Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 24


Almeida roared angrily, “Are you all stupid? Go pick up the boy! ”

The teaching assistant shook his head helplessly: “It’s too late! No chance! At this point, the angle of the pass is also blocked! ”

The players on the bench also tensed up.

They stood up.

Eyes on Santos’ half!

The other side.

Ramallot straightened his messy hair.

Restored to its usual demeanor.

The advantage is about to come back to us.

The players are just too light on the enemy.

Only to let a nobody toss a little wave!


River Plate fans.

I couldn’t help but chuckle my heart.

Attacking opportunities are secondary!

They saw that both Santos players had fallen to the ground from the side and shoveled!

Zhu Tian was likely to be injured!

The defensive action of the 2013 South American game was very large, and the scale of blowing penalties was also very loose.

The probability of serious injury for the players! Much higher than Europe!

They have become numb to a lot of injuries on the pitch.

But never want the treasures of river plate academy to be snuffed out at MonumentAle!

Santos’ big penalty area front.

It was chaos.

Five Santos players in dark blue jerseys.

Surround the teenager in the white jersey.

The picture seems to be slowed down several times.

Zhu Tian pulled the ball sideways.

Dodged a flying shovel that struck first!

Santos centre-back suddenly stepped out.

The second flying shovel from the right side also killed.


Ganso and Neishao are also close to the body!

“There’s no chance!”

“Messi and Maradona’s five in a row are too hard to replicate!”

River Plate fans take a breath of cool air!

In this chaos.

They had already guessed the next picture: a man on his back.

Between the electric light and flint.

Zhu Tian’s vision suddenly appeared a white passing line!


At the moment of falling to the ground.

His left foot arched.

Kicked at the bottom of the football!


The center of gravity is brought down.

Insufficient power!

In everyone’s eyes.

The ball rose to the ground and crossed the shoulder side of the centre-back!

This was followed by the front line of the big penalty area.

Bounced twice.

Gently roll on the turf!

No man’s land!

“He’s in this situation! You can also pass the ball out!!! ”

“The quality of the pass was poor! The landing point is excellent! Just happened to be Santos grabbing the out-of-position area of the centre-back! ”


“Who can touch the ball first?”

Goalkeeper Santos strikes hard!

River Plate Forward – Gutierrez Stride Meteor!

Rush to the football!


Gutierrez’s toes!

Poke the ball first!

Santos goalkeeper, leaning over to pounce on the ball, was halfway through.

The ball passed through his crotch.

Roll into the goal!


“Beautiful crotch shot!”

“The 49th minute of the game! River Plate pulled back a goal! ”

“Zhu Tian is the biggest contributor to this goal! He single-handedly carried the ball from the backfield to the edge of the penalty area! Face a multiplayer siege! He was also able to deliver assists! ”

“It’s wonderful!”

“He will despair of the riverbed, from the brink of rout!” Pulled back! ”

Yanguo live broadcast room.

The barrage was silent for a few seconds.

-【The… Brother who wants to eat thirty pounds, are you okay? 】

-【The South American Champions Cup is such a low-level event, who looks, it is similar to the Chinese Super League.] 】

-[It’s also at the middle A level, nothing to look at.] 】

-[What’s so weird about mixing up an assist.] 】

-【Santos Gemini True Dish.】】 】

-【Garbage Santos!】 What a garbage defense. 】

-[Zhu Tian’s sneakers, really ugly.] 】


River Plate fans did not immediately cheer.

The River Plate players also did not immediately celebrate.

Almeida worried: “Team doctor! Team Doctor you fucking get up there! ”

Their eyes were fixed on the front of the Santos penalty area.

Neishao and Ganso climbed up.

Three Santos players also climbed up.

Almeida clenched her fists….

The referee trotted forward and pulled up Zhu Tian.

Turned and showed Santos a yellow card.

He had just seen everything clearly.

Even if the ball doesn’t go in, River Plate will get a well-placed free kick.

Zhu Tian rubbed his calves.

Run towards the Santos goal.

Fished up the football.

The team is still behind and he doesn’t want to waste any more time tangling with the opposing centre-back.


In the stands of the Monument Stadium, a landslide tsunami of cheers erupted!

River Plate teammates rushed to Zhu Tian, wanting to celebrate.

Zhu Tian waved his hand and signaled: Don’t waste time.

The team is still behind!

He held the ball and ran to the middle circle of the court.


He looked into the Main Stand! Raise your arms!

The passion of River Plate fans is ignited again!

Most of them, who don’t pay attention to the youth league, don’t know the name of this youngster!

But at this time, I can’t help but start chanting the slogan of the riverbed:




River Plate’s home field advantage is vividly reflected at this moment!

Duan Xuan also seemed to be infected by this emotion:

“Leadership temperament!”

“In the adversity of the team! He showed tough qualities! ”

“It’s not scary to be left behind! There is still time for river plate! ”

Yanguo live broadcast room.

The barrage was silent.

The number of viewers, but not decreased.


Deafening cheers.

Let all the players of Santos, the coaching team, can’t help but shudder!

Neishao and Ganso glanced at each other.

No one could see what the two were thinking.

Santos’ players, with their heads bowed, slowly ran back to their positions.

The goalkeeper complained loudly at the two centre-backs.

“You can’t even defend a river plate youth trainer?”

“Can a foul still make him pass that ball?”

“That kind of crappy pass, can you still break the goal?”

Ramalho had a dignified expression.

The tone was somewhat hysterical:

“Attack! Use our offense! Crush them! ”

“In South America, there is no defensive line that can withstand the attack of Gemini!”

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