Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 18

River Plate Club office building.

Office of the Sports Director.

River Plate coach Almeida angrily said: “Let a 16-year-old youth player start? Skeley! We played in the semi-finals of the South American Champions Cup! Not a charity friendlies! ”

“Have you seen too many movies of One Ball Fame?”

Skeley hurriedly calmed the emotions of his old friend: “Zhu Tian is very good, he is fully qualified for the position of the main back, you have to trust my vision.” ”

Almeida shook her head, “You’re packing a little star!” It’s already in the eye of the money! ”

“Our opponent is Santos, they have less! In the last Club World Cup final, even Barca’s backline was turned upside down by him! ”

In the last Club World Cup final, South American champions Santos vs Champions League champions Barca.

Nei less amazed the world.

No one can stop him in a one-on-one situation.

Barca only restrained him through regional joint defense.

Skeley was silent.

Almeida is hard to be moved.

They grew up together at the River Plate Academy.

In the mid-1990s, he helped River Plate win three A-league titles and lifted the South American Liberators Trophy.

In the Club World Championship, it is even more decapitated with European giants!


Sckelly retreated into the background due to serious injuries, and under the increasing development of the European transfer market, he proposed the “Star Shaping Plan” to help River Plate make a lot of money.

Almeida landed in Serie A in the late 1990s, kicking off a generation of legendary superstars.

The River Plate manager got up and left, walked to the door, hesitated, and stopped: “On the day of the match, let that little player come to the first team to report, I may give him two minutes of playing time in injury time.” ”


When Zhu Tian knew the list of his first-team selections.

Also surprised.

Did you just play a U18 youth league game and get promoted to the first team?

The opponent is still the South American invincible Santos in the “Gemini” era!

If you have the opportunity to play.

Can you single-handedly prevent the inside less?

With kanter module’s 94-point steal value?

No kidding.

Kanter himself can’t defend against superstars like Neishao, Messi, C Luo, and Bale!

Before the serious injury in 2014, C Luo was also top-notch.

Follow memories of past lives.

Kante didn’t have a single record of steal success when he was one-on-one!

In the 18-year World Cup, he was able to defend Messi, or rely on the crazy co-defense of two teammates, and the football media kept bragging after the game that “Kante froze Messi”

Kante is characterized by wide coverage, strong running ability, and no one below the super giant can pass him!

And the horrible running distance!

Not to mention.

Neishao has the same characteristics as the past samba superstars, that is, debut is the peak.

There is nothing to become a complete body until later.

Nei Shao, from the age of 17 is the peak!

Many teams, the way to prevent the inside is:


Dirty him!

Put him down!

Zhu Tian didn’t care to do such a thing.


Two days later.

Match day is here.

A showdown that the whole of South America is concerned about, officially began.

South American Champions Cup Semi-Final First Leg!

River Plate vs Santos!

MonumentAly Stadium, crowded!

Countless samba tourists gather here!

Full flood!

In 2013, a year without a major competition, the South American Champions Cup competition can also attract many Fans of Yanguo.

CTV5 broadcast live before the game one hour in advance.

Duan Xuan took the photographer through the streets around the stadium.

He interviewed the fans with a smile.

Several hot Samba female tourists trotted forward, the waves were turbulent, and they grabbed Duan Xuan’s microphone: “River Plate may be very strong in the 90s, but Santos will definitely win a big victory!” ”

“We have talented young Geminis! River Plate has only a bunch of elderly veterans! ”

Yanguo live broadcast room.

The barrage flew up.

– [Is this something I can watch without spending money?] 】

-【Photographer Where does your lens move?】 The director added chicken thighs to him! 】

-【This microphone, it’s so big!】 Paper towel! I ran out of tissues! 】

– [Type with one hand to prove innocence.] 】

-【South America wins or loses, who cares, we just have fun!】 The director gave the camera to the female fans on the scene! 】

Duan Xuan hurriedly returned the microphone and said goodbye one after another.

He was terrified that the Fans of the Southern Beauty Women would excitedly make indecent moves, which was a live broadcast of CTV5!

Followed by.

Street corner.

He saw a group of young lads dressed in River Plate fans.

Immediately stepped forward.

The lads face the camera and look arrogant:

“If that idiot almeida gets out of class!” How could we riverbed be afraid of Santos! ”

“My grandfather’s generation began to hate Almeida! He’s a moth, and without him, the Blue Eagles would have picked up two more World Cups! ”

“If you lose to Santos today! Almeida must get out of class! We will definitely be on his way home! Give him a big surprise! ”

The boys looked bad and started smashing bottles.

Duan Xuan and the photographer rushed away!

-【Laugh to death!】 I don’t understand it, but I think River Plate fans think they will lose! 】

– [Anyway, if you can’t understand what they say, can’t you interview more female fans with shorts and low necklines?] 】

-【They are spraying Almeida!】 River Plate Head Coach! 】

– [Fans all over the world are the same!] Lose, blame the head coach! 】

– [Isn’t Almeida a legendary star of the Blue Eagles?] Why is it sprayed? 】

– [In the ’90s, Redondo was expelled from the national team, and he replaced Redondo’s back position, so he was sprayed!] 】

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