Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 26

Yanguo live broadcast room.

The big screen replays the goal just made.

The number of viewers gradually increased.

– [Match-fixing! 】

-【What’s going on!】 Santos is hairy! Let Zhu Tian assist again? Can’t stop a jerk? 】

– [What is Nei Shao playing?] It can also be defended by Zhu Tian! 】

-【There is a saying, South American Champions Cup, just like our national youth team, five or five open! Wu Xiaofan’s strength should be similar to Nei Shao’s. 】

-[River Plate is far worse than our Club in the Chinese Super League, Bayern Real Madrid came to Yanguo, and the Chinese Super League club only played back and forth.] 】

-【Trouble the FA to spend more money, please some water troops with higher IQ, Wu Xiaofan is similar to Nei Shao?】 Laugh off your teeth! 】

– [You guys are writing pens, you can say all this! Don’t know that Bayern Real Madrid’s Asian trip is deliberately releasing water? 】



Almeida stood where she was, letting the heavy rain wet her gray suit.

Crazy, he smiled and said, “With Zhu Tian!” We want to set our sights on the final of the South American Champions Cup! ”

The teaching assistant stopped talking, but finally did not speak.

He was a close confidant of Skeley.

He got the news: after playing this game, Zhu Tian may be leaving South America.


Santos Goalkeeper will pick up the ball from the net.

A kick to the stands.

Yelling at frustrated teammates, “Are you sleepwalking?” ”

Amid the cheers of River Plate fans.

Zhu Tian again refused Jivani’s celebration.

He waved at the little caddy on the sideline.

Took over the football.

Run to the centre circle again.

See this scene.

Santos coach Ramalho’s eyes revealed a hint of fear!

Does this kid feel that the equalizer is not satisfied?

Does he think River Plate can still score goals?

Nei Shao looked at Zhu Tian’s back and recalled the process of being broken.

I couldn’t help but shake my head.


The rain is getting heavier and heavier.

The lap reopens during the race!

Being equalised by two goals in a row was too demoralizing.

The Santos players were cautious.

Boggs passed the ball straight back to Ganso.

Ganso was in no hurry to attack.

He combed through the midfield step by step.

The speed of the front pressure of the formation is very slow.

“The turf is soaked by rain.”

“The speed at which the football rolls on the ground is affected.”


Santos’s advance was not fast.

But under the needle-piercing line of Ganso.

Kill everywhere.

River Plate’s two mid-range avant-gardes are useless!

Whenever football comes to the inner less feet!

The duo will always be the great background board for samba’s genius!

But neither as long as it crosses the half-court hinterland to hold the ball.

Zhu Tian will always appear in the most suitable interception position in time!

Steal the ball!

No matter what the inside is less, any extraordinary action!

Even the rainbow is outstanding!

It was also easily resolved by Zhu Tian with all kinds of unbelievable card slots!

Even Ganso wanted to cooperate with Neishao to do the transmission.

It will also be recognized by Zhu Tian to break the passing line.

The morale of River Plate’s teammates was greatly shaken, and they also actively cooperated with Zhu Tian to assist in defense.

For a moment, Santos’s advance became weaker and weaker.

However, River Plate did not get another chance to counterattack, and the veterans lost their physical strength too quickly to sprint.

The audience was stunned!

Time passes minute by minute.

Heavy rain.

In this game, Santos Gemini power is not there, it is Zhu Tian’s performance alone!

Intercept steals on the show!

“The Art of Defense!”

“Unbelievable! A young general actually restricted gemini! ”

“Under the influence of rain! The talent of the inner few is difficult to use! The ball was no longer moving under his feet! ”

“Zhu Tian, it seems that he has not been affected by any external factors, and every time he steals, he is always so clean!”

Match 81st minute.

Neishao became more and more impatient.

He received a pass from Danilo.

It seemed to be a fierce competition, and once again played a fake action in front of Zhu Tian!



Young neither, even later went to Barcelona.

I didn’t change my temper.

In the distance, Ganso desperately shouted, “This side! Pass the ball over! ”

Less inside!

He tried to use the “cow’s tail to pass”!

The moment the outer instep and the inner instep alternately touch the ball!

Under the influence of the rain, the speed of the football rolling, slowed down a few points!


Football was once again snatched by Zhu Tian!

“River Plate’s counterattack is coming again!”

“It’s Zhu Tian again!”

“He’s the midfield metronome of River Plate’s offensive and defensive conversions!”

Zhu Tian forcefully pulled out a long pass!

The football rose off the ground and made a splash!

High and high towards the riverbed halfway!

The quality of the pass is average!

The landing error is also very large!

The bounce offset is even greater!

But it fell into the area where santos defenders were neglectful!

River Plate Forward – Gutierrez!

Quietly plug forward!

Lift your foot to stop the ball!

The ball was passed very uncomfortably!

He staggered a few steps

Just hold the ball steady!

Rush to the Santos exclusion zone!

“Is this script again?”

“It’s this kind of single knife attack again!”

“Can Gutierrez seize this opportunity to strike back?”


The audience in the stands and in front of the TV set were excited!

Gutierrez dribbled the ball and reached the front of Santos’ penalty area.

Just about to swing your legs and shoot!

He was shoveled down by Danilo with the ball!

This moment.

Santos fans applauded!

River Plate fans began a frenzied swearing!

Almeida roared in anger.

Ramalho’s expression was cloudy!


The referee blew the whistle!

Show Danilo a yellow card!

“A free kick in this position is dangerous!”

“Will Zhu Tian be punished?”

“Will Zhu Tian give us more surprises?”


The referee pulled out a spray foam.

A white circle was drawn at the foul spot.

River Plate’s first penalty shooter, Roxas, waved expectantly at Zhu Tian.

Zhu Tian ran to the free throw spot.

Look into the goal.

There are no passing lines in the field of vision.

Not to mention hitting the door directly.

His technical level is not as good as the veterans of the first team.

He smiled and waved his hand.

Back to the exclusion zone.

This is the scene.

River Plate fans burst out laughing.

They like this Chinese teenager more and more!

Almeida was a little disappointed.

He also looked forward to Zhu Tian’s free kick stunt of “Xuan Iron Epee” or “Full Moon Curved Sword”!

He then laughed to himself.

River Plate was able to equalize two goals behind and was already pretty good.

How could he ask for more on Zhu Tian’s body.

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