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Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 28

Putrajaya wealthy area.

A Chinese-style building.

Liu Yufei watched the whole game.

She also loves football.

But in this game, Zhu Tian was really different compared to before!

Although there is no improvement in technology.

But it shows an incredibly amazing ball quotient, ball feeling, and vision.

He became the hero who saved River Plate!

He said he was going to play in the Matador Nation?

It must be a great team in La Liga!



Three news quickly jumped on the hot search of major online platforms.

“National Youth Abandoned General: Zhu Tian! Shine in South America! 》

“The Sigh of Santos Gemini, the Defensive Art of Chinese Teenagers!” 》

“Amazing Reversal, Hero of River Plate! Zhu Tian passed two passes and one shot! One man makes three goals! 》

Not many likes.

The number of comments is skyrocketing.

-【What’s there to blow about in South American matches?] 】

-[These garbage media, didn’t they blow that Zhang Yu screw before? One look at the actual game and kick like! 】

– [This Zhu Tian is not a Yanguo person!] Driven away by the FA! It is a chinese who returns to China to cheat money and mix wages! 】

– [That is, the level of competition in South America is similar to the level of our central division!] There is no comparison with the Chinese Super League! 】

-【South American giants are not as good as the Chinese Super League?】 Just hard black! Say something like that, you’re either stupid or bad! 】

– [You guys are ****! Don’t know if Zhu Tian’s opponent is Nei Shao? Neishao is about to join Barca! 】

– [I don’t care!] South American games I just don’t watch! Unless Zhu Tian can also join the clubs of the five major leagues! 】

– [Five leagues?] Does he have that strength? 】


The next morning.


La Masia Academy.

Barca’s first-team stars appeared on the training ground.

The crowd is about to begin their vacation.

La Masia attaches great importance to the spiritual education of young players.

Sports Director Robert, specially invited the stars to coach the young players.

The event is coming to an end.

Mascherano suddenly asked, “What is the time difference between Barcelona and the Blue Eagles?” ”

Messi replied, “Look at the location, 5-6 hours!” ”

Alves patted his thigh: “Oops! Forgot to watch the South American Champions Cup! That was my favorite game when I was a kid! ”

Sanchez was also stunned.

“Where’s the TV, I’m going to watch the replay footage!”


Several South American stars in the Barca team immediately ran to the canteen.

Regardless of technical tactics, the South American Champions Cup is a feeling of their childhood.

Harvey smiled, “I’ll go to the cafeteria too to find something to eat.” ”


Moments later.

La Masia’s small canteen.

There was a loud noise.

Alves exclaimed, “Mascherano! Your mother team! When did River Plate come out with such genius! ”

Mascherano shook his head: “In the last Club World Cup, the inside was a lot of pain for our back line!” ”

Sanchez muttered, “He froze Neshao!” Is it an islander or a stickman? ”

“There will be no foreigners at River Plate Academy!”

“Hurry up and call to contact River Plate’s hometown!”

“There is a good chance that Nei Shao will come to Barcelona in the summer window!” Better bring this kid here too! ”

Messi didn’t speak.

He looked at the wonderful replay on the screen, and there was appreciation in his eyes.

I can’t help but give an evaluation in my heart:

The steals were clean and not South at all.

Passing is imaginative.

In the process of breakthrough, it also reflects a good sense of the ball.

Messi’s thoughts could not help but drift away: Is this oriental teenager a blue eagle national?

Why didn’t the national junior team and the national youth team in the Blue Eagles national team have not seen him?

Harvey took a bite of the bread.

Look at the screen, thoughtful.

This black-and-white television, in the cafeteria of La Masia, had been in service for more than twenty years.

Although La Masia has money, it is missed every year in the list of equipment changes.

Harvey said slowly:

“This boy, very good! Especially vision and consciousness. ”

“But I can’t tell his age from the black-and-white TV.”

“It’s a pity he wasn’t born in the bullfighting country, if he had grown up in La Masia… Maybe…”

“His passing, his speed, his shots are average!”

‘We have Fabregas up front and Busquets at the back.

‘He came to Barca and either changed to defender or went on loan.

The crowd was silent.

Harvey is not demeaning, but praising, but also considering from the direction of Zhu Tian’s growth.

No one questioned what Harvey said.

Mascherano, the Premier League’s top back, came to Barca to play as a defender.

Barca attach great importance to the passing skills of their players.

This level of ability has basically been fixed since childhood.

After the crowd left.

Harvey suddenly saw the best MVP player information on the screen: Zhu Tian, 16 years old.

16 years old?

That means something completely different!

I’m old enough to play for Barca for a year or two at most.

The era of “Habaibu” is coming to an end!

Barca need ferrymen who can carry on the past!

He immediately found the Barça sporting director – Robert, who was piling up the waiter!

“Robert, the summer window will open immediately, and you can pay attention to the young general of the riverbed, Zhu Tian!” His name should be this pronunciation! ”

“If River Plate’s offer is not excessive, I suggest you try to bring him to La Masia.”

“No, not as much as possible, yes!”

Robert looked surprised, Harvey recommended players to himself?

This is something that has never been done before.



Sporting director of Atletico Madrid, Bertha.

Boarded a plane to Buenos Aires.

Along with him were two senior executives in the club.

‘Simeone said that if the boy is signed, Atletico will win all the titles next season.

The three laughed, accustomed to Simeone’s exaggerated way of speaking.

“Atletico’s history has never been so grand as signing a door-to-door signing.”

“According to reliable sources, in this summer window, Real Madrid will sign Bale! Barca will sign nego less! ”

“We at Atletico will sign … What’s that kid’s name? ”

Atletico’s three senior executives did not have any complaints about the next boat and car.

On the contrary, it seems to be in a good mood.

At Atletico Madrid.

Manager Simeone is a being under one man!

He has absolute control over the team.

In the past, Atletico have sold Aguero, Torres, Falcao.

Accumulated a large amount of transfer funds!

Atletico in 2013, rich in Shenfeng!

What is missing is a metronome that can lead the team to complete a quick offensive and defensive transition!

three-day summer promotion, charge 100 and get 500 VIP coupons!

immediately rushed (Campaign period: August 13 to August 15)

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