Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 25

The lap reopened during the race.

Boggs kicked off and knocked inside less.

Nei Lesser Back Pass Ganso.

Immediately the whole person rushed forward.

Ganso touched the ball with one foot.

It was given to Danilo, who was inserted from the right.

The Santos formation pushed forward quickly.

Danilo’s heart is not broken: teammates are too light enemies! He was teased by a young youth trainer on the entire central axis.

He was running at high speed on the flanks.

A change of direction shook off Roxas, who was trying to intercept.

Keep going!

Not much obstruction was encountered.

Come to the hinterland of the riverbed.

He observed that the location of the inner less was very good.

Immediately send a foot to the ground pass.

Danilo’s mind had already come up with the scene of the inner leader leading the ball turning and accelerating, crossing the back line of the riverbed!

This is a tacit understanding that the two have established since they were young!

The ball rolls quickly on the turf.

“This pass is dangerous!”

Just within the moment of catching the ball, turn around and prepare for the moment of acceleration!

A figure stood in his way!

Zhu Tian!

Nei Shao smiled.

Gently push the ball diagonally.

And didn’t slow down!

He lowered his center of gravity.

The feet circle quickly back and forth above the soccer ball.

The upper body is slightly shaking, which is very rhythmic.

“Pedal through the bike!”

“The internal body coordination is too strong! The foot movements are very flexible! ”

“Dazzled back and forth! Defenders can easily be deceived into their center of gravity! ”

– [You see, Zhu Tian’s original form is revealed!] Nei Shao is teasing him! 】

-【What a strength Zhu Tian retreated!] Rewind! Retreat to the forbidden zone! 】

– [Santos has just been lightly defeated!] Only to give Zhu Tian a chance! Right now! River Plate is ready for the bloodbath of Gemini! 】

– [My pre-match prediction is 5:1!] Now let’s see! That’s half right! 】


Almeida roared furiously, “Are you stupid? Go and help! Go and help Zhu Tian! ”

As the legendary back of the Blue Eagle Kingdom.

The River Plate manager knows deeply why “cycling” has not been abandoned by the times.

It’s too hard to defend!

Easy to get out of the foot, will be shaken out of the center of gravity!

Without stepping out, stabilize the center of gravity, you will be pulled away by the other party in an instant change of direction!


Zhu Tian’s current opponent is Nei Shao!

How could he be alone?

In the stands of monumental stadiums.

Samba fans cheered.

Neishao’s brilliant moves have become an impromptu show in Santos’ matches!

Zhu Tian was unmoved.

As the ball moved, he took two steps back.

With the help of Maradona Ball Sense Module.

He clearly sensed the speed of movement of the football, the change in the center of gravity of the body and the false movement of the feet.

Not affected by this fake action of their own center of gravity.

Everything in Zhu Tian’s vision seemed to be slowed down.

It was at the moment when Nei Shao’s feet crossed in circles for the fifth time.

The distance between the two was slightly widened.

Nei Shao’s right foot arched against the soccer ball!

He’s about to change direction!

An instant.

Zhu Tian held out his left foot.


He tiptoed his toes!

Football passes through the crotch of the crotch of the inner few!

The audience was shocked!

The Santos fans quieted down!

In South America! It was the first time they had ever seen someone who could steal the ball so easily!

River Plate fans are screaming wildly!

This Chinese teenager has brought too many surprises to them!

“Wonderful defense!”

“Clean and tidy!”

“Zhu Tian’s steal! So elegant! ”

“Between two people, there is no physical confrontation at all!”

Yanguo live broadcast room.

The fans fell silent.

Almeida clutched the wig angrily.

“This kid’s defensive art is simply innate! Damn it! Why is this genius buried! ”

The assistant coach shook his head: “Zhu Tian has only played one U18 game for the River Plate echelon, and I now understand Director Skeley’s intentions to prevent the people in the inner minority!” Only him! ”

Zhu Tian bypassed the Samba genius!

Take the ball for a trip!

The clarion call to strike back was blown!

Santos was pressed too hard in formation, and the players didn’t even look back!

Zhu Tian has led the River Plate players to launch a sprint!

River Plate fans sing the team song!

Home field advantage! In this moment! It’s a morale-boosting battle song!

Ramalho swings his fists!

Roaring wildly at the field: “Stop him! ”

The Santos players woke up and rushed madly towards Zhu Tian!

The birthplace of Latin football!

South American teams don’t pay attention to the overall formation!

There is no need to pay attention to it!

The first time was a light enemy!

Can you stop this nameless pawn for the second time?

Zhu Tian alone! It attracted multiple defensive players!

From God’s perspective.

Santos’ high backline! Chaotic like a mess!

In Zhu Tian’s vision, a white pass line once again appeared!

No hesitation.

Between opposing players approaching.

He swung his leg heavily into the bottom right of the football!

The soccer ball drilled out in the most densely populated part of the stadium!

Fly to the vacuum zone of the left half of the riverbed!

There was an uproar!

The ball speed is not very fast!

The line is not a bit erratic!

But it’s like a blunt knife!

Stabbed in Santos’ weakest part!

“Young General Zhu Tian showed an extremely broad vision at this moment!”

“Tall Santos players! It didn’t obstruct his vision! ”

“His passing skills are not as good as Ganso’s! But very deadly! ”

“We’ve seen a River Plate player already run past the middle lap!”

“!!! Gioni”


Dark clouds obscured the night sky at MonumentAldo!

Purple thunder, like a dragon roaring in the clouds!

A drop of rain fell on Almeida’s nose.

He was indifferent.

Stare dead at the pitch!

Gioni has already received the ball!

It’s heading for Santos’ forbidden zone!

The road ahead is wide!

The opposing players are crazy back to defense!

But can’t catch up!

Goalkeeper Santos is hesitant to strike!


Just grasp this single knife opportunity created by Zhu Tian!

You’ll be able to equalize!

“Gioni! Stop shooting! Poke me in! Don’t waste the opportunity that Zhu Tian gave you! ”


Gioni waded through the ball.

His running posture is not standardized.

The cadence is not fast enough!

But the pass that Zhu Tian sent was too imaginative.

So much so that Danilo, who started a few seconds slower, couldn’t catch up!

Gioni gritted her teeth.

Crazy acceleration!

He hadn’t enjoyed this “being fed” in a long time!

Be a full-back!

He has a shooter’s heart!

It was raining in the sky.

Bean-sized raindrops, hitting Gioni in the face.

It was as if it had stimulated his nerves!

Twenty-six meters from the goal!

He didn’t observe! Swing your leg straight and shoot out!

Goalkeeper Santos misjudged the wrong direction!

Football raises the net!


“Nice long-range shot!”

“Zhu Tian assisted twice! Gioni shoots from a distance! River Plate equalised! ”

“Both sides are back on the same running line!”


“Magical Chinese general! After he comes on! The performance on both ends of the offensive and defensive ends is too eye-catching! ”

“Santos Gemini, just when the night sky at Monument Stadium! The stars have been obscured by dark clouds and heavy rain! ”

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