, they are not retiring so soon! When they are their successors, the most obscure! ”

The teaching assistant excitedly said, “Look again! Take another look! Maybe just that kick, just Zhu Tian’s luck! ”


The game continues.

The lads of the A team began to hand over the ball to Zhu Tian.

The concept of the River Plate Academy is simple: who is stronger! Just pass the ball to whom!

Zhu Tian, who controls the ball, fully demonstrates the power of God’s perspective.

Team A gradually pressed forward.

Every pass he passes, every run.

Easily tore through team B’s backline!


The 30-minute intra-team training session ends.

Team A won a 5-0 victory!

Giovanni almost hat-tricked.

Teammates gathered around Zhu Tian:

“What did your boy eat when he returned to Yan country?” Brain Platinum? ”

“Or did you practice Yanguo Kung Fu?”

“Speak up!”



The teaching assistant quickly turned and ran away: “I want to tell the sports director about this!” Zhu Tian’s vision and consciousness! So well worth packing! ”

Jill yelled at the field, “Come down! The training session is over! Don’t be silly standing in the rain! ”

He looked at Zhu Tian’s figure and thought about it.

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