Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 20

Yanguo live broadcast room.

The big screen replayed the goal just made.

From an overhead view.

One less person on the left side of the penalty area attracted a number of River Plate defenders.

Ganso’s running position is also very erratic.

While leaning on the opposing right-back.

You can also send such a high-quality arc long-range shot!

– [The goal came too fast!] Ha ha! Less than three minutes into the opening, my millions of happy beans were listening! 】

-【Normal operation! How can the riverbed, this defense line, stop the Gemini! 】

– [Don’t look at it, it’s another massacre!] River Plate simply doesn’t have the strength to score goals! 】

– [That is, there are no major national team matches this summer, otherwise I will come to see South American matches?] 】


Nei less and Ganso, there was not much to celebrate.

This goal.

As if it were taken for granted.

The back line of the riverbed.

Not at all threatening.

The single back of the riverbed could not limit them at all.


The lap reopened during the race.

River Plate striker Gutierrez passed the ball back to midfielder Rojas.

The team formation is crazy forward pressure.

River Plate’s left and right full-backs also gave up defending.

Run at high speed on both sides.

Football passes quickly.

Soon crossed Over Ganso and Neishao.

Straight into the hinterland of Santos’ half.

Rojas faced the two men’s pressing and quickly split sides.

Full-back Gioni received the ball on the left.

Quickly cut inside!

Swing past Santos centre-back!

Kick shots!


The soccer line is too straight.

The shot was too positive.

The Santos goalkeeper easily held the ball.

Gutierrez spread his hands in the small penalty area, signaling that the ball should be passed to him.

“This shot is a bit casual!”

“The mood of river plate equalization is urgent!”

“They just played really well in this round of attack! Threatened Santos’ goal! ”


Almeida punched the turf angrily and roared, “Don’t waste your chance! You can make another transition! ”

Zhu Tian sat on the bench.

From God’s perspective.

He found the attack on the riverbed still very methodical.

After all, it is a giant.

Santos is also far inferior to the European team in terms of defense.

If you remove the inner less and the ganso.

Santos’s offensive and defensive strength is not necessarily the opponent of River Plate.



Zhu Tian did not see too many tactical elements in the two teams.

In the timeline of past lives.

The head coaches of the two teams were also very similar in their reasons for leaving class: there was no uniform tactics.

This is also one of the reasons why the level gap between South American football and European football has become wider and wider after the nineties.


The game continues.

The Santos goalkeeper threw the ball to Danilo.

At this time, he did not pay as much attention to defense as he did in the future.

Offense is explosive.

Under the rough tactical system.

Directly starting speed, with the ball from the side to the center circle.

Santos’s formation is also steadily moving forward.

The riverbed did not retreat.

High-pressure pressing in the midfield.

Danilo’s strength is also significantly higher than the average line of South American players.

He changed directions one after another to get rid of River Plate striker and center forward.

Easily reach the ribs of the half.

“Very personal style of play! This Santos No. 21 young player, the breakthrough is very sharp! ”

“Easy to help the team open up the situation!”

The river sheets were baffled.

He didn’t know who to guard against!

Teammates on the flanks are clearly out of Danilo!

If you help yourself in the past.

The middle road is empty again!

Neishao and Ganso will face the last line of defense directly!

Just when he hesitated.

Danilo changed direction again.

Wiped over the riverside fullback!

Straight down the line!

“Are you going to cross from the bottom?”

At this time.

Inside the riverbed exclusion zone.

White jerseys and blue jerseys overlap.

Players on both sides are always ready to fight!

Danilo swings his legs!

Made a cross move!

The riverbed highs take off first!


The moment you draw a football.

The inner instep transforms into a bow!

The cross into an inverted triangle diagonal pass!

Football rolls to the edge of the penalty area!

Ganso reappeared.

Facing the football.

Sideways, with a gentle push of your left foot!

The ball passed through the gap between the River Plate defenders.

Straight into the riverbed small forbidden area!

“Pass like a scalpel! Worthy of being a South American midfield master! ”

“Ganso’s vision is too strong!”

Almeida held her head helplessly!

He had already predicted what was going to happen next!

Chaotic little forbidden areas.

Adjust your footsteps slightly.

Back to goal!

At the moment when the football comes to the feet.

Lift your left foot.

The heel hits again.

The ball bounces softly.

Fly to the right of the goal!

The goalkeeper reacted.

It’s still one step too late.

River Plate’s net, lifted again!


“It’s gorgeous!”

“Neishao is like a dancer in the forbidden zone!”

“Wonderful heel ejection to break the goal! As if to say: no difficulty ball, he does not score! ”

“Santos Gemini! Helped the team to extend the advantage of the score! ”

“This is a performance that belongs to genius!”


Samba tourists in the stands chanted the name of Gemini!

In their hearts.

This game, no suspense anymore!

They were already expecting a third goal to come soon!

Danilo rushed forward, with Nesho, high-fived in celebration.

Coach Ramalho shouted!

Immediately wave over to Ganso, with a serious expression, whisper softly, explain the tactical change!

The other side.

Almeida rubbed her hair with both hands.

His face was gray.

Swearing grinned, “Our back line is like island tofu!” Shatter when you touch it! The crumbs that flow into the white flowers! ”

The teaching assistant looked confused and did not dare to speak.

Leaving aside the veterans of River Plate, whether they are willing to implement the tactical system of regional defense.

Age alone.

River Plate’s double center-back and back can be the father of the inner few.


Several people’s ages can be Zhu Tian’s father!

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