Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 27

Zhu Tian did not practice with his teammates.

I don’t know where I’m attacking on set-pieces.

Just a casual stop.

He faces the Santos goal.

The referee was heard blowing a whistle.

Roxas was heard touching the ball.

From God’s perspective.

The landing point of football has been revealed.

The running position of the personnel on both sides is also in control.

The human wall jumped high.

No one tops the football.

Zhu Tian’s broken steps were slightly adjusted.

The ball landed right in front of him.

It’s just that the ball speed is too fast.

He must react immediately!

“Backpoint location!”

“Zhu Tian!”

“The ball speed is too fast!” It’s hard to stop! ”

Roxas did not directly choose to hit the goal.

He deliberately made an arc with the instep of his outer foot! Over the human wall.

Pass the ball to the back post! It reached Zhu Tian’s body!

At this time.

Everyone’s gaze.

All focused on this young general!

Only to see Zhu Tian leaning forward.

Stop the ball in your chest!

The moment the football lands!

He’s already made a shot!

Maradona Ball Sense Module!

Essentially, it’s not on the defensive end!

Its maximum potency! In the restricted area! It’s on full display!


This touch of the ball.

In the ears of River Plate fans, it is the sound of nature.

In the ears of Santos fans, it is the elegy of hell.

Soccer balls shoot out!

Carry the rain!

Slammed into Santos’ goal!



“Push hard after the ball is stopped in the chest!”

“Zhu Tian helped River Plate in the final stages of the game! Done with the anti-super! ”

“He completed two passes and one shot in less than 45 minutes!”

“He restricted Santos Gemini!”

“He seems to be saying: Who is the super genius of South America?”


River Plate teammates pounced on Zhu Tian!

Lift him up!

This obscure Chinese teenager has already stunned the audience!

The veterans recognized Zhu Tian from the bottom of their hearts!

They forgot Mascherano, they forgot About Ramera.

Zhu Tian! It is the treasure of the River Plate Academy!

River Plate fans cheered wildly!

I don’t know who first shouted out a Yanguo pronunciation!

Followed by.

A Chinese name resounded through monumental stadiums!





Heroes of River Plate!

Heroes of monumental stadiums!


Yanguo live broadcast room.

There was silence.

The sailors hired by the Football Association have no way to start at this moment.

The Fans of Yanguo, who were misled by the news, also stopped speaking.

How dark is this?

How can it be dark?

One man, three goals alone, reversed the South American overlord Santos!

Fools will continue to be hard black, right?


At the urging of the referee.

The River Plate veterans slowly returned to the middle circle.

The game reopens.

The Santos players became more and more impatient.

The calm Ganso, over time, also gradually accelerated the rhythm of the attack.


River Plate veterans are very experienced.

They staged a textbook hooligan style of play: “The advantage is in me, how to play the ball?” 》

South America didn’t stick to it, didn’t put up a bus!

They continue to maintain a high level of oppression!

Gap in the backcourt.

To Zhu Tian and the other two young centre-backs!

The veterans stepped up their defensive moves in the middle circle!

I’d rather foul and eat a card.

Delay the other side’s attack too!

The impatient Santos players don’t want to get tangled up in the middle!

The rhythm of the attack is getting more and more chaotic!

“The River Plate players are very experienced!”

“In the epilogue, they took turns taking tactical fouls!”

“The scale of the foul also makes the referee very embarrassed, ah, do you give the card?” Ay! Boggs pushed roxas down! ”

“No, it shouldn’t! Santos is behind at this time and should calm down! ”


Zhu Tian also had to admire the experience of the veterans.

Didn’t eat a card yourself? And let the opposing impatient player eat the card?

The reason why they did not choose this rogue oppressive tactic in the opening.

It is the fear of eating cards and affecting the appearance of the second leg.

Now the team is in the lead.

There is very little game time left.

If they want to keep the victory, they show their true colors!



Santos coach Ramalho, pointing at Almeida, angrily exclaimed, “Shameless! You guys are insulting the beautiful football of South America. ”

Almeida smiled faintly and ignored it.

The teaching assistant wiped the rain on his forehead and was slightly stunned: This scene, is the role of the role interchange?

The game time passed minute by minute.


“Beep! Beep beep~”

The referee blew the end of the game!

The score hasn’t been changed!


The riverbed has completed the reversal!

Almeida and the bench players, the staff rushed frantically to the pitch!

The stands of the Monument Stadium also erupted into a landslide tsunami-like shout!

“Zhu Tian! I’ll get you out of the youth team right away!” ”

“I’ll revolve around you at the core!” Frame a whole new tactic! ”

“We will definitely be able to lift the South American Champions Cup!!!”

Almeida clenched Zhu Tian’s hands!

The eyes are full of anticipation!

He was already imagining: he was leading the river plate himself! Sweeping the picture of South America!

Heavy rain.

River Plate fans in the nearby stands. I can’t bear to let my own little general rain!

They scolded Almeida!

“Almeida! You idiot! Hurry up and let our genius go to rest! ”

“Almeida! If there is no Zhu Tian! You don’t want to get out of Monument Field tonight! ”

“You’re the most underwhelming manager Ever River Plate!”


Zhu Tian walked towards the players’ channel.

Danilo ran forward, hesitated for a moment, and said, “You’re awesome! But the second leg, at santos’ home! We will definitely beat you…”

There was nothing malicious about his tone.

With a serious expression, he looked more like a secondary school student in an island country.

Ganso hurriedly pulled away from this second.2

River Plate veterans glared at Danilo.

Nei Less looked dazed.

Zhu Tian didn’t have the heart to pay attention to this, he was looking forward to the settlement of the system.

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