Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 21

The lap reopened during the race.

The River Plate players looked helpless.

The opening is less than 15 minutes long.

They just restarted the ball twice.

Gutierrez kicked off and passed back.

River Plate midfielder Rojas received the ball and pushed straight forward.

He was quickly intercepted by Santos’ players.

The football came to The Feet of Ganso.

He was in no hurry to attack.

It’s about being flexible enough to get rid of the River Plate players.

Pass the ball back to the backfield.

The ball begins to pass slowly.

Neishao and Ganso’s positions also gradually moved back.

On the front line, only Boggs was left wandering the high backline of the riverbed.

“Santos are currently two goals ahead and they are now interested in slowing down a bit!”

“Don’t give the riverbed half a chance!”

After Ganso was seriously injured.

The speed becomes very slow.

In terms of physical fitness, it is also far less than before.

Head coach Ramalho, who is also well aware of santos’ backline, has a lot of weaknesses.

Slow down the pace first.

Rely on the upside down foot, consume the opponent’s high-level oppression of physical strength!

Under the top passing technology of Ganso and Neishao.

Santos kept the ball firmly at his feet.

The oppression of River Plate’s players has no effect.

Santos, didn’t want to give Riverbed any chance!

Time passes minute by minute.

MonumentAlum’s momentum waned.

River Plate fans were silent and angry.

In the stands, only Santos fans were left singing the team song.



Loud and neat singing.

It’s full of uplifting excitement.

But in the ears of the River Plate players.

It’s like a lullaby.

Powerless, desperate.

Helpless, dazed.

All kinds of negative emotions came to mind.

Almeida yelled at the Santos fans in the stands, “Shut up! ”


He was responded by several drink bottles, lighters, can boxes….

“Damn Ramalho, too shameless and too utilitarian! This style of play is simply insulting to our beautiful South American football! ”

Almeida turned and fired at Santos boss Ramalho.

Ramallho smiled faintly and ignored it.

Victory is in our hands!

As for the way the riverbed died.

Save it until the second half!


‘Santos stabilized the situation after scoring two goals and they went through a very simple back-and-forth pass that made the scene a little duller.

“During this time, The players at River Plate seem to be physically exhausted!”

– [I announce that this is a 15-minute match!] 】

– [See?] Even if you play in midfield, you are very good! Passing and possession, absolutely! 】

-【Santos Gemini, it really looks very different!】 As soon as they got the ball, I felt like the game was going to change! 】

– [The riverbed is not saved!] The strength gap is too big! 】

– [Did you see that?] Riverbed back waist cramps? No way! Only played half-time! What a waste! 】

38-year-old riverbed back.

He staggered a few steps, looked pained, sat down on the ground, and raised his hand in a gesture.

Nei glanced at it and kicked the ball out of bounds.

The referee looked at the watch.

Homeopathic blew the whistle at the end of the first half!

The River Plate team doctor rushed to the field.

“In South American matches, the referee’s grasp of time is not so strict!”

‘Like the Bundesliga and Serie A, they rarely give up first-half stoppage time.

It was only in 2016 that FIFA harmonized the standards of injury time in leagues around the world.


Almeida and the assistant coach angrily walked toward the players’ tunnel.

The players also walked off the field listlessly.

Spectators in the stands also walked out of the stadium to rest and replenish their snacks and drinks.

The referee group and the fourth officer also left sight.

Only Zhu Tian.

Sitting alone at the very end of the bench.

He doesn’t even have to go to the locker room to “have a meeting” together.

In the eyes of the fans.

Zhu Tian was like simply walking through a formality.

Add a “South American Champions Cup semi-final” experience to your profile.

Yanguo live broadcast room.

Some of the fans have not dispersed.

The camera just happens to give the river plate a bench.

-【You see, Zhu Tian is superfluous!】 No need to go back to the locker room for a meeting! 】

-【Haha, Lao Tzu hates this kind of handsome and incompetent little fresh meat the most!】 Now I know that River Plate’s money is not easy to cheat! 】

-【When the game is over, River Plate will definitely refrigerate Zhu Tian!】 Too redundant! 】

-【The top level of River Plate is a pen, what is the point of giving Zhu Tian this opportunity to enter the big list?] The FA banned him! Can’t sell back to the Chinese Super League! 】

-【Chinese Super League?】 Does Zhu Tian have the strength to play in the Chinese Super League? Funny! Our Super League level is not bad! But it’s also impossible to cheat people out of wages, hehe! 】

Riverbed dressing rooms.

Almeida’s mouth foamed, spraying the team up and down!

“Gutierrez! Are you sleepwalking? You touched the ball twice in the whole first half! Or twice in the middle circle! ”

“Gioni! You think of yourself as a winger? The best chance to shoot! Let you waste it! ”

“Roxas! If you can’t kick it, don’t kick it! Go home and take your grandchildren! I heard that your eldest son is getting married! ”

The players didn’t refute it.

They have become accustomed to falling behind when the head coach has this “discipline”.

There is no resistance.

A long time ago, Almeida was an idol for the children of river plate academy.

Serie A champion, European Cup Winners’ Cup winners…

Best midfielder in Serie A.

Best Squad of the World Cup.

The Blue Eagles’ all-time lineup.

Almeida’s accolades as a player are innumerable.

But his coaching experience is still not enough.

The assistant coach asked cautiously: “Velante can’t hold on to the game anymore, we have no one to choose in the back position.” ”

Almeida was confused on the spot: “This old guy, isn’t he cramping?” Damn…”

The crowd heard this.

Morale was even lower.

“We also have a young player in the youth team, and his position is the back!”

I don’t know who shouted this sentence.

Almeida covered her forehead: “Can he play the South American Champions Cup?” Does he have that strength? Never mind… Let him warm up! ”

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